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Hello! How are you? I hope your week 14 of 2019 went well? What did you get up to? What was good and what was bad about your week? Lets start off my saying it’s my birthday today. I am turning 29 today the 7th of April 2019. As I am typing this, I am eating some Asda Macaroons to celebrate. How rock and roll is that! Lol. Self care though is eating Macaroons when your tired and you need a pick me up isn’t it? They taste amazing 12 for £3 can’t really go wrong. Check them out in the frozen isle. Anyway enough about food though food has made me feel good this week but I will tell you more about that as we go on. But for now self care.

This week has been a lot of highs and okays really, not a lot or if any lows which is really good. It has to be a good week when its a 4 day week right?

self care

In the *book this week, it’s talking about self-doubt. I can 100% I do doubt myself about anything and everything really. I doubt I am good enough to write something, be friends with someone and I guess also to love. It explains self-doubt as traitors and as we gear up to move on and be the better person it stops us in our steps. How without self-doubt we wouldn’t be individual and that we carry on making self-doubt to be a liar. I really do think about how the way our minds go how something so small can or could stop us from something massive.

If you are thinking about self care, journalling etc I would say you should definitely get *this journal. 1 after about a month its a habit to fill it in each night, or morning if you prefer. 2. it encourages you to push through the hard times and makes you think about things daily to work on to distract you, but also shows you that you can do things you didn’t think you could.

self care

Though work is work and we all have a love hate relationship with our work, it was a really good, calm and positive week. Can’t overly say that happens every week. But least it’s a start with one. May of helped that I had a 4 day week. But we have really worked together and on our own, we have had the usual what is for dinner conversation every afternoon and really just simply gone to work, worked hard and entertained ourselves at the same time. You have to think that in your adult life you pretty much 80-90% of the time you are at work so why not do what your paid for but at the same time chat and get along.



We said Hello to April this week. April means my birthday, easter and shopping. I am a huge fashionista and fashion addict. I love going shopping, staying on trend and even better is that I am the worst to buy for so I get money to buy what I want. Happy days. I guess some would say fashion is my comfort. Something I can hide in, run with, feel good, stay on trend even if I am suffering inside. It is also my love. I love to make clothes, buy clothes, help others buy clothes, share my style and inspire others. Fashion could be or is a self care practice to me. It’s a way of distracting me or occupying my mind from other things bothering me.

Bubble Bath - Endometriosis

Other than work like normal daily, Monday – Wednesday were days of work, housework and chilled evenings. I love a chilled evening. Of course a hot bubble bath and candles, followed by a bit of Saccone Joly’s or Holby City followed by The Sewing Bee final. I did watch Line of Duty one night not sure which and though I may have scared myself a little it was really good and I can’t wait to watch the next one tonight.

Thursday is typically a day of work, quick packet of rice for dinner and be at Pilates for 6:15pm. I finish work at 5pm and it takes a good half hour to get to my Mum’s for the pack of rice. Leave at 5:55 for Pilates.

Because I am really trying with this gluten free diet, I am struggling with food especially lunch. Gluten free bread is disgusting unless you toast it and cold pasta tastes like cardboard unless you had a lot of sauce. I had pesto pasta with chicken and mozzarella for lunch so I had a quick Caesar salad at my parent’s which actually was better than a bowl of savoury rice. Not only was it nicer it allowed me to do more.

I do still have the annoying 24/7 heartburn and I would say it’s getting worse. I am just making a diary to take to Harley Street with me in May. I did manage to do a full hours Pilates, well I missed 5 minutes because my foot cramped but that was it. I really worked hard which maybe not have been the best idea considering I went shopping on Friday and Saturday. The work out was mainly legs so you may guess why.

The best part of Pilates though is that my Mum gave in to my weekly request for a Mcflurry on the way home. Maybe because I worked hard I deserved it. Or because she just felt like being nice. I went for the Cadbury’s cream egg one. I don’t even like cream eggs but it was nice. I love a Mr Whippy ice cream and Mcflurry’s are pretty similar. We also queued for it for about 15 minutes I don’t think I will be getting one every week now, do you Mum?

I stayed at my parent’s on Thursday because we were going to Cambridge Friday. My mum always wants to leave early, me I want my sleep. Sleep is so important to me and I actually feel better from sleep. If I don’t get enough I easily just don’t function or feel unwell. Staying there meant half hour more of sleep. I really hope for a lay in tomorrow.

The worst part about Friday was my stupid idea of waking up, having a shower and wash my hair. Well I am use to a warm to hot shower. My god did I not realise how hot mine was compared to my parents. It was the worst Idea ever to get straight out of bed and into that shower. It was freezing compared to mine. I wanted to get straight back out and into bed. Needless to say I braved through that one and may have felt more awake after it.

It’s an odd time of year really, its mid season sales, the weather can’t make its mind up. Is it hot, is it snowing or is it cold? Winter or Spring? In a matter of weeks I will be in short sleeves and no coat so I really struggle with what I want and what is in the shop. I love Cambridge and even though I did come away with a good enough selection I was disappointed a bit with shops. Topshop is a go to for me and I just felt it was a mess, nothing was organised except the jeans, the selection between sale to new was 80% to 20% and it was rubbish.

Needles to say I came away from Cambridge with 7 items and that’s really good. My mum was like no more jumpers but you know me I love to be warm.


Yes I am going to talk about food again! We always go for lunch when we go to Cambridge. My god this was the best plate of gluten free and vegetarian pasta I have ever eaten. It was amazing and I can’t wait to try recreate this at home. Simple pasta, courgette and chilli. I ate the whole plate full and could have eaten another it was that good. That is saying this was amazing because I can leave food or pick at food if I am not sure on it or not feeling the best.

I came home from Cambridge and did the house work. It’s nice to have a clean and tidy home, it actually makes you feel good. Waking up and walking to a tidy living room, making breakfast. I don’t know it just puts a smile on my face. I am not an untidy person but its something nice about clean sheets, hoovered rugs and tidy work surfaces. Waking up to the cleanest house sets you ready for the day. That or it’s just me.

Saturday I went to Bicester with my friend and though it was good and I got some Tommy Hilfiger clothes and that I was a little disappointed I couldn’t find much to buy. It’s not like I am rich so I wouldn’t be buying from Gucci and Burberry but you know what I mean. It was a lovely day out though. Just a chilled one doing what I love to do.

That brings me to the end of the week. My birthday. This is the first year in many that I haven’t gone out with friends for a night out or away to a spa or something special. This year it’s about me, I love my friends but I just don’t want to be centre of attention I just really want a low key birthday doing what I love and that is fashion hence the 2 days of shopping. Today on my actual birthday I am just going to dinner with my parents. But you know it’s all part of self care. I love socialising, I love people coming over or going out for food, but I was just needing a birthday for pure shopping. That’s not a bad birthday at all. Just one that I hasn’t had a car go up in smoke, or one where I was days away from an operation. Fashion is me right now and its me time I need.

What was one thing you practice this week? Would you say its a positive week or a negative one?

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