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We are living in a weird and one of the hardest times of our life right now. That is why self care is so important. Especially today when we live in 4 brick walls of our own homes. The only place we can be, other than the daily allowances. You don’t know how bad its going to be until your a couple weeks in and your the only one in your home. Every week I bring you all a little update on how my life is going. It is really important to document these times actually because who knows when it’s going to end, but what can we learn from this and share later on in life! Firstly, how are you doing? Ok, is everyone else you care about ok to? 

self care

Life for me is pretty much as crazy as it is for anyone else. Not everyday you have the luxury of rolling out of bed half hour before work. Which is situated in the next room to you! I am 2 weeks into Lockdown, working from home and I have never worked from home prior to this. It is all a little new but what and how I am working now is so different to what I expected! Of course I have to appreciate and be grateful for a job and being busy. Especially now through lockdown. 

self care

To be fair I am so thankful for being busy because I sit there at 8:30am and by half 12 I am thinking I must put some dinner on. Eat it, then back to work and its 5pm before I know it! So that is one thing that is really helping me get through this better. That and the sound of a film or tv just for some extra noise other than the buzz of the computer! 

There is lots that are really helping me actually apart from being busy during the working week. Even now as I type this, I know Monday is going to be busy as well for the amount I have left to do. The sunny Spring weather is amazing. Imagine being stuck home through the cold weather, rain and snow! It is beautiful to wake up to the bright light shining in, the bunnies so tiny, hopping down the hill and even families playing outside and doing more than playing on the computer makes the day better. 

self care

Having the chance to break out everyday and go for a walk or exercise is so helpful. Even if its a short walk and it just clears your head. A busy mind compared to a calm one is crazy! When you feel you are going stir crazy that is your chance to take that walk. Really you come back with such a better mindset. If you don’t feel like going, force yourself to because that fresh air makes the day become 10 times more better than it already is!

I thought I would be piling on the pounds by eating all the time. Again another perk of being busy. But having my dinner at lunch time is amazing. By tea I am not even hungry to have a snack. Trying to stick with the healthy eating but sometimes you have to dip in for a treat! If I get peckish during the day which is rare, I will snack on a date or two. 

self care

Even though that all sounds good and positive. This week and even now I am feeling rubbish. Constant sick feeling, tummy ache. The usual endometriosis fight! But I am trying to stay positive and upbeat and focus on the positives to make the days better. When I am feeling cold I put on my dressing gown, even if am working because it belongs on the chair for padding. Just to be cosy and comfy its so much better when I am feeling rubbish. 

Being it is my 30th birthday this coming Tuesday, I treated myself to a new sewing machine. Mine is 15 odd years old now and even if my Grandma fixed it, it goes a little wrong in the stitch. Its still not open and I will open it tonight hopefully but it excites me to get on with loads of projects now, even if that means my flat will be full with creations I don’t even need! Reason to really treat myself is because I need to make my bestie something before easter! 

self care

My working week has been boring really. Well maybe boring isn’t the right word because its been amazing in the work factor. But I just think life is boring right now. What do you do day in, day out at home? There isn’t an awful lot to say. Busy busy busy, spring walks and chilled evenings. Even weekends if I keep busy, are ok. Well last weekends was anyway! 

Evenings are so chilled. Where I am hectic all day, again can’t thank that enough. Come 5pm I am ready to chill. Not write a blog or whatever. So I actually have to force myself too, on some occasions. Again I don’t have to but I like too. Being creative in any shape or form is the perfect cup of tea for me! 

Bubble Bath - Endometriosis

Hot bubble baths to keep my tummy settled. Followed by watching something in bed. Just amazing. Pure bliss. The only problem I am having each night is someone in my block of flats from about 5pm – 11pm (Averaged times) is rowing, rolling, sawing, something! Non stop and its such an annoying and loud sound. Even took walks round this floor and the one above to trace the flat. But even now I am still trying to work out where it’s coming from. As long as I can sleep from 10pm, do what you want but its so annoying. Especially when they have all day home to do it. 

Really into my me time. 9pm I am off of everything, bar my kindle. One whole hour of reading. I’ve  actually just finished the book Our Stop, but it was so good that I just wanted to read more and more as the night’s went on. The book I am reading now I know will be the same as well. It is just so calming and a real good wind down before bed. Meaning I get a better’s night sleep. 


I moved my journalling to the mornings this week. One because I just haven’t be bothered to fill them in. Like it wasn’t a priority on my list. Two because I am that lazy that I didn’t want to walk back to the living room to fill it in. Had to move them in there to keep my home tidy to put it up for sale. Writing in my journal has to become a priority to me again. There is no better time to start journalling than now. Day at a time and just write what you are feeling, what is going on and what has to be left behind. A page a day is my goal and so far for April anyway its going good. 


This week coming, I want to meditate more. Make sure I eat healthy and somehow celebrate my birthday on my own! I’ve felt a little deflated this week and that’s expected with feeling rubbish but I want to set some goals and achieve them. Need to focus on amazing things and make sure that my walk allows me to clear my head everyday. What are your goals for this week? 

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