self careIt is self care Sunday. A time to check in on yourself and your loved ones. How are you? The world is going crazy, as we all dash out for some loo roll. Us British are just washing our hands to happy birthday twice. Where others are on lockdown. Which is right, who knows! Self care is hugely important to me and should be to everyone. Especially now with the dreaded corona virus here to stay a while longer. 

This week has been a strange week for me. Right now I can’t pinpoint what, why and when things were to be honest. Things seem a little off and it is Saturday night now that I am writing this, which if you follow, is late. I think it must be the virus that is making me feel on edge and unsure. Not that I have it yet! But you never know who is carrying it, where is it lurking and if you get it, who are you going to give it to? 

self care

A full week of work, in work of course. Busying through the bazaar moments. Really I still don’t know if we are doing the right thing by going to work daily. It isn’t like you can watch people all day going to the loo and washing their hands properly. We are grownups and should know how to behave and look after ourselves. But there are generally people out there in this world, that don’t. Then there are people like me, who are regularly washing hands properly, cleaning my desk, phone everything and using hand sanitiser every time I touch something of someone else’s. I’m even not going to the loo at work and making sure I am just going here at home before, at lunch and after work. Are you scared by this virus? 

The week has really been a whirlwind and I am really trying now, in my feeling sorry for myself, poorly self way, to think what I have done. Maybe I should just update you on now and the things I remember. 

Tuesday of course, my favourite evening of the week. Well it use to be and on a week when we use actual flowers, it still is. But this term has been a lot of fake and tacky looking, I don’t want to make kinda things. Really not my thing, the fake stuff. Describe Spring to me? What does Spring shout at you? For its the pastels, but the colourful colours, daffodils and tulips. Easter, bunnies and bluer skies. There hasn’t been any of that really. All the natural, dull colours and its just not screaming Spring at me. Went and brought some of my own things for the next few weeks, to make sure I enjoy it. 


Anyway the actual flowers, beautiful. I love the bright and bolds, colourful. But this week’s wasn’t but I still had a creative evening. Which is so good for my self care. A way to switch off from the world and work on something. Calming and zen like. Always learning from floristry and working on better my skill. Learning about height, flowers, and techniques. All the whites and greens this week. Which actually as I am writing this looks beautiful still. Now the lilies are opening. 

Why has the week been crazy? So busy at work and at home. Finally got my lovely home up for sale and that is a good thing. Making sure it’s tidy every day and ready to be viewed. Super important now I have fallen in love with what I want to be my new home. Makes me smile seeing my flat up for sale and looking amazing. My interior design is as amazing as my creativity, just saying. 

February and March are the busy months for me, being its my niece and nephew’s birthdays. Cake decorating isn’t something I am good at. Really, that may come as a surprise but I really can’t. Especially working with fondant. My nephew always asks me to do his cake because apparently “Bruce makes the best cakes”. Then my niece wants to do something creative and I am always asked to do the party. This year which was held today was a unicorn cake decorating party. 

girls cake
So this week has been busy none the less. I asked my sister if she could order things to give me enough time. Like I didn’t want to rush but of course the fabric came last week and I spend last night making 8 aprons. Then iced 9 cakes, 9 unicorn horns and 9 pairs of ears. My mum made all the cakes and rolled the icing for me. But it’s so much work. 

We cheated this year a bit with the actual cakes though. I still don’t think Alfie realises that his cake wasn’t homemade. But we just brought the cakes and some decorations. Seriously its the best thing I have ever thought of. If your child wants a homemade cake, you know with the all amazing, all singing and dancing cake. Buy one and shove something on the top. Now Abigail’s today was amazing. Thank you Asda for a rainbow sprinkle cake. Etsy for the rainbow, unicorn candle and the mermaid tail. Simple but really beautiful. Given some of the mum’s ideas now for their children’s birthday. 

cake decorating party

Now let’s talk why I feel rubbish. For a week or two now, my rook piercing gets itchy. Just annoying more than anything. It got infected back in the summer and we solved that with cream. But oh my I have had ringing in my ear and everything. Think Laurie was about to hit me when it was causing me pain this week. I took the hoop out to itch my ear the other night. Then at lunch on Friday, oh my it was burning up, so painful and sore. 

Straight away pulled the hoop out and thought it would calm. It didn’t so my mum told me to call the doctors. Being I knew it was infected by how sore and red it was. I’m never hot but I was burning up. They went through loads of questions on the phone. Even thought I could of had the corona virus and so I had to leave work and go doctors. How can an ear piercing infection be corona virus? It isn’t so don’t worry. 

self care

I was staying at my mum and dad’s on Friday night because I needed to do all the work for Abigail’s party but also for my car. All of you know I love a lay in and nothing should drag me out of bed at the weekend. So dropped my car off after the doctors and cracked on with cake decorating and apron making! Didn’t stop from 4:30pm to 8:30pm at night. Long after a days work. 

Whether it is the antibiotics for my ear, endometriosis or something else. I am feeling rough. Going really hot to really cold. Even had my temperature taken twice today because I am not paranoid I have coronavirus. Needless to say the cold blooded person I am, temperature was only 34. Which is actually high for me. Outside today it was 10 degrees. So not overly hot or cold. For me that would be sweatshirt weather. I’ve spend the day in a t-shirt. 

self care

When I feel poorly all I want to do is stay in bed, curl up with a blanket or have a cuddle with my mum. Today I wanted the cuddle with my mum. We had visited the property I want to purchase this morning which has really got me in the buzz to move. Not only move but I am pinning new decor ideas as well. My mum thinks I ate too much icing and that is why I feel sick but I think it really could be the antibiotics or endometriosis. 

The only good things this week I have loved is my book and my new plant based diet. Oh and I guess finally having my property up and ready to go so I can move. Two week’s ago I decided to join my friend and go on a plant based diet. There is a documentary on Netflix about going plant based. I haven’t watched it but actually I need everything crossed and willing wanting to try anything to feel good and let things happen. Exploring new foods or ways to cook things but oh my! Adventuring new foods and amazing tastes is the best. Baked panko avocado is amazing.

panko avocado

If you want to read more, seriously read JoJo Moyes. Her books just grip me and I want to read more and more everyday. Any chance I am opening my kindle. If it wasn’t for Sunday being tomorrow I would be reading. All of her books I have read are amazing. I can’t wait to download some more to read. My whole hour of me time has been in this book. 

This coming week, I really am hoping to feel better or something happen for me to be thankful for feeling this rough. Because right now, the headache with the burning up sensation and the sickness is the worst. Right feeling sorry for myself now. Meh!! Hope my ear fixes itself and I am good for another week’s work. 

self care

Stay safe everyone, look after yourself and keep your hands to yourself. That thing on the shelf is really not worth the money to touch. So leave it. Make sure you look after yourself, mentally and physically. But think of others as well and if you are worried stay away. Good self care will help us through this crazy virus spreading across the world. 

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