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My new years resolution, of 2019 was a year of self care. Yes I achieved that and what an amazing thing self care is, that I have decided that why not keep checking in weekly, for general self care and tricks and tips I learn along the way. Week 1 is nearly over and isn’t that crazy. Not that I can really get my head around what day it actually is due to my extended Christmas break from work. 

To be fair, actually this week has been a blur and really I am going to really have to think what I’ve done etc. One thing I can tell you is I have learnt a lot from this week though and because I want to be the happiest, I have purely done what I have wanted to. Put my new years resolutions into action and seeing promising reactions to them. 

self care

Yes I just wrote a whole paragraph and really it was the wrong day completely. So this week maybe we won’t do the day by day thing. This week I have craved home time. My bed, my time watching youtube and chilling out doing what I want and when I want. So I have actually been home a fair bit this week. I am pretty sure I stayed home for a whole day this week or maybe 2 but really, the only reason I know today is Friday is because I have my sister’s birthday lunch tomorrow. Oh if you didn’t know I write these up on Friday nights. How rock and roll am I? 

Sleep has been a huge problem for me this week and seriously I want to cry over it. A good nights sleep is the key to a good day for me. Ok I am on some medication that does effect your sleep but everyday I have had the chance for a lay in and though I may of had the lay in. I’d woken up several times in the night, or not nodded off for an hour or two. It seems to be an ok night, a bad night so let’s hope tonight’s is ok. Though I have to say one night I gave up at 5:25 am and turned my head to the feet end and slept backwards till 9am. 

This year I am really tight on budget and seriously any money I can save I will. Due to the not sleeping right situation, I am laying awake trying to nod off but the roundabout light is shining brighter. Due to it now being winter or they have updated them to them super bright led lights. Ok I do have curtains but here is a life hack for you. How to save money and not buy blackout blinds. I mean I have lived here 4 years. Get some sellotape and you’re left over wrapping paper, make sure it’s the thick stuff, like brown paper and just stick it to the window where the light shines through. Seriously it does the job and its cost you nothing because you had already brought that paper for Christmas wrapping. 

life hack

That really helped and still will now, though people walking by might think it strange. Went to bed last night just nodding off and police flashing lights constant for an hour. Looked like they had closed the road from my turning. What makes it worse is that my mum had the farrier this morning and so I had to set my alarm for the usual weekday 7am and head over to help my dad with the kids. 

Every night this week, I have sat at my desk with my laptop and written posts, edited or whatever needed doing. I have to say that I feel really good from it, feel good about the whole week to be honest but that sense of chill for a bit then come back to my work station and be productive before me time. It seems to work and I am so organised from it. Though I may have to layer up because the room is too big for one heater, I am getting productive, motivated and inspired. 

Maybe it could be for the fact that I am not at work and things may all go Pete tong next week but coming home, putting the boost button on the hot water and chilling out with a couple of crackers. A hot bubble bath and a hair wash. Watch the SacconeJolys and the new things I seem to watch daily is April and Davey and The Leroys. Then 8pm is here, I am up and ready to do something. 

self care

Making an effort is something I have really focused on this week. Washing my hair and straightening it. Wearing it down and using purple conditioner to tone it more. It’s one of my goals this year to make this effort and I am off to a good start. I actually can’t think of a day since finishing for Christmas that I haven’t done anything with my hair. My nails as well, they just look so much better painted and I have the box and lamp so I am just being lazy not doing them. Tonight I picked them off because I am one of those girls that once one starts to peel, they all need to go. So I must paint them again over the weekend. 

As I mentioned I am really trying to cut down my spend and make money at the same time. This week I posted over 10 items for sale, such as old clothes and bags. Having still got a few Pandora charms and things for sale on eBay and I am a happy £78 up in less than a few days. Any cash savings I give to my mum so I don’t get tempted to spend and the eBay money goes straight into my savings account. 

Being focused on my something new, and knowing I need money for that and Florida. I really am on the saving wagon. Imagine getting £78 extra a week, wouldn’t that be amazing. Just from posting a few things online. As a grownup with trying to gain extra money I am all for trying to save on normal bills as well. Though this was before Christmas I got £140 off my car insurance for this year. Bargain! But I just upgraded my phone too. Let me tell you it is worth the call and working out the best discount. Look around and give them a price. Yesterday I got an iPhone 11 pro for £9.08 less a month than I pay now and I didn’t have to pay upfront for the phone. Maybe all this money saving is making me happy. 

self care

Then there is the fact of the ok days, the bad days and the wonderful days. Now I was driving to my parents this morning and all of a sudden I was about to cry. Seriously endometriosis, you really need to stop this wave of sickness coming up and down. That a the shooting pain in my left lower rib cage. People ask how I do all the things I do when I feel rough? It’s easy really, I wouldn’t have a life as I do today if I just gave up. Half way to my parents so I just carried on the drive. Got there to help my dad, or take over more like. Kids had breakfast and then I ran them a bath. Told my dad I didn’t feel well and he said just take it easy. Which I did. 

Thursday I treated myself to an eyebrow wax and tint. Something that I haven’t had in ages. Just pencil them in now but I feel so good for it. Though I keep forgetting and going to wipe them off with the rest of my makeup. You know its just nice to wake up and your eyebrows are sprouting here, there and everywhere. They are under control and looking full. 

The kids decided they would play outside this afternoon and I was not up for going out with them and my mum. So I did something I haven’t done in a long time. We are going back to 16 years old maybe less. I found my old sims 2 pc games and downloaded them to my parents computer. Not that I know how to play the game anymore but I gave it ago for an hour or so. 

self care

Let’s talk me time, that hour before bed that I love. Everything switched off and away and there is me, my journals and my kindle for the hour. New journals or updated ones anyway this year and it feels weird but good. You know them same 5 questions repeated daily can get boring after a while and by day 300 I really had had enough. Knowing I had drunk enough, slept good and all sorts. 

I love Breathe the magazine and prior to Christmas, I saw their journal in Marks and Spencers. So I got it for Christmas. Though I thought it was amazing then, now I am thinking it’s more of a weekly planner and not much else. A few pages of questions at the front on what I want to achieve this year etc and I have completed them already. Weekly pages I am just writing phrases that are stuck to me anyway and a habit tracker, that and what I would a diary normally like what’s on that week. We will see how that one pans out over the next few weeks. 

This little cute book is all for 365 days of gratitude. You can literally be grateful for anything but when it’s the end of the day and I am ready to write it down, I get stuck. I do feel this week being good though and I want my organised, motivated self to continue so I am working on being grateful for these good decisions, my desk and annual leave. Trying to challenge myself and be grateful for something different daily as well, which may be hard later on. 

Then my planner, this is very similar to my old planner. Every feeling, phrase and objective is written in daily but I am also adding the 5 questions in of last year just as a tracker. I am just using a notebook this year because I didn’t like any of the Urban Outfitters and Ohh Deer planners. Still does the job and its skinnier so handy size. They have even written on every page for the date to be entered. Which means I can keep track. 

My lovely blue bullet journal, well that is pretty much the same as well. I am all for the positives in my journal and my mood. Goals will be achieved this year I have to have faith in that. Due to getting a lot of fancy new bullet journal accessories, I am trying to make it more fancy and try new layouts etc. 

self care

That is my week really. I have learnt that my choices have been the correct ones, 90% of the time. My decisions have made me happier and I’ve ran from all the negatives. Sitting at a desk to work makes you focus more and maybe because its colder in here too. Me time is the best as well as sleep and making an effort daily just makes you feel nice and people give you more compliments. Waking up to no alarm is amazing but in reality I need a job, so Monday the alarm will be set for 7am. 

How was your week? What self care did you practice the most?

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