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What a whirlwind of a week this has been. How are you feeling? It has been a crazy week, with all of the UK going into a national lockdown. But also the first week back at work (from home) and school. There are a lot of emotions flying around and its totally understandable. Mental health is really important right now especially as a lot more are or will be suffering from it. Make sure you always put yourself first and make sure both physically and mentally you are ok.

Self care came into my life around 6 years ago when I was on the lengthly process of being diagnosed with endometriosis and now self care is part of my everyday life and completely natural to me. I wouldn’t be who or where I am today without the help of self care. 

self care

Oh my, it has been a very busy week for me. For the first time in history of me working an office job, I worked late. Not just once but everyday. I am so busy its crazy but good because I’d rather be busy than bored. But its just all over the shop a bit. It will get better I know, being this was my first week in a new (kind of) role. So when I get more into the swing of everything in my role, I think I will feel better and have everything more organised! By working late I mean half hour but still that is later than 5pm. 

Not that I am complaining I just haven’t seemed to have time to think at all and its go go go. As I just mentioned I’d rather be busy but sometimes its nice to have a busy pace but a thinkable one. Come the time I shut the computer off I am tired and there is no motivation in me to do much at all. Again this could be the being busy, first week back after 7 of laying around, starting a new diet. So who knows but I want some motivation back and some life in me of an evening. Even if it’s to just do a blog post or a face mask even. 

self care

One of my goals this year is to keep my body healthy. As easy as that sounds, when it comes to having endometriosis, my health can be knocked within hours. I am happy working from home and staying home. So covid doesn’t overly scare me, I mean I don’t want it but my focus is on me being amazing and healthy rather than needing an operation or something at hospital. My endometriosis is something I have for life but from all the years of being poorly and so unwell at times, I just don’t want to visit there again. Not just yet anyway! 

So week 1 meant a clean, healthy, balanced diet. Again maybe all this in week 1 isn’t the best but there we go. Nothing beats a whole punnet of raspberries for a morning snack. Which was meant to be at least 2 servings but my tummy thought differently. My body does love good, healthy foods and that is why I want to continue to feed it the goods rather than junk and chuck in the oven dinners. Personally I will feel good from it to after a while. Though right now I am in need of junk but give me another week or so and I will be feeling really good. 

This week has been a real emotional rollercoaster for me. One minute I am just going along at a normal base, to crazy high and happy and right back down to feeling meh and deflated. All them emotions, in one week is hard going for me and with the highs and happiness, I am on top of the world. But yesterday (Friday) I was feeling so sorry for myself and wanting to just curl up in bed for a little while alone. Emotions have been all over the place, one minute I feel like and have cried with happiness and yesterday I could well up just for feeling sad and sorry for myself. 


The weather doesn’t help. It is freezing and I am sitting here all day with the Dyson heater on, blowing on my legs. I haven’t got to the heater being in front of my face just yet, but that might just be round the corner. As I walked to the door from my car this evening, it was cold but there was glittery ice/snow in the sky and settling on cars. When I was doing the cleaning at my Grandma’s, I did stop and lean on the radiator for a while. 

I can’t tell you a lot more has happened honestly. Because we are in lockdown and there really isn’t a lot else we can do. Around 4pm everyday I boost the hot water for when I finish work. Depending on my hunger and gurgling stomach is whether I eat or bath first. Gone are the showers because I am done freezing my bum off, its that cold. So I will wash my hair over the bath, cook and eat dinner then have a bath. If hair washing is done then bubble baths are probably happening around half 5, 6pm. They are my favourites along with my bed. Warmth basically! 

Evenings have been chilled as you may have guessed. Honestly I have been focusing on myself this week. Hence why there was no face mask Friday, even though I did do a mask and I planned to write it. The good news there though, is that I can now be a week ahead. I have watched videos mostly and laid around keeping warm. 

bullet journal

Another goal I set this year, well kind of was to get back into journaling and I have done that. Every night I have filled in my wellness journal and my bullet journal. I love journalling and I really find it really helps me to start every day a fresh. New day, new chapter kinda of thing. Especially if the day was bad. This year I have set my bullet journal up a little different and I have to say I am finding it easier to doodle or write in daily, yet it doesn’t take everything and I hope I can put a whole year into one journal. 

My wellness journal though is a new one and it’s all my goals, daily thoughts and things I want to achieve daily. I actually just brought my friend one for her birthday and she told me “its the best present I have had.” Though the daily seems to be the same or very similar, it has a variety of pages in-between and is all self care and positivity. Which is right up my street and her’s apparently! 

self care

The other thing that is back is reading! I have never been a good reader and I probably read as fast as a 10 year old. For years I wouldn’t read unless I was on holiday but now I try to read every night. Reading for the hour before bed really helps me to sleep better. Though I am dreaming crazy. This week I finished “Kind Words For Unkind Days” by Jayne Hardy and I have to say as a self care book, this is a really good and relatable book. Go get it. There are some pages that I screenshot and yes I know that my self care is exactly what the list asks you to try. So I think I am doing ok. 

self care

This week I really want to focus on getting my work load a little more organised. A better busy than it is right now. Then I want to find another good book and try read 80% in a week. Other than that, I just want a happy healthy week. Not a lot we can do or ask for right now. As long as I take care of myself I am good. I do want to make more content. So I do hope I can get back to the 3 blogs and 3 vlogs. With the occasional IGTV. 

What is something you want to focus on this week?

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