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I have been meaning to write this for weeks, and as I think of things that really aren’t helping me or helping me I have been writing them in the notes app on my phone. I finally have got round to writing this little update for you and how self-care really is even more so important to me through the winter.

fight like a girl

With day lighting savings I am waking up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark. That is something that makes me want to hibernate. I don’t overly like the dark, it doesn’t scare me but being that I am not really 100% in myself I really can think into things a bit more than usual. I am one to walk into my block of flats as fast as possible and the other being I hate to drive in the dark. I mean I drive in the dark everyday on the way home from work and will do if I have plans with friends or pilates but simply not having to is something I will easily opt for. Who likes driving in the dark anyway? The best part about this and practicing self-care is that the dark is ok. I still make plans and meet up with friends its just making me more homely and wanting to snuggle on the sofa watching Strictly Come Dancing or I’m A Celeb Get Me Out Of Here. Thats ok to you know a good balance is the best for anyone.

I also think this is effecting everyone, well everyone I know but I am so much more tired than normal. We all say its the time of year but this is another key note to yourself to take care of yourself, have that wind down time away from social media and chill get that early night you really need. I am still getting my 9 hours of sleep a night and I would sleep longer if I could. Weekends I can easily sleep 10 hours plus. My body obviously needs it though and its me helping myself to stay strong and well and ok I guess. Sleep is majorly important to me. I can sleep whenever and for whatever time, when I really don’t feel well and I am in pain I have to go nap. There is no point in me staying out or awake I just need that sleep to rest my body for a bit, 3 hours normally do the trick. I actually not sure when I last napped so that shows how good I have been. I try to stop the habit and only have one when I really do need to rest. We are on that count down to Christmas and we really are feeling like we need that weeks break. I for sure can’t wait for the break.

Positive Living

Like I have just mentioned I have been good pain wise, I am just trying to tick along but because I haven’t really been feeling myself sometimes its a little bit harder. I can go about 10 days then I just get upset with my body, not the image but health wise. I just would like a break from not feeling well. Not that I am complaining to you because there are so many people out there worse than me. But that 10 day reminder makes me think self care, go have a hot bath, go read a book, go chill in bed watch youtube. It also makes your think about the positives in your life, for me I am a UK size 10 I have my own flat, a mortgage, and my friends and family around me. You really need the positives in your life to keep you going as well as your own strength. The phase “fight like a girl” which is one used for endometriosis really is true. So many tell me I am strong and I am amazing but to me I couldn’t be this strong without the lovely close friends and family in my life. That support system is really good to have.


As the weather is getting colder so is my flat. Its so frustrating being a grown up sometimes. Especially on your own paying bills and running a home. Heat is so important to me its part of my self-care and has to be something I have everyday. I feel the cold more than most people and 8/10 times I am colder than anyone in the room. My heating doesn’t work to its full potential and to the point now I have turned it off. I can’t afford £3 a day on heating and if I do have £3 a day on heating I don’t have any hot water for a bath. Instead I have an electric plug in heater which comes on in the morning and night for my bedroom and a Dyson heater in the living room. A hot bath is so important for me, I light the candles and relax for half an hour or so. Who doesn’t love that little bit of me time in the bath just relaxing and thinking about the day. It so nice to warm up after a long day at work. I arrive home at 5:15pm have dinner and then I get in the bath. It definitely warms you up after coming home in the cold. Then its all about the layers. I find it the most comfortable for my stomach if I wear a onesie to bed. I tend to have a onesie, jumper and fussy socks on. You could think I was mad but remember I feel the cold. I also sleep with a duvet and blanket. If I don’t I wake up cold in the night. Bonus for the layers means an undisturbed sleep for the night. Happy days! Another bonus seems to be that I am short and slim enough to fit into children’s sizing so managed to buy aged 15-16 onesie at the weekend. Comfort is key for me you have to have that comfort nothing tight around my tummy and comfortable clothes at any time I am home. My children’s onesie is softer than any of my adults and slightly warmer which definitely helps to keep me warm. Other than that when it gets a little colder I will be making use of hot water bottles and heat bags.

Distraction is something I practice too and back a year and a half ago my goal was to make and post youtube videos every week as part of something to distract me from pain. Its has worked, something I still enjoy and now post 3 times a week but I needed something new or to reconnect with something old that I use to love. I am really getting into craft its a good thing because I sell my things I make but I need that time to do something I love to do whether I am at home alone or with friends and family it doesn’t matter. Its important me time I need and can get my teeth into and create for hours. I am constantly looking up ideas on Pinterest for clothes to make and Christmas crafts to do. Its just something I can enjoy and dive into for hours on end. Another good thing is that I can stay in my pyjamas.

self care

There are a million people out there that can look at me and say yes she’s fine and truthfully I am ok. I have less pain if at all any some days. I have my close knit of friends and family. I get up every morning and I put on my makeup, dress up for the day and go. Thats what a normal people do and thats exactly what I do. Self-care is so important and to remind yourself everyone has bad days, everyone has them thoughts on their minds that bug them for a while. Its ok. You are ok, keep positive or look positive on the outside and plod along. You will get through the hard times and come out of them shining full of strength and courage. Be you its all you can do, everyone needs self-care they just might not need it as much as you, or think its silly that you have to go meditate or calm down. Go to bed early or whatever helps you, but in the long run if your helping your body as much as you need to you are the better person.

I am not one to say yes you should try self-care really its up to you and how you want to live your life. But if you really need that early night, that chill on the sofa eating chocolate with a face mask on you do it! I would of been one of them girls who would laugh and say I don’t need that, meditation really?! But learning it other the years really does help you, well me anyway and even if I am out or at work I can just slip away for a bit go to the toilet and breathe.

Its the time for festivities and joy, but also there are people out there who may even be closer to you than you think, that really need that little bit of extra care so I ask you one thing this festive season and thats to always be kind, if you feel sad or unwell try self-care, or if your friend or family needs your support go grab a movie, some chocolate, a blanket even and go cosy up on the sofa and chill out with them. Distract them and cheer them up. Take your pyjamas because thats what I would do. Having them around you or the other way round really does show them they aren’t alone and put a simple smile on their face.

What is your favourite self-care subject to practice?

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