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Hello there! Happy Sunday. The most important day of the week, the one where we check in with ourselves. Are we ok? But also our loved ones are they ok too. You know we are all living in such a crazy period right now, and a lonely, scary one at that. That is why self care is so important and especially now when the only person you could be socialising with is yourself! Sunday’s are also a time for me to check in with you all and tell you all about how my week rolled. What is going on and if endometriosis is attacking me. 

I have to admit, I am actually in a really good place at the minute. My mindset, most of the time is amazing. Good spirits and motivation is through the roof. To be honest I thought I would be hating life right now with covid-19 and living alone. Though there are times when I am suffering and my mind is telling me that I am not ok, most of it I in high spirit and loving life. Maybe the panic sets in a little when it’s quiet and thinking about tomorrow.

self care

This is the first week I have had the full experience of lockdown covid-19. Now I have to say I was never a fan of school, in fact I hated it so much. Not very academic and more creative. If I was in school right now it would be amazing. Yes I would have to do some work but be at home, learning at my speed and it would be so good. I live on my own and have done for 4 years now, but I am hardly at home much. So to go from out most the time, too in all the time it’s a little strange. Swapped my week day alarm from 7am to 8am. Come on how long does it take you to roll out of bed, chuck on some clothes and make up and walk next door? 

Sleep has been the best this week. That daily extra hour of sleep is so good and maybe that is why I am seeing more of a high of this experience to a low one! Anyone that knows me, knows sleep is the best thing for me and so I am loving that extra hour and being home. 

self care

I started this week by setting a routine, I thrive of a routine and it really keeps me motivated. To be fair working from home is completely different to how I expected it to be. Me thinking it will be quiet, it doesn’t matter what you do and when you do it? But I am 8:30-5pm working. So busy that I have more work than the hours in a day. That is every week day as well. Again a huge advantage as why I am really loving this time at home. There is never a time in the working day when I am bored, or even thinking about what to do to entertain me. It is making the days go faster and more enjoyable. Yes I have the tele or dvd on to have background sound but I am working so hard, its amazing. 

The thing is I am finding this whole experience to be a positive good one. Nothing is negative about it. Yes I am not allowed out to see my family or go shopping etc but I just seem to be loving the time at home and everything. My working days are in the living room and the only time I come back to my bedroom is if I need a tissue. Having that different rooms for different times of day is breaking up all I want and need in every day. Being able to shut the computer off at 5pm and only go back to it when it’s time to start work is making the whole experience still balanced and the new “normal”. 

self care

I’m forcing myself to take a 20 minute walk daily. Purely for the fresh air. It’s good to get out and not just be stuck indoors day in day out. Due to work being mega busy, I tend to take my walk mid afternoon and it really helps clear my mind and reset. Making sure I am staying the 2 metres away from others because there is still a lot of people out and about. Washing my hands as I come in. But my mindset is refreshed and I am in good spirit to go back to work for a few hours. It is so lovely actually walking out and seeing family’s playing on the grass hills in front of my house and all of the children’s rainbows on the windows. 

Though the rainbows are meant to be for the children. For them to count and know their friends are ok. They sort of reassure me as well. Looking out for them or acknowledging them are really boosting this strange experience and remind me things are going to be ok! Do they do that to you? If you don’t know what I am talking about they are rainbows of hope and thanking the health heroes for saving the world. 

self care

All the funny posts on Facebook in particular are making me smile through everyday. They just make me laugh and however stupid they are its just for fun and uplifting during the hardest times. Why live in negatives when you can have a laugh and think of all the good things that have happened, and will do in the future when covid-19 ends. I am always sharing them now, especially if they really make me laugh because its good to let others know things will be ok and have that laugh, smile too. 


It is a hard one to write about actually because I am limited like everyone else to hardly anything. On Thursday I did a click and collect shop at Sainsbury’s. Supermarkets are scary at the best of times but when you have to queue to get in the shop and be limited to what you can buy. Just makes it more scary and I don’t want to go in one for a long time! I was extremely thankful that I had the chance of a click and collect. Only got half of what I ordered but enough to last a long while. Because they didn’t have half the stuff on the van I asked for, I just drove down to a smaller Sainsbury’s walked in and got all I needed. So now the cupboards and fridge are crammed full. 


That is it really, other than that I am still splitting my evenings up too. Spending the last hour having a read and wind down for bed. A good book makes you want to read more and more and that is what is happening to me every night. I would have never thought I would read as much as I do these days because I am rubbish at reading but pushing myself and seeing the benefit from it, is really helping and of course makes for a better nights sleep. Of course my favourite. 

Friday night was the only time this week, when I started to feel lonely. Upset kind of and deflated. Weekends for me are seeing my friends or family and having a good time. Not staying home 24 hours a day. If it wasn’t for my friend reminding me of the viral endometriosis campaign that I would still be in my bed now and not done all I have today. She doesn’t even know that its really helped me and boosted my weekend spirits. Let’s hope tonight I will feel the same. 

self care

I am pretty sure that the dreading Sunday feelings of Monday won’t happen tonight. Do you? What are your plans for this week? Have you struggled with anything in particular this week?

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