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Well it sure has been a while and that purely is because I have just taken some time for myself. This year is like the last pretty much and we are home and that. But things along the way have made me just stop a little and do more for myself. Yes that means I have laid around and not done a lot, half the time but that is ok and what I needed. I think, but now I think it’s time to be back and creating content for everyone. 

How are you? Is life ok for you right now? Do you have something you are struggling with? I actually started this week with “yes, I am going to get back on track and sort my life out.” But now it’s actually Sunday morning and I am writing this. This week has had a few hiccups and I haven’t been feeling the best. Emotions can run high but as long as I come back from the lows and have that ok feeling I am ok. Which is where I am now. 

You know its totally fine to have the times when you need a break or when you just feel run down or unmotivated to do anything? It’s only ok if you come out of that and don’t stay at that low for too long. Yes I haven’t been posting on here at all and YouTube went from 3 to 1 video but that doesn’t mean I have been at rock bottom all this time. To be fair I am have not even been at rock bottom at all. I haven’t and if you know me in person you will know that. To be fair a lot has happened and I am doing pretty amazing from everything. 

Personally though, I just felt that I didn’t want to pick up the MacBook of an evening and write after a day at work. What is there to overly film in lockdown for the 3rd time? In January I sort of started a new role in the same company and I am so busy there working, that evenings I really want to just chill. Though I really do enjoy creating content, it really did take a back burner and I just physically couldn’t force myself to do so. Now I feel ready to create again. Not back to 3 and 3 but hopefully one day we will get there. 

So my focus has been on work and trying to excel in it. Leave it at 5pm and not care about it till the next day. If you think about it, you only get paid to work them hours. If you work your hardest and try your best, what more can you give?

self care

A lot of people ask me how I have done what I have done. Most think its amazing that a lot are struggling through covid and don’t get me wrong I have had my times of struggle. I can’t overly tell you how I have but I have and I just am happy with life in general. People/things won’t change so why let them bother you? Remove them or accept that and be ok with it. There is no point stressing over it or them making you feel worse when you physically can’t change the situation. Laugh about it even and that makes things better. 

Even though I do struggle sometimes. I have a clear head, a vision of what and where I want to be and I have learnt that I am happy with my life. Yes there are goals set to bring more happiness into my life but I am happy with who, what and where I am with my life. Eliminating things that don’t help you or working around them to make your life the focus and you pretty much. If the situation doesn’t work then fix it! That isn’t easy but I did take a few things that I thought didn’t help me and worked with them to improve my happiness and life. 

A lot of the time I have been working on goals and the things I want to achieve in 2021. I don’t just set yearly goals but monthly as well and these are really important. It’s never too late to start setting goals. Just make them realistic and achievable. But also make them push you that little bit to better/improve yourself or allow you to go that little further. Goals help you to stay focused and motivated, something to work towards and reward yourself with I guess. They don’t even have to be big dreams. One of mine is to just stay positive and focused. Which is easy but at times, like everyone, I drift off a little and things can start to take the wrong path. The achievable the better though, don’t be wanting a holiday abroad or nothing that is less likely to actually happen! 

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I have gone through stages with reading and right now, I do have about 20 pages of a book left to read. But it’s took me a month to read. Where as when I am really into reading books, I can read them within 10 days. So reading is something I need to get back into and push myself. Not only because its really good for me and helps me calm and relax. But it helps me sleep. In a way it’s probably because the book I am reading os really good its just a self care book rather than a fiction story. The book is really helping me though and I am learning why we can’t say no and there is so many relatable paragraphs in it. When I have finished this, then I am sure I am going back to fiction stories and I will be back to my 10 day reads. 

Normally I don’t watch any television but recently there has been so many good series on that I am loving television. 4 out of 7 nights I am watching something which is completely not me. But I am enjoying watching them. Most are on at 9pm as well which is probably another reason why I am not reading as much. I have to say though I am loving watching the television programmes and its going to be weird when the series stop and I have nothing to watch. They are all really enjoyable though and things that I love to watch. 


My hay fever has been through the roof. Its really bad this year, so things like floristry haven’t been my creativity. The hay fever and the fact its so hard to find flowers these days. With Brexit and lockdowns happening around the world. But I decided I needed to do some yesterday and being creative really helps me be happy. I have to say I have blown my nose 50 odd times this morning already and they aren’t even in the same room as me! Flowers are just so pretty and I seem to have a natural creative flare to make pretty amazing flower arrangements. Its peony season and peonies are my favourites. So I had to work with them whilst I can. 

Creativity for me has been in the shape of Rolife mainly. I am on my second room/shop now and its so therapeutic for me. Anything creative is if I am honest. But taking all these little fiddly pieces and placing them together to create miniature rooms is cute, distracting and calming. If I am feeling sad or something is just bothering me, it really helps me to sit and create something. Distraction from negativity and bad thoughts is huge for success. Sitting down at the dining room table and making whatever is next in the instruction manual helps me so much. Also stops you being bored and that helps a lot as well! 


Honestly I have just took time for me. I am still the same Melanie Kate but I think I am happier in a majority of different ways. There is and always be things I still want and need to learn/improve on in life but the main thing is 99% of the time I am happy, healthy and ok. Taking the time off wasn’t because I couldn’t be bothered or anything but I had to focus my time on other things and make them better for me. Which now I really hope I have done and things are on there way up. 

self care

What are you plans for this week coming? Its a short working week for me and other than that I don’t overly have a lot planned over than work. But I want to finish this book and get back to normal. As much as we can being covid is still around. 

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