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Happy face mask Friday everyone. Who’s excited for the weekend? Are you going out tonight or are you in for a pamper session like me? if you are new around here, welcome. Every Friday I bring you my weekly face mask review. That means every week I try a mask and let you know how it was. Skincare is or should be important for everyone, not only for beauty but self care. Your skin is equally as important to what you are wearing or what you are doing.

face mask review

Personally, I prefer masks you can apply over sheet masks, that is only because sheet masks are to fit everyone but hangs off my face or I can’t get it to fit in the places I need it to work the most. My skin type is normal to dry and the majority of masks I try, and review are for rehydrating, moisturising and purifying your face. Though there are a few that just fascinate me for various reasons, so I like to give them a go also.


Today’s mask is from the brand Quick Fix Facials. I have never heard of this brand, have you? The two main ingredients in this are activated charcoal that helps to purify the skin, it draws out the dead skin cells and impurities and witch hazel that helps to keep the skin clear, tighten the pores and smoothes the texture of your skin.

mask review

I have had a few blemishes recently which is super rare for me. Even now I have two small spots on my nose. Anyway, as always, I read the instructions because you can always be surprised when the timing or application is different. This mask is to be worn for 10-15 minutes and you need to apply a thick layer. Leaving eyes, lips and eyebrows clear.

charcoal peel mask

No matter what when I apply masks, they get near my eyes and on my eyebrows. Top tip is to apply to the whole face, then take a cotton bud to remove as much from eyebrows especially. This mask was really runny, so it easily moved from your hand to another place on your face you didn’t want. Once it was on your face it really stuck there. I really do need to invest in a brush purely for face masks. Today’s mask wasn’t too easy to wash off my hands. Maybe I should have waited for it to dry and peeled off. It did go on nicely once I had figured the thickness and amount, I needed per area.

peel off mask

The 15 minutes went quickly. I sit down and watch some YouTube or read. Before you know it it’s time to peel and wash your face.

face mask friday

This is the bit that fascinates me, and I always have to try to peel off a mask in one go. Most I fail but it’s worth a go. It was hard to find an edge to start peeling off. Once I did it just peeled off easily though the tugging feeling hurt a little more than usual. The left overs still stuck to my face I tried to peel off individually, but some weren’t dry yet, so I used a flannel and water to remove them.

peel off mask

A small blob was left on the end of my nose, where my spots are. Because the patch was still wet, I used the flannel to remove it.


When I had finished peeling the mask off, again weird maybe I know but I love to look at the mask in my hands. It’s just interesting to see what you have put on your face, the impact it has done and the end results.

face mask friday

Other than the spots on my nose, my face feels good. To be fair it’s not dry other than where I burnt my nose a little and it’s not too oily.  If my skin was like this every day, I would be happy. It seems to be the perfect combination for me.

Something I love about this mask is the night I used it, I had the best night’s sleep in a long time. It maybe because I was just tired, or the mask had a good effect on me. I love masks that make you sleep well. A proper deep sleep too.

face mask friday

Would I recommend this mask? The answer is yes! I would definitely recommend this mask. It definitely works its magic, does the job it is meant to do and makes your skin feel good for many days after. Easy to apply once you have got the hang of it and peels off in less than half an hour.

Nobody can say they don’t have time for this, you can sit with a face mask on, whilst you read this, watching a movie or the tv, reading a book or magazine. Even cooking the dinner. It really doesn’t take up much time and skincare is so important. The tube has at least 7 masks, so it works out fairly cheap per mask. I even got it in Sainsbury’s, so you don’t have to go elsewhere to buy and simply buy when you are doing your food shop.



If you are a regular to my face mask Friday posts, is it weird I don’t have my knot wrap in or one of the many I have that is? I had just got out the shower and had washed my hair. I’m trying to do something new with my hair and not just chuck it up all the time. Maybe the knot wrap will be back soon!


What masks are you loving right now? Would you recommend any good ones for me? Or do you have some you’d like me to review before you do?

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