Potters ResortI am not one to holiday in the UK. This year I was meant to be off to Mexico so said no to my family holiday to Potters. Due to a few circumstances I could not control I am unable to go to Mexico this year. So I was very lucky 3 weeks prior to the family holiday my mum managed to book me a place.

What can I say Great Yarmouth definitely isn’t Mexico. But I am going to tell you about my holiday. All opinions are my own and I am going to try my best to put Mexico to the back of my head and Great Yarmouth to its own place.

After hearing amazing reviews on Potters Resort we booked this holiday. 5 day weekday break, 7 adults, a 6 and 4 year old. Price includes room, activities and food. Children are only allowed in the summer holidays, it is normally adults only.

Potters Bungalows

When we arrived we checked in at the hotel reception, then each room was given a map and directions to their room. We were also given the itinerary of the weeks activities. The resort reminds me of the hotel they stay in in the film dirty dancing, with all the activities.

Potters Single Bungalow

Ok I was booked on last minute but my bungalow was away from the others which was ok but looking at the website and comparing the pictures to my room you have to laugh. If you think of a bungalow, you would think of a bedroom, living room and bathroom right? Well I could literally just turn around with everything in that room. The bungalow really needed a refurb. Very dated.

Potters Single Bungalow

Needless to say one night my niece and nephew wanted to get ready for dinner with me and the three of us showered together in this small shower. It did the job, bed was comfy and lived out of my suitcase. I was nearer the beach which was a bonus especially when the children needed the toilet.

Painted Pottery

Jewellery Making

I’m not really one for joining in or doing the activities but I saw they did craft courses which of course is something I love to do normally. Other activities included skegways, shooting, golf, dancing and an inflatable obstacle course. If your one for activities then you would love this. I guess the weather didn’t help being 31-35 degrees everyday, it’s hardly weather to be inside doing merengue dancing lessons but perfect for the beach with a sea breeze.

Bracelet I Made

I did the 2 craft courses available the first one was pottery painting on my own, then the second was jewellery making which my sister and niece joined me. Out of the 2 jewellery making was the best, this was an additional £3-£20 depending on the beads used and the type of jewellery made. Both I would do again.

For children there was an arcade at the main reception along with bowling alley. Which was fun. We did play ice hockey a few times and the others played bowling. They also had different inflatables out on the green and a fayre one afternoon. The children did trampolining and also got balloon animals at the fayre. We also played crazy golf and went swimming. Most of the time we spent at the beach.

Flying Kite

The beach was small but run along the edge of the complex really. Each part was divided by stone rocks so there could be quieter times where you had the beach to yourself. There’s no deck chairs or sun loungers so it can be uncomfortable at times when you’ve lent up against the rock for too long. We did see a seal one day in the water. Actually in the same spot my nephew and I were 2 seconds before. It was warm enough to lay out and even go in the sea. The children loved it building sand boats and castles whilst flying the kite.  If you watch my vlog you’ll see some of the fun we had.

Potters Beach

For food was a three course meal in the restaurant lunch and dinner. Some food was out on the sides where you helped yourself but there was also a menu you could order from.  Breakfast had to be the best meal. Pancakes, cooked English breakfast or toast and pastries. My favourite has to be the lemon tart or the pancakes. Everything else I could of left. We had the same waitress every day, every meal and she was really helpful.

The evening entertainment and some of the day time activities were announced in the restaurant at meal times. We played bingo every night and the show each night seemed good and entertaining.

For what I would now call a holiday camp, if you’re into waving your napkin round singing goodbye at breakfast, or getting squirted with a water gun when you didn’t join in with the song for the evening entertainment you would love this place. This is also a good place to go to if you are wanting to do lots of activities.

Do you like holiday camps and activities, or are you one to be left alone and sunbath?

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