The funniest thing is I scheduled this out. Well I scheduled the month out of social media content right? Well I went through my podcasts I love to or have loved to listen to in the past and really there is only 1 that I can recommend. It is my go to and that is go. A lot of content and a lot of realistic and something I can relate to. But I am going to share some that I want to try out listening to myself for 2021. 

Podcasts are amazing and actually if something is bothering you, irritating or whatever. Chuck some headphones in and listen to an uplifting self care podcast. When I was working in the office, if things were too loud or I just needed a pick me up I would always go to Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast and actually that is the one that is my favourite and one that I love to listen to. Even when I am writing a blog post or now whilst working from home. Some of it even makes me chuckle and I must sound weird with the random giggles out loud when my headphones are in! 

The Happy Place podcast hosted by Fearne Cotton, is simply Fearne talking to guests about what and how things make them happy. Everyone has something different in life at what they want and how to make them happy. Something that makes me happy might be something that you hate but that is ok. They just simply chat and Fearne asks questions about things. Whether its work related, growing up or whatever else. 

Honestly there hasn’t been one yet that I have not laughed at. Not related to in any way, big or small. Or didn’t pick up my mood. So 100% whether you know the celebrity Fearne is talking to, or Fearne herself give this a go. There is always something you can think about and its always helpful to learn about how and what makes others happy. Especially if you are on the hunt to find what makes you happy or to become happier. 

I have to admit that when Strictly Come Dancing is on, I do tend to listen to their podcast with Joe Sugg. But that is over now and he would just talk about that week’s dances and talk with the celebrities. 

This year podcasts seem up and coming. So many celebrities, YouTubers, influencers are getting on the bandwagon and launching them. Maybe they are the way forward, who knows! I want to start listening to Gemma Peanut and Kate Reeves podcast We Don’t Have Time For This. Honestly I love and have followed Gemma since her Neighbours days but her instagram content and stories are amazing. She is such a good mum and her children are adorable. Both are full time working mums juggling life. Though I am not a mother yet, I just want to give it a listen because I love her content and so many are raving about this new podcast. 

Another that is launching soon is by Diane Buswell from Strictly Come Dancing. Her podcast is called Di’s Salon. She is a professional hair dresser and her podcast is going to be giving tips and tricks to celebrity clients. I don’t know why but I want to give this one ago because again it’s the celebrity base but I also thing we can all learnt a trick or two from her. 

Finally I started to listen to Open Mind by Frankie Bridge the other day and that is right up my street as well. All about self care and mental health. Again this is talking with professionals and celebrities. Frankie’s podcast is in one of the top 100 and as well as Fearne Cotton’s. Self care is my thing so that is why I love these sort of ones. 

Personally I am all for the chat show, conversation type of podcast. I know there are ones where you listen to stories and god knows what else but for me it’s all about easy to listen to, chilled and realistic, relatable content. I’m sure as I grow older my taste will change or grow but for now these are my favourites and ones I want to get into a little more in 2021. 

What is your favourite podcast to listen to?

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