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It is Friday so it’s time for a mask review. Happy face mask Friday everyone. How is your skincare going? Are you going out tonight or staying in for a good old pamper session? If you are new to my blog welcome, every week I try and review a face mask.

I have a normal to dry skin type, so I tend to go for masks that will help the dryness and improve my skin. Skincare is so important and should be to everyone. Are you a newbie to skincare and wondering what and where to explore? Masks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and forms. For me I prefer to go for mask that I can apply over sheet masks purely because sheet masks don’t fit my face shape properly. Or I can’t get them to fit anyway. I do try and use any type not only for me and my skincare but to review as many as possible for you.

face mask friday

This week’s mask is an overnight mask. I love an overnight mask and to be fair one of my first masks was an overnight mask. I love that you can apply this as you are getting ready for bed and when you wake up and take a wash you wash the mask off too.

overnight mask

Origins as a brand is fairly new to me. I guess you could say I have heard of the brand more than I have used the products. I think this could be my first product I have used of theirs. I love the packaging simple green with white writing, but the green is really bright and bold which makes the mask stand out more.

face mask friday

The consistency is different to what I expected. I thought it would be thicker and less runny. Especially for an overnight mask. It felt like I was applying a cream over a mask. So, I applied a good layer and coverage to allow it to work to its best ability overnight. Note to users, if you use this product make sure to take tablets, blow nose etc before applying.  The scent is really nice, I think it’s more of a tangerine smell than orange. Maybe it’s a grapefruit scent but its nice anyhow.

overnight mask

I slept like I would normally a good 9 hours. Some I worry to touch the pillow etc but once your asleep who knows what happens! When I woke up in the morning the majority of the mask if not all was absorbed. If you didn’t remember to wash the mask off in the morning. I don’t think you would really know. Oh and please excuse my bed head crazy frizz.

overnight mask

When I woke up, I did my usual thing, but I also dampened the flannel and washed my face and neck. My skin feels good but slightly on the sticky side like an oily skin type would have. But I would say this mask has definitely worked over night. I can tell today that my skin has absorbed the goodness from the mask. The mask is to ‘quench your skin’s thirst.’

My skin feels good and smooth and tomorrow I am sure it will feel better with less of a sticky texture. I really do love an overnight mask. They are especially good if you think you don’t have time to sit with a face mask on. Its 2 minutes extra after brushing your teeth and nothing extra in the morning.

face mask friday

Out of the overnight masks I have tried, I would definitely say this one is good. You get more than 1 mask out of this. For £22 its is in the higher price range but you will get a good 5 + masks out of it. Which then would work to be similar to most sheet masks.  You should try this, and you can get this in stores but also as part of beauty boxes and monthly subscriptions. Ask for samples you would be surprised how many provide samples. For moisturising and feeding your skin with goodness. This definitely works its magic.

What is your skin naturally like? Do you use masks regularly or occasionally? Do you want to improve your skincare or explore what masks are out there? Do you have one you’d recommend to me?

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