It is good to have some versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Ones that can work all year round as well. Whether that is a top, trousers, dress and even shoes. Some you would think you could only pair with jeans say, where as others wear them differently. So tonight I am back with one pair of Vans and five outfits to inspire you. 


Tonight’s one item, five ways are my black Vans. Now I am very lucky to have small feet. UK size 4 so I can fit into the children’s shoes still. But this is based off one pair of black vans. Vans are so versatile and due to their variety of colours and style, you could wear a pair for every occasion! 

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Starting with a fairly normal outfit to wear with your Vans. Most would wear with jeans and tee combo. Here I am wearing my boxy tee with my cat knee jeans. These are perfect for summer. I love to turn up the bottoms of my skinny jeans in the summer months and show a little more ankle. My Vans are really easy to slip on and go, comfy and I barely notice I am wearing them on my feet. This is a pretty simple outfit to go to when wearing Vans.

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Next is a little more random. I am wearing my t-shirt dress, which is perfect for the warmer days. Of course I have paired with my Vans. Now if you are going to the park or for a picnic even this is perfect. There is nothing more annoying than stones in your sandals. So wearing Vans eliminates that problem. Perfect travel outfit as well. Most outfits I love are chuck on and go outfits so having this is definitely a good thing for me.

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A typical Mel outfit this one. I am all for a pair of dungarees. The most comfortable thing for my endometriosis belly. Them and maternity jeans. Which I guess could be sad for some when I am not pregnant yet have to wear their jeans. This is probably a typical Vans wear outfit as well. Again I have my boxy tee on under my black dungarees, hair French plaited and my Vans. Cute and stylish!

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This is very like the other t-shirt dress in style. But sweater like fabric and sportier. I am wearing my Nike dress with my vans. Again this is my sort of outfit to travel in. Easy, not too hot, not too cold. Vans just slip off to go through security and I am comfortable whilst being stylish. Sports branded dresses are the best for summer.

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Finally I am wearing my Vans with ripped jeans. These jeans the rips are only on the knees. Which you can’t see on this photo but trust me my feet go through them every time I wear them! But you could equally wear these with simple black skinny jeans. I am all for an oversized tee and I love this one from Jack Wills. Khaki is such a good colour for me and I do sway towards that colour in many items of clothing I own. Even though this is pretty casual I could wear this to work when I go back to the office.


Though all of these are pretty casual, I tend to wear my Vans more on a casual basis. Some where these out now of a night. But I would probably wear my high tops on a night out than these. Casual and comfort are the key for me. As long as I feel good and look good I am there.


What do you wear mostly with your Vans?

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