paper bag jeans

We are back again with another one item of clothing, five ways. I love these sort of posts and I really hope to bring inspiration. When I tried these on I got excited, but now looking back at the photos, I look whiter than a ghost, due to the fact I spend no time outside and I also look bigger. That has to be due to quarantine or endo and probably for the fact I am always in skinny jeans. Anyway here we go.

Paper bagged bottoms are really in style this summer and I have to say I love the ruffle of the edging and the ways you can dress up or down the items. Then you add the baggy look to them as well and it goes to a whole other style. These are from Zara and actually they are dead comfy and super affordable. Really reasonable priced for jeans. Skinny is my go to style and I wanted to try something new out, not sure baggy and bagged works the best for me but I do love the oversized fit to the leg. 

There are seriously so maybe ways to dress up or down paper bag jeans. My regular is oversized and free flowing. But with paper bagged trousers you really need to show off the top edge and frill. I guess you can say that the frill becomes a feature point and should in any outfit. 

paper bag jeans

First outfit I have put together is one for a casual affair. Actually I could easily wear this walking round shopping, the park or even Disneyland. The outfit is that comfy! So I have on my Disney princess tee on. A white tee with all the princesses printed out all over. Tucked into my paper bagged baggy jeans. Pulling a little on the top to make it more oversized. With my comfy black high top converse. Very casual but cute. I could walk around all day being stylish and comfy. 

paper bag jeans

Swapping out the oversized tee, to a cropped basic white tee and adding some sandals. This one is perfect for summer. Not going to lie it was 33c+ the day I took these and the outfit kept me cool. I guess where the jeans don’t overly touch you, than the waist, you can’t really feel them on you. Again this is fairly casual but you can see the different just a cropped fitted top does to an oversized one. Sandals again work well with the jeans and change the outfit completely. 

paper bag jeans

Personally I think a fitted tee goes better actually than oversized. Oversized is my thing but only in elements. Too much oversized just makes you look bigger and you end up not looking good at all. I’ve got my perfect fit Levis top on, in peach. As what its called the perfect tee, it fits really good. Not oversized, not skin tight but perfect. Being that it looks fitted, it really helps the figure and keeps the jeans as the only oversized item. Pairing the outfit with my white high top converse, just helps casual this down, but you could wear sandals or heels to dress this up a little more. 

paper bag jeans

There are a few ways to dress these jeans up. Even if they were darker, they would be dresser on their own. First of all I have just chucked a polka dot cami on and tucked it in. Added some medium heeled sandals and it instantly dresses this up. I am meaning going out to dinner, not out on the town all night. A necklace would help in the dressing up department as well. 

paper bag jeans

Finally I have put on this raspberry pink bodysuit on with the jeans. The bodysuit material is slightly on the silky side and has the lace detailing around the top edges. I should be wearing this blazer with it but seriously I was dying changing in and out of outfits in 33c+ heat. Again a pretty statement necklace and the blazer on would really smarted this outfit. My high heeled sandals are chunky, so easy to walk in but also adds to the outfit. With the bodysuit being skin tight, it helps with my figure. Trust me when I say these jeans actually hang off me and thank god for the elasticated waist, holding them up! 

These are my five ways to wear one pair of paper bagged baggy jeans. Would you wear these more on a casual basis or a dressed up basis? To be fair I like both but casual is my thing at the minute. 

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