Oh well hello there, I am back with another one item of clothing and five outfits. It’s actually interesting finding what you can do with a limited number of clothes. Last month I did one white t-shirt on here and one pair of Dr Martens over on my channel. This month I am bringing my black and white Converse along with me, creating five different outfits. Then later this month I will pick something else from the wardrobe and share that on channel.

Why did I pick my black Converse? Well actually I don’t wear mine as much as my white Converse. So in fact I have given myself the opportunity to now wear mine more often. To be fair converse are just comfortable, stylish and go with pretty much anything. I am a high top sort of trainer girl, hence me picking these high tops. Though I do have some normal trainers too! 

Weekend Fashion

First outfit, the one I was actually wearing all day when I had these photos taken. It’s fun yet comfortable. And comfortable of course is key for me. I am wearing my bubblegum oversized pink jumper from Topshop. Which I believe on the back, written in French is “I’m Happy” or something along them lines. Paired with my New Look jeans that I embroidered cat faces on the knees. Never too old for something a little child like! Underneath I just have a basic white tee on and of course I am wearing my converse. Definitely a casual fun weekend sort of outfit. 


Dungarees are next. Because dungarees can be worn with anything and for everything! I had to run out in this outfit because it was freezing but I would layer this with a cardigan or jumper as well. Kind of reminds me of a cool mum, decorator sort of style. But I love dungarees and they are something I can always wear even with tummy pain. 


For this outfit, it is one that some will think really? But the truth of it is that actually it does all go together and works brilliantly. Converse dress down a dress. If that makes sense. Makes it more weekend look or chilled out. I am wearing my denim dress but you can wear any dress and they will go. With or without tights as well. Different lengths, styles, anything. Even girls now go out of an evening with a tight body con dress and trainers. 

Oversized Fashion

Next is my beloved Levi jumper, that my mum stole off me to finally wash. I am wearing it again and oversized with my Topshop black Joni jeans and Converse of course. Primarily converse goes with Jeans. Of any shape, colour and size. But its good to adventure a bit as well. Though this outfit is pretty much all dark, it’s winter and it’s comfortable. What more can you really ask for? Just shows it works with a lot of different fashion styles. 


Finally, I have just chucked on my New Look oversized long beige cardigan. A white tee and my Topshop blue Joni jeans. This outfit I could wear to work because actually I am allowed to wear very casual business clothes to work. This outfit shows that you can dress this outfit up or down, by just swapping out shoes. Personally I would say this is quite a mom style outfit but I know there are a lot of long oversized clothes around at the minute which I love. 


That is it, five outfits and one pair of Converse! Do you wear Converse a lot? Are you loving this series so far? On here and YouTube? Or just here?

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