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If nobody else is liking this series, then I am doing this for myself! It is actually amazing what you can find in your wardrobe from no new clothes. Finding old and lost clothes and putting things together to dress up and down an outfit. A cardigan in this instance that I can wear to work, going out and at the weekend. Anything to wrap me up and snuggle in when I am cold. Today we are talking about this long black cardigan and it is something that everyone should own. Such a staple piece. 

casual fashion

First up an everyday outfit for me, but I guess a weekend outfit for most. I am wearing my black Joni jeans, Serena Doc Martens, plain white tee with only the logo and snoopy on and my black cardigan. Length is in at the minute and on trend. A lot of cardigans particularly are long in length. This might come up shorter on you, but I am shorty at 5’4. Sort of an outfit you can chuck together and go. The cardigan pulls round as well for snuggling without fastenings. But its perfect to wrap up in and keep warm. 

night out fashion

From weekend to out on the town. Simply swapped out two items here. So I have a fuchsia pink cami on instead of my white snoopy tee. Cami’s are my go to for a night out actually. Always in my Joni jeans. Then switched doc martens for some high heeled boots. Works for a night out in the week, dinner with friends, day at the theatre even. Or a chilled afternoon tea for a hen party. The cami adds the pop of colour to my outfit which is beautiful, with the black jeans and cardigan. In this the cardigan is a throw on if you are cold or need to keep warm whilst hopping to the next bar. But looks cute still instead of a blazer. 


This cardigan works well with dresses as well. Which is why it is so versatile. I am wearing the most comfortable tights I have ever owned with my Doc Martens and spotty grey dress. Sort of a smocked kinda dress with black fluffy spots. Love the bow round the neck. Again its a chuck on cardigan for when the weather is a little off but looks great on at the same time. It just seems to work with whatever you put on. 


Going to a work or an important work meeting in my case. Wear this cardigan. If you have been reading for a while now you will know that most of my workwear is darker where as my weekend casual wear is bright and colourful with a lot of white. I don’t know why it is, but it is! For me I would only wear this sort of outfit to a meeting with my customers, work wise that is or to an interview potentially. Colour is added to this with the floral pattern on the trousers. Wearing my loafers and a black blouse. The sleeves open up under the arm of the blouse, so if I took the cardigan off it would still look smart and work well. Again this cardigan just goes. Works really well with this outfit and smarter than potentially my weekend outfit would be. 


Then finally onto my khaki camouflage jeans. The cardigan just brings the outfit together. I love khaki green with black. To be fair any green with black. Wearing a basic black tee and my black converse. Again more weekend wear I guess but for me I could wear this to work. Just adds something different to an outfit if you wear a pop off colour or jazz an outfit up a little. This is perfect for spring/summer as well when you can’t rely on nice weather. 

I can see myself in the first or last, at the cinema, chilled out, glasses on eating popcorn. Whilst of course watching a movie. Proper chilled but fun outfits. Versatile pieces are really a must have. They are just handy to own, easy to wear and chuck on and go. Wrap up in them when you get cold. Dress up or down an outfit and suitable for so many things and seasons. It isn’t overly thick so you can wear it most of the year round. Especially in the UK when the weather is never reliable! 

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