basic white tee

I saw this idea the other day and thought I would give it ago. It really is easy to pick one item of clothing and wear it five different ways. Choosing a basic white tee, something that most people have or should have in their wardrobe. There is always a reason to have basics because you really can wear them anywhere! 

basic white tee

Starting with my basic white t-shirt. Short sleeved. Slightly rolled, turned up hems to the sleeves and other than that it really is just basic. It can be seen as a boring white t-shirt or something that can go with anything. Naturally I am one for colour and patterns. Comfort as well, but a basic white tee like this can be comfortable, patterned and colourful in different ways for different styles.


First up is a basic weekend outfit. As it’s winter right now all of these are about looking trendy but being warm and comfortable at the same time. Weekends are pretty chill for me, so its all about the chuck on and go outfits. Just chuck on them skinny jeans, converse and my white tee. Easy, basic and stylish. Due to winter and actually because I love to add the colour, I have my pink fleece jacket on as well. Perfect for going for brunch, shopping, food or just chilled out. This fleece is warm enough for a jacket as well, as long as its not snowing. 

denim skirt

For a casual day at work, I have put on my denim skirt and warm, raspberry pink knitted cardigan. Thick wooly tights and of course my Dr Martens. Never a day I don’t have my DMs near by. Tucking in the tee compared to leaving it out, makes a difference too. Pairing this outfit with a pair of pumps would work as well. Simple outfit, pop of colour and one you can easily dress up or down depending on where you are going. 


The next two outfits are similar but each add their own style to it. First is my pinafore. Love to wear a dress and pinafores are comfy, stylish and add another level to the outfit. Something as easy as a pinafore, wooly tights and a white tee, seem to the basic as. But if you needed to, or wanted to add something to the outfit, add a bright cardigan or hair accessory. Today I am just in this black and white outfit and actually still really love it. 


Very similar to the last outfit but dungarees rather than a pinafore. Dungarees are the most comfortable thing to wear. Especially if you have endometriosis. You put them on and you can automatically forget you are wearing anything. You can see the difference comparing the dungarees to the pinafore. Dungarees are more masculine but stylish. Comfortable and trendy. They can also be seen as mum style and you can really see me holding a baby whilst wearing this. Again a simple black and white outfit, but you can add a colourful headband or cardigan to add the pop of colour. 


Then finally I have dressed this basic white tee up, by adding some heeled boots, mom styled striped jeans and blazer. Adding the colour from the jeans being two toned blue. The headband being a variety of colours, and the purple of the belt. My silver Chucky necklace and heels are a way of me dressing this up. I’m not talking about going out, out. Because I am nearly 30 and going out out, really isn’t my thing. But you can see how I can wear this to an evening meal with friends and a quiet few down the pub. 

Personally the dressed up outfit is my favourite of all 5 outfits. Having the fun colours from the headband. Silver sparkles in my necklace and the heels to bring on the height. Something as basic as the white tee, tucked into the jeans, that have a trendy style of their own. Slim but mom style and the blazer to keep off the chill. 

How easy do you find it, to use one item from your wardrobe and wear it five different ways? Do you think of outfits like this, or just for one particular outfit? 

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  1. These are such beautiful looks! Definitely have given me some inspo for the winter to style some basic white t-shirts of mine without sacrificing being warm! 💙

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