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Happy face mask Friday everyone. Who’s excited it’s the weekend? Are you going out tonight or staying in for a good pamper session? If you are new around here, I am Melanie Kate (Mel) blogger from the UK sharing fashion and lifestyle posts to you 3 times a week. On Fridays I love to share and review face masks for you all. Face masks aren’t just about beauty and skincare they are about self care as well and looking after your body.

I do and happily will try any face mask. I do have a preference and I am yet to find a mask to change my mind. My preference would always be a mask you apply over sheet masks, but I do, and I am still trying to find the best sheet mask for me. Skin wise, mine is on the dry to normal side and depending on the season and weather it can range from super dry to just over to the oily side. When looking I like to go for hydrating, moisturising masks.

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This week’s mask is from Oh k! I have used this brand a couple of times before. I love a good acai food bowl. They are so good to eat, and I find them pretty easy to make. Berries would be my favourite fruits to eat. One of the reasons this mask appeals to me. The mask is to help hydrate your skin, boost it with moisturizers and helps to make you look more awake and with it.

Ok, this is a sheet mask, but I do really want to find one that suits my face shape or is able to fit properly. There are also more sheet masks on the market which with my price range and skincare needs its more than 50% chance that there are more sheet masks in the shop over ones you apply.

face mask friday

As always, I like to read about the mask, and the instructions to make sure I apply it correctly and wear for the required time, if not more. The writing on packet is fairly small but the picture steps work well at telling you what to do and how long for. This mask you leave on for 15-20minutes.

Make sure you have a clean fresh face before you fit the sheet mask to your face. Apply it and play around with it for a while until its fits your face as best as possible. This mask has the slits lower than or at the bottom of your cheeks, chin area. For me this allowed me to fit the mask a bit better around my lower cheek and chin, but I still got the gape just across my nose to my eyes. No matter how much I tried to fix, flatten or stick to my cheeks.


sheet maskAfter a while of playing around to get the best fit. I went to watch a bit on my iPad and chill for 20 minutes. The smell that comes from this mask is amazing. Not overpowering or strong but just the slightest hint of berries. As I sat there watching my iPad the scent was just hitting my nose. I love the smell of berries and acai bowls, so this was beautiful. Normally sheet masks don’t smell so this was a lovely added extra and made me smile and hungry from the scent.

When the time was up, I returned to the bathroom to remove. There was so much of the mask left to absorb into my skin. I lightly massaged this into my face and went about my evening. The mask left me with more than I needed so I dabbed this off with my towel slightly.

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My skin feels normal. Not dry not oily just perfect. Some masks I have used have made my face feel sticky for a few days after, but this hasn’t. Touch wise you can feel that its moisturized and in good condition. Even in places that gain dry patches quicker aren’t dry. My skin is smooth and so soft. Perfectly even to add the goodness I need but not push me over the board to the oily skin type.

Now it’s a few days after, I would use this mask again. I would recommend this to anyone with a similar skin type to mine. It’s definitely added some brightness and glow to my skin. Price wise I would say this is an average price for masks, so it isn’t over priced for how well this has performed. I would love if they would make the sheet masks fit just that little bit better. That or I need to fatten my face out with food.

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What is your favourite mask? Are you a weekly face mask user, or an occasional user? Do you have any you would recommend to me?

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