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It is face mask Friday and I think I am about to share one of my new favourite masks with you all! If you are new around here, welcome. Every Friday I review a different face mask for you all. Most are for my skin type, normal to dry but others take my fancy and end up in the basket as well. Skincare is so important or should be for everyone. Whatever age you are, it isn’t too early or late to start. Look after your skin as you would your eyes, ears and mouth. 


This week’s mask is by the lovely brand Oh K! A brand I have used a handful of times before. Their Jeju Mineral Lava Sea Water Hydrogel mask is the mask I am reviewing today. It is a hydrating hydrogel mask, which is perfect for skin in need of tic. At first I thought this was another dreaded sheet mask, the ones that can never fit my tiny face. So I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t a sheet mask! The mask is packed with prickly pear from Jeju island and skin loving ingredients such as Gotu Kola, chamomile and green tea. Green iridescent in colour, with a shimmer to the two part gel mask. Made with essence itself to make it super intensive, locking in moisture and maximising absorption. 

oh k!

A first when I picked this mask up to try, the front left corner of the packaging popped out at me. For all those weekly readers, you will no sheet masks aren’t my friends. They just never fit. To see this came in 2 halves made me smile instantly. The packaging sort of gives me vitamin sea vibes. That need of a holiday image as the water ripples. Oh K on most of their masks have the cute little panda peering over the package and its just adorable. Their packaging is always simple as well which is good based off of their products. They are a Korean based skincare brand so some of the writing is in Korean. 

oh K!

The back is pretty much in various languages and to be fair no one overly reads much on the back. At the top in black and white with hearts states “ happiness everyday”. Which is true and a really cute touch to their packaging. About the first third is in English or picture form. Having directions in picture form is really good and makes the product more user friendly. However there are occasions where a sentence would make things clearer. As in number 1. What is that instruction? Because it could be wash your face, or powder your face or are they cotton pads? 


Always do read or look at the instructions/directions because some do love to fool you! This is a pretty standard leave for 20-30 minutes, then remove. I did guess that direction 1 was wash your face and dry it. But maybe that isn’t the case. Most masks I do are post bath anyway. 


When I opened the mask up, I was really excited anyway but pleasantly surprised that the package held more of the mask contents. So whilst it was in the pack it was absorbing more and more for my face. Both pieces of the gel mask were folded together but had a paper and plastic film to them. Which made them really easy to pull apart and apply to my face. 


I applied the top half first. Which way is the correct way, I don’t know. But this worked amazingly for me. The gel sat smoothly on my forehead and down my nose. Though my nose is a little shorter than the mask, I could fold the nose flap back on itself. Because every time I breathed in and out, the loose mask would move with my breath. 


Instantly I was happy with the fit of the top half, so I applied the bottom half. Again went on beautifully and can’t fault it. Overlapped the top half a fraction but that is to be expected. The slits to allow it to fit, weren’t even needed for my face. Honestly the fit is just amazing. Then it was time to leave on for 30 minutes. 

face mask

This is why people cannot say they don’t have time for skincare. Honestly what can you do in half an hour? Me, I can read a couple chapters of my book. Write part of a blog post or edit a sit-down video. Even hoover the whole flat if I wanted to, or cook the dinner. But for me masks are relaxing and so I read for the whole 30 minutes. 

skincareThen its time to take off and I was surprised at the how little was left to absorb. My skin is or was on the drier side at the minute. Not sure why but it was. So like other masks, I thought this would have a lot left to absorb. Just seemed the last few weeks my skin hasn’t taken well to masks. There was probably enough, just, to massage in. It wasn’t sticky either just a light glow to my face. Then the mask was over. 


Now I have to say yes to the mask. Honestly 100% amazing. Cannot fault it. Really happy it was in two parts and that the fit was the best, I’ve probably ever had. Though gel masks for the full face are new to me. But I will be looking for more that is for sure. Gels I tend to see for under eye masks mostly. 


Price wise it is £5.50 which is actually an average price. The mask says to use daily though so that is £37, which I would say is pricey. But who realistically does a mask daily? Because I don’t! So for a weekly use or twice weekly even this is a fair price. 


I really do think Oh K! As a brand have nailed this mask. The glow I have today even, the day after is so healthy and good. It has took the right amount of goodness and left my skin healthier. There isn’t a dry patch in sight. So soft and smooth. 


Honestly go get this mask. I 100% will be getting again and am now in love with gel masks. To be able to have a mask that actually fits my face is amazing on its own but everything about the mask is good. If I had to say 1 thing that would be to make the first direction a little clearer but that is it. 

What is your go to mask at the moment?

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