Its that time of month again when I share my favourites with you. What’s a favourite? Well my favourites can be absolutely anything. I always like to include a variety because a favourite can be a trip, an activity or an object. Not only does it become more enjoyable for you to read, but it also gives you the chance to try something new or revisit something I am loving. 


First on my list of favourites for October is the fact I am back in floristry school. Intermediate level now and really by school I mean a 2 hour 30 minute class weekly at our local college. But I am back in the zone. Wanting to create all the time. Learn new techniques and practice. Because practice makes perfect. Some weeks I look at the flowers or objects in front of me and think really what is this, but when the tutor demonstrates and the final arrangement looks good I am happy. I’ve been for 5 weeks (missed 1 week due to my grandad passing away) and out of them 4 classes I have only not been happy with 1 out of the 4. To be fair last term as a beginner, there was 1 I hated and just didn’t get to so least that ones out the way. 


Being creative is something that is a love or leave for me. That may come as a surprise to you, but  I am really ever super into creating and crafts or it just can stay in hobbycraft and I am ok. I do have a natural talent for creativity so I am extremely lucky. When your Grandma is talking to her friend at your grandad’s funeral and telling them that I am the one that does stuff with her because I am creative like her. Where I am now is in the super creative mode. For videos I craft weekly on Saturday’s for you, unless its the first video of the month then it will be like this. But my crafts are lifestyle or fashion related crafts. 

As its autumn and the cosy evenings are coming very quickly! I am loving a chilled Saturday evening, on the sofa, blanket, chilling out watching Strictly Come Dancing. Out of reality programmes this and I am a celeb are the only 2 I watch but I love watching them. Seeing all the celebrities learn and improve weekly and see them all dance. Definitely don’t have a dance background so I have no clue if they did really well or not but I love the scoring and the laugh of it to. Favourites may have to be Kelvin or Saffron, though they all seem to be really good. Dev and Diane were up in my favourites but obviously they left. 

This one will make you laugh. Because half the time my bed head is crazy but I am feeling more comfortable to wear my natural hair down. The majority of the time I just bung my hair up but I love it straight which also takes forever to do. So being ok and alright with my hair natural makes the mornings easier and I rock my crazy frizzy curl. No product which would make a prettier curl, just me just got out of bed and chucked an outfit on. 


Next on the list is the most happiest thing, lol that is cacti. I love them, they bring a smile to my face when I walk in from work every night. Bring a positive and happy environment to my flat and they are just pretty especially the colourful ones. Finally got round to sorting my big bowl of cacti out in October and they just look so good and happy. How they bring a good energy to my home, I am not overly too sure but they do. Get some cacti to make the positivity energy grow! 

I am a bookworm and that has to be said that the bookworm arrived in me in 2019. Always love a book that gets me wanting to read more and more and never put it down. This month’s favourite book is Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher. Ok lets just say I didn’t know there was a series before this book. So you are totally ok to just read this over the others before it. A romantic storyline and long distance relationship. Not wanting to spoil it for you but the ending wasn’t what I thought it would be. But super happy about the ending. Sophie is a baker and Billy is an actor and its their life and their family life as well. Really good book and must read if you like a romantic genre. 

Now that autumn is fully arrived, I love all the autumnal colours. Driving or walking along and you see all the mustard yellows, rusty reds and burgundies are just so pretty. The trees all beautifully standing out with the colours of the crisp leaves and just makes me smile. Even in fashion these colours appear and I love to wear these colours too. 

Super happy about this one. I managed a no spend month! Happy days. Something I am needing to do and something I should of been doing a long while ago. You could be well you brought this or that. But really I had all my money sorted so floristry and pilates were paid for and so are my bills and food shopping. Well I didn’t go to pilates this month due to me feeling unwell and my grandad dying. So I had £40 to spend there though actually I didn’t and managed to save some of that as well. Its just an achievement I am really proud of and even now I am on the no spend, with Christmas coming up I know November and December’s money will be on others. I just can’t think of any ideas I want for Christmas or to get anyone because all I want and need to do is save. Don’t worry everyone who gets a present you will. 

dr martens fashion

Finally I am loving that the weather is getting colder and this week has really drastically dropped in degrees. Meaning its sweatshirt and boots weather. I am really lucky to still have children’s sized feet and I have been loving to wear my Dr Martens. Think the only day I’ve not worn them was to my grandad’s funeral. They are just comfy easy to zip up and go. Really I can wear them with anything as well and they go. Rock your dms! 

What have been your favourites for October? Is there one you’d recommend to me?

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