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Happy face mask Friday everyone! How has your week been? Are you in for a pamper night or are you out on the town? I just love a pamper session. Every Friday I bring to you and review a face mask. This way you get to see what is about in the industry, my own opinions on them and may give you a better idea of what the mask is like.

We have a bargain this week! One that I spotted in the local supermarket that happened to just fall into my mum’s shopping basket. This mask is made with shea butter and almonds, it moisturises to help revitalise dry skin. The nourishing almond oil and shea butter helps to soften, pamper and smooth the skin.

face mask friday

My skin type is normal to dry, so I always look for masks to help my skin type. However, if I find something new or seems different and exciting to me, I am always willing to trying that. I prefer masks you can apply over sheet masks, purely because I can never get sheet masks to fit correctly or good enough to fit my face anyway. Waiting to find the perfect sheet mask.

face mask

Like always I have to read the packaging and instructions. You never know what or how long the mask should be on for. I really should look more at the masks when I am shopping for them to actually know I am picking up a sheet mask or one you apply.

This mask is one you apply, you apply an equal good layer across the face and leave for around 15 minutes to work its magic. For how small the pack is you really would think it would do one mask only, but I reckon I have 2 more left in this pack so really worth the value.

face mask friday

When I opened the mask, the smell hit me and it smells amazing, like a Bakewell tart. Love Bakewell tarts and I’ve really been craving cake and sweet treats this week. The mask worked better for my diet!

The consistency of the mask is quite thick and clay like texture. Its white in colour and applies well to the face. The flow of the mask coming from the package I would say could have been slower and not leave the pack as messy as I made it. That could be human error!


Applying the mask was ok, it needed a lot to cover a little area. I did apply it thick because I wanted the best results from the mask. It needs to be able to move more freely when applying only because certain areas like my nose had more on because it wouldn’t spread as well down and around my nose.

face mask friday

Once I had finished applying, the 15 minutes leave time was perfect to watch a video or a couple games of spider solitaire. Before I went to chill, I washed the mask off my hands and cleaned up my eyebrows and lips where the mask touched just a little. It’s amazing that even just a fraction of the mask touching the top of my lip, how tingly it becomes, so this is so important to clean off.

face mask review

After the 15 minutes were up, I walked into the bathroom, with a tight dried out mask on my face. I love that when you try to show your expression and the mask cracks or wrinkles. It states to use warm water and wash the mask off so that is what I did.


It didn’t take too much effort to wash off actually. The flannel though well that’s harder to get it off of! Washing it off my face was really easy and with some others I have had to scrub off.

face mask friday

There were a few little patches that just stay put, that happens with every mask. I just wet the whole flannel and went over my whole face as I would to wash normally and it was removed.

My face felt good after I had just removed it and today even it feels really good and in a good condition. It always seems that masks miss the creases of my cheeks. I really need to work on that area because that seems dryer or more prone to blemishes.

face mask

Today my skin doesn’t feel too oily but perfect in all areas, I can just feel the drier patch on my cheek crease. I slept really well last night which a good mask can do which is an added bonus for me because I need my beauty sleep.

Love that this mask is so reasonable in price and is a mask you apply. The small packet is filled with goodness and I used about a third of the mask, so that would work out at 50p per mask.

Based on smell along I would recommend this mask, for the price it’s really good as a mask that you use regularly or if you are started out in the skincare world. You won’t be wasting money on this mask. The £1.50 it costs really is nothing and I can’t wait to try more of their product line in the future.


If you have similar skin type to me this mask is definitely for you. It definitely moisturises and puts lots of goodness back into your face. As a one off mask definitely use when its winter or the weather is changing because we all need to look after or change our skincare routine when its drier and colder or if you are sitting in an air conditioned room all day at work.

Definitely give this mask a go. Have you heard of this brand before? What masks are your go to at the minute? Do you have any you would recommend to me?

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