A little more lifestyle for you. Why not? My instagram followers voted and Lifestyle came out one of the highest. So here is a little weekend blog for you. I didn’t really have many plans or things that needed to be done this weekend. But due to not feeling well I equally didn’t want to make some. I was pretty ok with waking up whenever and chilling out on the sofa. Instead it seemed to be a weekend of variety.

All I needed to do was collect my new glasses from the opticians, take a dress back as I didn’t like the fit of it and housework. I love a good chilled weekend but this one just seemed to be different. For a good 2 months now I have been sleeping 12 hour nights at the weekends especially. So Friday night I made sure to check with my mum that I didn’t need to set an alarm. The answer was no. As always I am a girl who likes to know the plans and stick to them. I have to be in a routine and organised.

When I got to my parent’s house on Saturday morning I was surprised to see my sister there. I was there for 10am and we went out to collect my glasses and on to the shops. I am not overly confident at the minute so at aged 28 things like opticians scare me a little so I must have my mum’s opinion on things too. Needless to say if I didn’t like them it’s not like I could have sent the glasses back. They were made up to my prescription.


My prescription hasn’t changed in about 6 years, but I am wearing my glasses more and more each day. I have wanted tortoise-shell round glasses for ages and so I decided it was time to just get a new pair. Considering I wore my last pair for 6 years you can tell I get my monies worth out of them. I went to look last weekend and tried on 10 pairs but kept coming back to this pair of William Morris glasses. I love how they are rounded, tortoise-shell but also have the hint of purple in them for the girly girl in me. It’s hard to see the purple in some lights but they are so comfortable on I don’t think I will not be wearing these much. For me not only for being blind, but glasses are a fashion statement too. They are quite trendy and I can see me in these non stop.

After the opticians we carried on to a bigger local town to return some things. Not like me I know but I didn’t buy any clothes. Hope your all sitting down reading this lol!! I got Alfie some dinosaur wrapping paper and a gift bag for Aurelia. The wind was making it so cold walking around. It was also making me not bothered about going in to my favourite shops instead I just wanted to go back to my parents.

Whilst lunch was cooking I spent some time on the computer printing images for an upcoming post.

The weather was cold and windy, we weren’t sure whether to do my food shop, chill or what. My sister was saying let’s do this or that. In the end we did something I rarely do these days but I love none the less. It’s also something that wouldn’t be able to do as its something my mum does with my sister. I guess like I do Pilates with her. But there we go I wasn’t going to be left there alone and two I was like why not. So we went horse riding. We have horses as family pets.

horse riding

I am surprise that my aged 12 years old hat, coat and jodhpurs fit. But then again I am slimmer now than I was then. The Jodhpurs hung off me and I must have shrunk too. But they were fine. It’s not like I am on a catwalk or out there to make a statement. I went for pleasure. It’s quite funny though because my mum refused to take Tally’s saddle with us. He can be naughty. But my sister went bare back and was prepared to jump off at any minute. To look at her on him was like they were part of Thelwell.

After riding my other sister came over to my parents with her children. By then I was preparing to go home. I still had to film and stuff to do at home. I saw them for about half hour.

Saturday night was a chilled one. Wrote my self care weekly update. Watched Casualty and chilled out. I love a cosy night in like that.

I decided to set my alarm for Sunday morning as I had a lot to do still. Sunday evenings for me are ones where I edit and try to write at least one blog post. Call the Midwife is on at 8pm and I tend to read for the hour after. So it’s a busy evening.

I got up at about 8am. I ate some breakfast, stripped the bed. I also filmed what I needed to do for an upcoming post. The best thing about craft videos is I can do them in my pyjamas. It’s mainly the craft materials and my hands in the frame.

When I got to my parents about 10am we went over to help my Grandma make her own bed. She dislocated her shoulder 3 weeks ago and so needs a little help in hand.

On the way back we did my food shop in Marks & Spencer’s. I always get asked why I do my food shop there and the answer is the food is better quality, if you buy the deals then its cheaper than Asda and I like the food there. Simple as really. I am also trying something new this week to see if I can settle my stomach. Fingers crossed.

For lunch we had Penang. My mum went a little heavy-handed on the curry powder and it was too powerful in spices for my liking. We did have rhubarb crumble and custard for pudding which was amazingly scrummy!

After lunch I decided to go home. I had house work to do, make the bed and my Sunday evening of work to do. I love to have a clean, tidy house and I was so happy when it was organised again. I have had a proper good spring clean and I can just walk into a room and it instantly puts a smile on my face.

Sad I know but I love a random weekend like this don’t you? What I have learnt from this weekend is that I want to ride more. I need to organise more in my flat so I don’t have the powerfulness of overflowing draws and mess on cabinets with no space for them.

What was something random you did this weekend? Did you have a chilled one or a mad one?

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  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! I did a lot of work for my blog, networking group, and oily biz, so I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend!

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