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How is it December already?! This year has gone crazy fast and I was sick and hardly did anything for the first half of the year. I seriously can’t believe that in 31 days it will be 2019!! In today’s post I am sharing with you my favourites for November. A complete variety again and of course, include beauty, fashion and lifestyle.  With a favourite being absolutely anything I love to share a mixture because it should allow anyone who reads this to find something to try.

Starting with entertainment, I am not a huge television watcher so when it comes to the count down to Christmas my favourite tv shows arrive. I am loving I am A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on ITV. This year I don’t know why but the series is really good. Its reality easy to watch kind of tv, but all the celebrities in it seem really good. They are all getting on and work together. I 100% don’t know who to pick to win but I like Fleur East, Ann Hegerty and Nick Knowles. When I watch DIY SOS I always cry and when they were all given their thing from home and Nick gave his, a white pillow to Ann as she was having trouble sleeping I did share a tear or two.

The other thing for entertainment is *Jessie J’s Christmas album “This Christmas Day I love all the 11 songs on it and could listen to them all car journeys. I switch this out with Capital FM on my way to and from work. It has a variety of covers and I think its a good album. I have always loved Jessie J and so had to get this but I do think she sings well on this album.

Moving on to food you all might know I eat really healthy. Well a balanced diet but mainly 85% of the time I am vegetarian. Just because its healthier and that I prefer the non meat options. November I have been loving a stir fry. Its a quick and easy dinner for me to make for myself when I get home from a busy day at work, chuck some chicken in a frying pan, vegetables and boil some noodles. I tend to make a sauce up with honey and soy sauce. Its a healthy easy dinner and super yummy.

The other I have been loving are one pot meals. Again something easy and you can go off and sort things out whilst the dinner cooks. I normally go for vegetables, some sort of meat or non meat and then I have been loving roasted new potatoes. If you haven’t tried these you must. They are so delicious. I literally cut mine in half and cook in coconut oil with all my other vegetables and meat. Its the time of year for dinners like this as well and so adds some warmth to you when you get in from the cold.

As we are on the talk of cold weather, I am loving being comfortable and cosy. I love that I can come home have a hot bubble bath and get into my onesie. Onesies are really good for me they are comfy and warm. I have brought mine from next before but struggled to find some this year. But thankfully I am short and slim, 5’4 and size 10-12 UK and I can still fit into kids clothes. I found two in Marks and Spencer’s which are sweatshirt material and warmer than before. I know as a full grown adult I really shouldn’t be proud to be fitting in kids clothes and really unicorns are something cool by kids but I love how comfy it is and I can stay warm through the winter.

The next thing which is really random as well but something I wanted to share. I am loving Joules socks. They are expensive for socks but if you do the 3 for 2 they work out at an ok price. They just seem better quality and warmer than normal socks. I have a few pairs now and I love them. I love the prints and colours they have and the range is good for such a company.

Moving on to beauty I am loving face masks still. I love overnight masks especially and as the weather is getting colder its allowing the masks to soak in to improve my skin. I have wanted to try Clinique’s Moisturise Surge Overnight Mask for a while and they had sold out when I went shopping. Luckily my mum had this mini version which she gave to me and I have been using this every week swapping out with my Dr Botanicals PO. My skin is definitely improving from using this.

Sleep is really important to me something I have to get enough of otherwise I may as well stay away from everyone and thing especially if I am not feeling well. I love my sleep pillow spray but I am also using *Seascape Sleep Oil, I put a little under my nose and on my temples of my head, then a little on my wrists. I can now sleep from 10pm – 5am undisturbed. Which is really good for me. The other day I took off as holiday I slept from 10pm through to 9am. I need my sleep and sleep helps me with strength and energy and keeps me going. So I am really happy with this product.

As I have talked about a lot in this post I am loving being cosy and comfy. There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket on. Its this time of year I love, getting the blankets out chilling out laying on the sofa watching a movie or programme.

Finally I am loving being creative. I love making, baking and creating all sorts. I am just loving that not just posting here and on youtube I am getting back into my crafts. I can sit and create for hours on end and really get stuck into a project. I love that its a time I can zone out and hide away, clear my head and do something for me, something I enjoy and love to do.

And thats my favourites for November? What out of these would you like to try and whats one of your favourites been this month?

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