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It really does seem crazy to me that tomorrow is December. Where has 2020 gone? We’ve been home for 3/4 of the year. How can it be December? Anyway, I love sharing my favourites but also reading about others. I hope by sharing a variety of mine, it allows you to try something new or revisit something old and fall back in love with it. So today I will be sharing November’s with you and I have to say this month has a lot of favourites, even with me being sick for at least half of it. 

First up is something old that I have fallen back in love with. That being painting my nails. I have my own gel lamp and 19 colours. Recently my mum and I decided we would combine our collection and for me to do both of ours every 2 or so weeks. Having your nails painted just make you feel good. They are pretty and I don’t know why but they add something to the whole outfit. We are buying 1 a month each as well to add to our collection, this month I brought Dreamcatcher and it looks like I have Ribenna on my nails.

gel nails

Because I am becoming a book worm, I have 2 books that I have loved this month. Weird I know when my reading ability is of a 10 year old. But if a book gets me hooked, there is no stopping me. The first book is my one of my favourite authors, Lucinda Berry and the book is titled Phantom Limbs. It is about twin girls who were sexually abused as young girls, their lives growing up adopted and then the story of one of the twins as her sister harms herself, who then goes on to die. Honestly if you like thriller books, Lucinda’s are for you. Hands down, I haven’t read a book of hers and been disappointed. 

The second book is more of a typical girl romance story. Just Friends by Holly McCulloch. Holly is a new author and this is her first book out. It is about the life of a young lady Bea. How she needs to commit to getting a boyfriend basically. Just everyday life, going dating and about her friends and people who are around her. Another really good read and I was hooked to this book within the first chapter. A really easy read kind of book as well. 

As many of you know, I am not a tv watcher and really it’s rare to watch one programme a month, let alone two. But the run up to Christmas tv is always got some good programmes on. I have been watching and loving I am a Celebrity, get me out of here. Though Covid made it stay back in UK rather than sunny Australia. It still works and there are a lot of celebrities in their that I knew off before the show started. Just a really good bunch of celebrities, the challenges and that, just make it easy tv and enjoyable. 

Second run up to Christmas programme I am loving is Strictly Come Dancing. I love watching this on a Saturday and chilling out. Again there was a good bunch of celebrities that I already new of or have got to know and like. We are nearly wrapping up this series now but I have been loving watching them all dance and learn. There have been some really talented and good dancers from the first week, so it’s tricky to say who will win. 

Due to being unwell, I have taken to watching films as well as tv. Even if I am having a craft afternoon and chilling at home its nice to have a film on in the background. The first film is a couple years old now but such a beautiful story and meaning behind it. It’s a happy tears kind of film and that is Wonder. Wonder is about a boy who was born and homeschooled because of his face deformities. When it comes to middle school, they decide it’s time for real school. I love the meaning behind this and how its never right to judge a book by its cover. Learn to wait a while and see who and what the person is within. There is so much more to a person than looks. So always be kind and love everyone as their own. 

Next film is a Christmas one. When Last Christmas came out last year, we had just lost my grandad but we went to see this in the cinema. This film is a bit like marmite, you either love or hate it. The story is of a lady who works as an elf in a Christmas shop in Covent Garden. How she is a little lost in life and how someone/thing teaches her to change her life around. Without giving too much details to spoil, its worth a watch in my opinion, grab the dvd and go watch!


If you haven’t noticed, then you will have not seen my hair is back to its natural colour. Though the more I wash it, the more the blonde feels like its appearing, though I did use a permanent colour! It was time for a change. I was bored of roots and the reddish tones that always appear when I bleach/colour lighter. So for winter I am back to brunette, I may not stay this way all year long but for now it’s here to stay. 


A hot bubble bath is always a happy, good thing for me. I am a huge lover and they really help if I am in pain. Right now I am using Baylis & Harding Lemon Meringue bath foam and its so nice. Just a little drop into the bath and its bubbles before the bath is full! The smell of these are beautiful as well and so nice to unwind, relax and reflect on the day in. 

Chelsea boots

I have been a fan of Dr Martens for a while now and with cleaning for my Grandma weekly, I spent some of my wages on a new pair of their Chelsea boots. These are a Burgundy colour and faux fur lined. They are amazing, don’t hurt and are so soft, they go with most things and if I am going out, you are bound to see me in these. Eventually I will film a how to style them kind of video but I just haven’t got round to it yet. 

crystal bracelet

Crystal healing is something I really believe in. I have a whole zen garden in my bedroom but I also wear them on bracelets and carry some round in my bag. You have to believe in them and trust they will help but they do. Being I don’t leave the house 6 out of 7 days, I stopped wearing my bracelets but took the plunge to wear them again and I love them. Not only are they helping me, they are pretty as well and that is the best thing. 

Vera Wang

Finally another that is back, my Vera Wang Princess perfume. I have worn this perfume and no other since I was 18. It’s been with me that long and I was wearing it everyday until March when we got sent home and to stay home. This lockdown, I can still go to my parents and my Grandma’s because I am her carer, I can also go on a walk with my friend. My perfume was forgot about for a while, now even just to go on a walk with my friend, its nice to smell even better again and the scent is beautiful. Though I am not wearing this everyday still, it’s a lovely change after so long. 

So they are all my favourites for November. What is one of yours? 

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