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How is it December tomorrow? It’s time to share my favourites for November. For me a favourite is and can be anything. By anything I mean, an activity, an item, a human being or an animal. Absolutely anything! I also love to include a variety of favourites because I get to share my favourites but also give you all the opportunity to try something new or revisit something old. 

First up in my favourites this month is food. I am a big foodie! Love food. This month, I don’t know why but I am super craving junk food. So my first in the food category is kinder bueno. Hazelnut praline is the best for me, so chocolatey and delicious. Kinder Bueno is a treat for me, a snack and something I would have of an evening as a snack. To be fair both my foods are my evening snack. Its chocolatey but has the wafer in it as well to give a different taste and texture. 


Next in the food category is Walker’s roast chicken crisps. Another evening snack for when I get peckish around half 7, 8pm. I only have 1 or the other. Not both at the same time but I am normally a crisp girl in the evening, tends to be a bag of cheese and onion but recently I am back loving those chicken crisps. Chicken crisps are really good but the smell of them linger on you for a while even 2 teeth brushes later the smell of roast chicken is there. 


This is a really random favourite but something I am super grateful to be on offer, when I needed a new one. That is my electric toothbrush. I must have been using an electric toothbrush for 10 years roughly, this is my third one and all of them have been brought on offer. Don’t buy an electric toothbrush unless it is on offer. There wasn’t a choice for me to not buy a new one because the head just wouldn’t stay on my toothbrush unless I held it on the toothbrush whilst brushing. Normally I get what’s on offer as I did with this one. But I’ve always wanted a pink one. Being a girl and all, but it was the only one on offer with the timer which I religiously go by and did on my old toothbrush as well. 

face cream

 I mentioned this the other week in my weekend vlog and that is why I have to have it as my favourite this month. That is my unlimited advanced bio face cream from Dr Botanicals. Its pretty expensive so try get this on an offer as well like I did, £135 normally I got for £4.99. As you know I am into my skincare and my skin is needing some good moisturiser. This is so good, my face feels bright and in good condition all the time. Use it everyday and it works. Happy days!

bubble baths

Hot bubble baths, especially in winter are my go to. Give me a hot bubble bath any day and I am happy! Bayliss and Harding is a brand I use for soaps and shower gels but never had their bubbles before. At a good price and enough to get my total to free shipping on amazon I brought myself the small Christmas pudding bottle of bubbles. The scent is christmasy and nice and the bubbles that are made are good, proper bubbles. What more do you want from a bubble bath? 


Something that I should do more often is paint my nails. They just look good painted, I have my own shellac and gel machine. I am just lazy or lacking in time to keep them painted. Love that I painted them for my Grandad’s funeral, went for a very dark grey because of the situation but they just look so good. It’s like you have made an effort but all it is, is painted nails. A fresh manicure and a splash of colour makes me smile when I put my rings on or see them when washing my hands. 


You may know this already but my ears are super sensitive and actually I have an infection from my rook piercing. Since I was 6 when I had my first holes pierced, I knew I was allergic to the earrings they pierce your ears with so have to have sterling silver jewellery. Somehow at the age of 16, when I got my helix pierced at the same place I got my rook done I might add. My ears were fine, this time no! A couple of weeks ago I had to remove every earring going because my ears were super irritated. That was it, all earrings had to be gone and new sterling silver, as in I went to the shop and made sure they were. 3 studs in my low ear piercings, all with sparkly crystals in, circular studs in my second and third hole and pandora me earrings in the first hole. Touch wood I am having a better time with my ears now, but the antibiotic cream is still being applied 3 times a day. 


Naturally being a person that feels the cold more than anyone, I am all for layers and that leads me onto 2 of my favourites. The weather is getting colder, my bed is getting warmer and I am struggling to leave my bed in the morning. Thinking I can get up and be in work in an hour is not going to happen. Worked that out the other week. But I am half a sleep bundle up with scarves, gloves and a coat. When I have to scrape the car that’s the worse because its so cold at 8am, you need them extra layers. My scarf from Joules is super pretty, pink on one side and purple on the other. Simple scarf but its worth it on them cold mornings. 


The other warm layer favourite has to be wooly jumpers. I check the weather every morning when I am staring into my wardrobe with what I am to wear, and on goes the knitted warmer jumpers. Recently I purchased more because you know me and shopping. But its just cosy, fashionable and warm. Slightly oversized is good too, to hide the endo belly when I need it and the colour is beautiful. There are a rare few days now that I am not in a knitted jumper and a vest. 


Finally to entertainment and self care. Of course I am now a bookworm but books cost so much for a bit of paper. I am very lucky that my Grandma gave me, my Grandad’s kindle when he died and now a book that would of cost me £8, costs me £0.99. Happy days, knocked the spend down drastically and my elbow isn’t causing as much pain! I am on my second read on the kindle and its ok now, it took time for me to be ok with using the kindle and adjusting to not holding a book but now I am ok and grateful for the kindle. 

Lucinda Berry may be one of my favourite authors at the minute and after reading one of her books the other month, I decided I would try another on the kindle. 99p bargain and had me feeling all emotions. Without giving too much away, when she returned is about a family and the girl’s mother left them when she was 3 and returned 11 years later. Basically the mum was a journalist and was drawn into love international. She didn’t know that this was a cult and that her life was about to change. When she returns them 11 years later with a baby she is disturbed and then things happen and its a very sad but good story. Must read.

Not that I am a real television watcher, but I am loving this years series of I am a celebrity, get me out of here. Its reality trash tv and easy to follow, I just find it funny and entertaining. You know why wouldn’t you go into the jungle for 3 weeks for £250k? Ok the trials are a little gross but think of that money. That’s like a good 10 years worth of wage for me. I have even switched me time for an hour earlier so I can watch this on the sofa. 

They are my favourites for November. What was one of your favourites? Do you have one that you would recommend me?

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