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It is Friday, another weekend is arriving and it’s the perfect time for a face mask. Treat yourself to one. You will feel good for it. Every week I share my own opinion and review on a different face mask. Skincare is really important to me and should be for everyone. These are now part of my weekly routine and most that I are for my skin type, normal to dry. But others do take my fancy and end up in the basket anyway. 


This week’s mask is by the well known brand Nivea. I have used Nivea products before but none of their face masks. Now I am 30, I have started to notice wrinkles more. So I wanted to give this ago. Another reason is because its a sleep mask. The Q10 power sleeping melt in mask is meant to pampers and nourishes the skin overnight, leaving the face feeling smoother and firmer. It features a combination of 50% more co-enzyme Q10 and creatine, which should result in 24 hours of nourished skin. 

Nivea face mask

The packaging is pure Nivea. It reminds me of when I was a child and my dad had a pot of Nivea on the side when shaving. Navy blue. Hints of yellow and white writing. Really smart and without looking properly its obvious its Nivea from the colouring of their packaging. This is a pot within a box and both are equally plain and straight to the point. I guess with Nivea being a worldwide, common brand, a lot would pick up based on that fact. 


Honestly all you need to know about this is the directions. They are a little confusing I must admit. Well they were for me. Sleep masks are easy though, it is basically apply then go bed. This says “apply in the evening on freshly cleansed face, massage and relax for 5-10 minutes as the formula absorbs.” Easy right, but this is a sleep mask, so I was a little confused about the 5-10 minutes bit. Other than that, it is all about the mask, ingredients and stuff like that. 

face mask

On to the mask. I was excited to try this because I use Nivea products and sleep masks are the easiest things. Just put on and go bed for the night. Straight away when I opened up the pot, it instantly smelt like all the other Nivea products I use. Easy to just rub in my hands and apply to the face. 


Easy as, I have started to get ready for bed before my hours read. So I had the 5-10 minutes it tells you to have. Mine was 40 minutes more like. The amount though, it either felt like I had put face cream on or too much suncream. I would say the amount you apply and need is down to you. There isn’t an amount given. Face masks for me are always on shown, hence the suncream amount. 


As you can see I have applied it evenly and a good amount. I wanted the best results as possible. Being I read for 40 minutes, the mask had started to absorb in when it was time for bed. All it is, is apply and go bed. But I always worry I am going to stick to the pillow or it will just get everywhere. 


The hour went quick, the lights went out and I eventually got use to a face mask on the pillows and fell asleep. Fast forward 10 hours and I was awake and ready to go again. When I woke up I could feel a stickiness but all visible mask had been absorbed. It had done its job. 


My face felt really sticky this morning and when I was applying my makeup, I could see some of the mask dried out on my face. It was visible but only in my eyes. All day my face has felt weird which is why I am not loving this mask. 


Maybe I put too much on or something, but I really felt oily and in need of a proper wash. Though the mask doesn’t tell you to wash off in morning, I did wipe my face with a flannel. Just all day I felt sticky. Sort of like the mask had gone over the top and worked too well, to reverse what it was meant to do. 


It should have enough in for 12 masks and normally would be £11.99. To be it isn’t worth that money at all. I was lucky to get this for £5.99, which is more affordable, but still its no good when a mask works too much and takes your own skin overboard to the other type, oily. 


If your skin is really dry, I would say yes and only use a little bit. For me I could probably get 24 masks out of this based on what I need to just top up for my dry and to normal skin type. The amount you use, I think would really make a difference. 

What is your go to face mask at the moment?

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