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It’s here another Face Mask Friday. Happy Friday everyone! Who’s glad its the weekend? I can’t really say I am ready I have been off from work today and yesterday. Today was my first Crafternoon Tea. Exciting times. My skin is very dry and because of the weather and the wind especially it seems to be dryer than normal. When I look to make or buy face masks and sheet masks, I look for key words like hydrate and moisturise. Things that will help my skin for what I need. This is why *I have decided to try this one.  

Like any sheet mask, I read the instructions, even though 99% I read the same instructions but there we go. Its something I automatically do. Weird maybe but also better to know than not. Saying that really would it matter if you wore this for half hour than 15 minutes? Probably not.

nip + Fab

This mask took my fancy because of the word Hydrate. My sink 100% needs hydrating, it’s a combination of the weather, walking into a building that’s warm to the cold outside, the time of year and just my skin being peculiar.

When I opened this mask, there was a lot of liquid at the bottom of the packet but also the sheet mask its self. I was taking it out the packet and luckily over the sink. Its was dripping like crazy. Clearly its ready to let the products sink into your skin to hydrate it. Maybe a little too much though.

Nip + Fab

Like always I clearly have a small size face. And for love nor money could I get this to fit properly. The size of my head but also the amount of slime off the sheet mask. This is the best I could get it to fit. Every time I breathed in the nose part kept sticking to my nose. Once I had sat back down though it was totally fine to wear and I sat watching tv for the 15 minutes the mask was on for.

When putting it on I was very cautious of it going near my eyes. So I made the mask fit round my eyes and forehead then the rest of my face. My forehead and my left side cheek has to be the worse parts of my face for dryness.

After I removed the sheet mask. I could feel the liquid still on my face where it hadn’t absorbed all the products yet, but my forehead was really smooth and had none of the products left. It was purely smooth and soft to touch.

I lightly massaged the rest of the liquid products into my face as I could gently. About half hour after I took the mask off my skin still felt soft, smooth and moisturised. Definitely ticking all of the 3 things I wanted from this mask.

One thing I would say though is Dragon’s blood doesn’t taste too good. I obviously didn’t mean to but licked my lips half hour after the mask was off and it doesn’t taste the nicest. In fact far from nice. But if you try not lick your lips or face you’ll be ok.

For this mask I would say its a good mask, especially for hydrating your face. It has definitely made an improvement in my skin. I would just like it if sheet masks fit be better. It just didn’t fit me as well as others and it was gaping on my face when I had just made sure the mask was in place.

Overall I would recommend this mask to others especially if you have dry skin and its something you can easily apply whilst you watch the tv or paint your nails even. I would buy this again but I would have to play around a bit more or cut the slit a bit more to make it fit my face better.

face mask

What is your go to face mask at the minute? Would your skin type suit this one? If yes would you buy this?

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