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When it comes to pyjamas I am really fussy. I am not easy to shop for at the best of times as I like particular styles or brands mostly. I normally chuck on my topshop Disney pjs or my jessie j concert t-shirt with my jack wills leggings. I have had these pyjamas for a long while now and as much as they are really comfy and cosy, some are starting to fall apart. I mean who at 28 wants to pick their friends up to get ready to go out in their Buzz Lightyear Jimjams.

For me pyjamas can have short or long sleeve depending on the time of year, and again shorts or leggings. I will wear bottoms if they are cuffed in at the ankle otherwise its a no, not going to happen. I struggle to find  bottoms like that and I guess thats why I go for my topshop Disney pyjamas but when I went through the new Next book last weekend there was a lot of pyjamas that gave me inspiration so I decided to buy new pyjamas. Not going to lie I still do have some Disney ones but I will be clearing out all the ones with holes in.

cosy pyjamas

Pyjamas are one of the most comfortable things to wear and I am the kinda of girl to get home from work, have dinner, shower and chuck on my pyjamas by 6pm. Ok, I’m sure I am not alone with this, who doesn’t like to be comfy at home after a day at work. I picked a variety of pyjamas to try and share with you as I found so many I liked. Comfort is key for me.

rain cloud long sleeve pyjamas

So I am going to start and go through as I tried them on. I love cool prints and these winter long sleeve pyjamas with legging kind of bottoms are navy blue, (one of my favourite colours) with multi colour rain clouds on. I love these and the print makes me smile. The clouds are very bright and bold. As much as these are rainy cold day pyjamas the bold colours of the clouds and hot air balloons make me smile. My flat gets very cold in winter even with the heating on full blast so these are perfect. The top is longer in length so doesn’t leave any gaps for the cold drafts to get in. I can also pair these with my topshop teddy bear rope for nights cozy on the sofa reading books.

summer pyjamas

wonderful night sleep

For the second pair which I imagine are from the same range due to the shorts print, who doesn’t want a ‘wonderful nights sleep’. I like how the top is white with the colours picked from the shorts to bring the colours together. I just love this rain cloud print. They are also cool enough for those extremely hot nights. As I said earlier my flat gets really cold in winter. In summer its baking hot. I have to have something covering me though and these are the perfect pair for just that.

winter pyjamas

winter pyjamas

The next pair I am wearing are for those really cold snowy days. They are long sleeve with cuffed bottoms to the trousers. Grey with bears all over them. So cute. They are also fleece lined so very soft and comfy. I will say though the drawstring wasn’t very good on this. I struggled to get these on but ones the drawstring fully undone these were massive. The bears must also be a collection as they have summer pyjamas in this print too. These are so comfy and as you may be able to tell tie in with my bedroom theme very well.

spring pyjamas

spring pyjamas

The next pair have to be my favourite from all I picked out. Maybe its because the weather has got slightly cooler and I need to transfer from shorts to trousers. The wording ‘Bright Nights’ definitely fit in with the colours and prints of the pyjamas. The top is longer in length and not as fitted as others which is a bonus for me. Ultimate comfort is key. The leggings aren’t overly skinny legged, but they fit well and I am able to roll the elastic down so they fit comfortably around my middle. The stars are very bright and bold. They aren’t too thick and so they suit the temperatures now.

summer pyjamas

toucan play that game

‘Toucan play that game’ are so fun, bright and tropical. I love that phrase on the top it makes me smile when I read it. As much as red and pink don’t go. Some how the red ties in well with the fluorescent pink. The shorts are white with prints of  tropical birds on. Again these are very comfy and the shorts and t-shirt are perfect for the hot days.

autumn pyjamas

Then moving on to the last pair, these are actually part of their collection where your mini me can match you, which is so sweet. My niece quite often wants to twin with me. However these have to be my least favourite. They just didn’t seem to fit me right. I don’t know why they just came up smaller than the others. I love the grey with the zebra and star print on. The strings on the trousers and all the stitching is yellow which is random but fun. They were slightly thicker in fabric as well so due to me feeling the cold more I have to go into long sleeve quite quickly. So these are no from me.

Pillow Fight

What kind of pyjamas do you like to wear? Or are you one for a nightie?

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