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When it comes to travelling you know you can’t take all of your make up with you. Unless you only own 6 products then maybe you can. You want to take what you would call your essentials, palettes that allows you to do a variety of looks, a face cream, foundation depending on your skin and where you are going and the basics. I also take a smaller make up bag which is easy to fit in the suitcase or hand luggage. If you have the mini sizes then yes to fitting lots in. I am going to Majorca so for me I am hoping to get a little colour so won’t want much foundation as I hope to get a tan, what is the point in a lighter face than the rest of your body?

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette

So my first essential is my Naked 3 Palette because of the variety of shades, shimmers and ability to different looks. I love this palette I love the shades and you can easily do a natural look to a glamorous out there look and everything in between.

eyeshadow pencil

I am also planning on taking my shimmery summer glow pencil eyeshadow, which is very natural but at the same time gives you the summer glow. I can even apply this with shades from the Naked palette and create a different look.

face cream

Face cream is a must for me even with applying sun cream all day. My go to is my Clinique moisturizing surge. I have this in mini size too which is a bonus. No point lugging a full pot to Spain for a week.


Next I will be taking my Clinique High Impact Mascara in black. I use this daily and it definitely works with my lashes. I have this in small size as well but I do like to take my full size because Clinique’s mini mascaras don’t seem to last long for me.

eyelash curlers

I will also be taking my eyelash curlers, something I use every day before applying my mascara. It’s a handy tool to have.


I love my Clinique quick liner eyeliner. I have this in black as well and this is what I wear daily along with mascara and face cream. That’s pretty much my natural make up look. With eyeliner I can do a basic look or go a bit out there.


I plan to take my Clinique wink pop lip gloss as I love the natural lip look. I also will be taking my Bobbi Brown lipstick in Ruby. Just so I can decide when I am away what look to go for or have a choice to pick from.

face wipes

The only over make up kind of thing I plan to take is my Simple face wipes. So easy to take make up off or clean your face.

Makeup bag

If you like my makeup bag you can watch this video or buy from my etsy store.

These are what I would call my essentials to travel with what are yours?

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  1. Ok that Naked palette is one of my fav’s too! There are two shades I’ve hit pan on and I’m still like scraping to keep using those shades bc I love this palette so much! These travel essentials are perfect for versatility & easy travel! My travel essentials are for sure my naked palette, foundation, primer, concealer, setting powder & spray, mascara, a lippy, my fav moisturizer & highlighter. Ok.. that sounds like a lot of essentials 😂

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