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As its December and we are heading up to a very different kind of Christmas this year. I wanted to not only do Vlogmas but share things on here that are Christmas related. So tonight I am sharing my top 5 Christmas adverts for this year. Not in any particular order and I can’t say that one is my really top favourite because they are all equally as good and have a different point to put across. They all are for Christmas though and the meanings are all Christmas and 2020 related really. 

And I think to myself… that’s the 2020 LEGO holiday season ad!

Now for me this doesn’t shout Christmas. Honestly you could watch or they could advertise this all year round and it be good. There are presents, a garland or Christmas lights in some of the clips but honestly they aren’t the focus. The focus is of course lego. They have used What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong as the song to the ad. Everything possible that could be made of lego is. It switches from families playing lego, building the red roses too etc. Then the dragon comes alive walking along the street. 

The adverts based of rebuilding the world and that is pretty much what you can do with lego. From trees of green, red roses too and all the other imaginative things children and adults can come up with whilst creating and playing with lego. Though they are singing Louis Armstrong’s song, they do change the worlds slightly in some places to just fit in. I love how they see the world through an everyday life adult wise to the children playing with the lego. Such as the traffic lights to the Lego police cars chasing through. It has some adult humour in as well. 

If you think of 2020, we are all in the middle of a pandemic and life isn’t normal. So we are in a way rebuilding the world or will be soon. Lego have taken this on board in the advert, through a Childs eye and an adults. I really do love the song on its own but the way this flicks from lego friends to lego city and everything else. But also from real life to pretend play. Again I wouldn’t say this is very christmassy other than a few clips, but its really good and made me smile. 

From Our Family To Yours – Disney Christmas Advert 2020 

Now this one is one you need a tissue for! They have based this off of a young girl getting a Mickey Mouse soft toy and how it grows up with her and her family. The whole advert is teary if I am honest because it has a lot of connect to me and based of a grandma and granddaughter spending time together at Christmas. All with this Mickey Mouse toy being there throughout the years. 

Though I am not clear on if the grandma is the young girl at the beginning or its the granddaughter, the Mickey Mouse toy has a huge part in this. How he grows old with the grandma and the granddaughter grows up to want to do her own thing. Which leaves the Grandma sad and lonely. But it is towards the end when the granddaughter comes back sees Mickey with his ear torn off completely and decorates to make the grandma happy. 

This is very touching towards 2020. If you think we are all social distanced and away from loved ones etc. It’s really hard to meet up with friends let alone family and to me Christmas is all about loved ones. Though we all grow up and have our own things to do, we should always have time for the ones that love us and traditions are traditions. Who would really want to leave their Grandma on her own at Christmas? Again this gets me every time I watch and I cry but its so good and so meaningful. 

Inner Child – Reindeer Ready McDonald’s Christmas Advert 2020 

Christmas is magical and honestly what brings Christmas to live more than anything? Children, the magic and excitement. Yes Christmas is because its Jesus’ birthday. But it’s about family and about spending time with them and laughing, seeing everyone happy and excited. Gifting and receiving. Pure joy on the children’s faces and I have to tell you, its not as good if the children aren’t around. Right?

McDonalds give out carrot sticks as part of their menu for children and they are classed as Reindeer food. Of course we cannot forget Rudolph and all his pals. They need the energy in them to fly through delivering the presents. Which of course is the carrots. You always put out a carrot for Rudolph along with a snack and drink for Father Christmas right? Well this is purely based on that tradition but focused on the reindeer over Father Christmas! 

A mum and teenage son are the main characters in this and it shows how the magic dissolves, yet we all have that inner child in us, to decorate and celebrate Christmas. It shows us how the teenage boy doesn’t want to help decorate but will go with his mum to McDonald’s. McDonald’s is the one that reminds him of the magic and love in Christmas by giving him a bag of Reindeer ready carrots. He pockets them until they are home and gets them out ready for the reindeer at the end of the advert. We all have that inner child in us, no matter who you are and how old you are. But sometimes it’s shown as being uncool to do such things, when actually having fun and bringing the smiles to loved ones is the best. 

Coca-Cola Christmas Advert 2020

Anyone else thing of Coca Cola’s Christmas Advert to be holidays are coming, holidays are coming and their truck? Well this year you are in for a tear jerker and a beautiful advert. Again I think these have all took 2020 in to consideration and wow! Yes the truck is a part of the advert but its not as I have thought all the other years to have been. 

Like most families this shows a dad and daughter relationship and how the dad would literally do anything to make his daughter happy. Even without knowing kind of. As the dad is leaving for work, his daughter runs out to get him to post her letter to Santa. This isn’t made clear at this clip but does later on. The dad works away at sea on an oil rig and forgets to post the letter. 

The whole advert pretty much is showing you all the effort, strength and love the dad puts in to get the letter to Santa. From sea, to rocks and even snow. To find that the north pole is closed. At this point the coca cola truck appears with Santa driving and offers the dad a lift home. To find when he got home the letter of course was for Santa to bring her dad home for Christmas. Which of course Santa just did. It’s all about the love and strength we do for our loved ones and what we do to make them happy. Again the Christmas element of this is the letter to Santa and Santa driving the dad home. I just like how this shows the love and everything we do for loved ones. 

Give A Little Love John Lewis Christmas Advert 2020

Now this is an advert you have to watch over and over a few times to get the real meaning and all that is shown in the ad. Really its all about giving love and that is easy from the song and the love hearts. But looking into this advert a little more there is so much more of 2020 in this than you see from the first glance. 

A lot has happened in 2020 even if we have been home for 3/4s of it! Not just in the UK but worldwide and really this shows that on so many levels. From black lives matter, to NHS workers, old people, lonely vulnerable people and children. All by passing through day to day life and sharing that heart of love. 

I picked this purely from watching it over and over to get the true meaning of it and all the detail. From the young girl helping to save the football, to the snowmen in the car by the pharmacy and the NHS key worker fixing the girls classes on the bus. Just a few of the examples. You see we all need that little love now more than ever and this is showing it in so many ways. Again Christmas wise this is purely shown from it snowing and the food shop. It’s all the details and how real this is to the world right now. That made it on my top 5. 

What is your favourite Christmas advert this year?

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