ankle boots

It is getting to that season where sweatshirts and knitwear is in. Boots and coats are begun to be worn and the UK gets that little bit colder. Though I do good of warmth and heat. I actually am now starting to get excited for layers and those beautiful colours the Autumn fashion brings. You can wear boots with pretty much anything and at one point last year, I even wore mine with my gym gear to go pilates. So tonight I thought I would share my top five ankle boots I want/ will be wearing this season. 

An ankle boot can be worn for any occasion. I always where colourful socks with mine and people always notice. But as long as my feet are dry and warm, I really don’t care. Though this Autumn maybe a little different for many/all of use and the second batch of covid, it is still nice to dress up and look nice. 

Think colours and styles before you go buy some. I would recommend a few styles and brands. But honestly you can go hughstreet and get a decent pair for £20. Though I have expensive pairs like my Dr Martens, I lived in them all last year and will again this Autumn/Winter. Also work on boots that go with a lot of things. It just saves money and ones you can dress up or down are perfect for many occasions. Stable pairs and pairs you can wear year in year out. 

ankle boots

Ok everyday pairs for jeans mostly, depending on the jean colour, I will be wearing my tan or black  ankle boots. Mine are old now but you can get these still or a similar pair anyway. They are plain but go with everything. The buckle details are just adding something to a plain boot. I would these say these are everyday but as I can wear smart casual to work, these are ones I can wear in as well. 

Dr Martens

Next of course I would suggest some Dr Martens. I love mine and I actually want to get another pair or two. Play around with DMs first, because they can be uncomfortable. Luckily for me, I fit in children’s or did until they changed the sizes a little. There are a variety to pick from, with colours, styles and look. Mine are matt black Selena’s. Standard dms really, the lace ups but kids you get zips and fleece lining. Black is handy to have as goes with everything. For me I wear dms with pretty much anything, dresses, skirts, jeans, you name it. Not much they don’t go with. But I am thinking of a Burgundy red pair and or a brown pair. Though expensive, you can have them for a lifetime. 

Fall Ankle Boots

For the smarter office or outing, I would go high heeled boots. But chunky heels. Gone are the day I can wear stiletto heels. For trousers and smarter dark jeans honestly I prefer black boots. Mine have a wooden heel which I guess makes them less smart, but as mentioned I hardly have to wear smart clothing. Mine are suede and have a bow detail around the sides. Honestly I think these are my smartest and most comfortable heeled boot. Again something to dress up or down. I would wear these out to meet customers for a meal or whatever, as well as to work or out with friends. Being mindful of the suede though, no water near these. 


Another chunky heel I have and love is these burgundy ones. As I mentioned before, I love autumn colours. The rusts, the warm and the burnt colours. They are all so pretty. Most go with pretty much anything as well. But these chunky heels are nice for cinema dates and less formal occasions. They add colour to the outfit and smartens the look a little. I would equally wear these out with friends as I would my other pair. Adding the colour is really fun and makes a change to normal shoes/boots. 


Finally I would say get yourself Chelsea style boots. These are really in and seen in every shop. I have fallen in love with a few pairs actually from DMs to Fatface. But take a look around and find out what will work best for you. As the first ankle boots, these just change the outfit slightly. Colour as well, work out what you would wear them with most. Chelsea boots go with dresses as well and are cute. For me they are the boot that are smart enough for the office but also for weekends or dinner with friends. The days when you are driving and heels are a no thank you. There are so many options as well. Personally I think I want a dark brown pair, but I am not sure on the patent or the matt kind yet. We will see, I am sure I will share them in a matter of time. 

These are my Autumn/Fall ankle boots, I would recommend and say are must haves for the wardrobe. If not the same, similar. Take a look in your wardrobe because not every season needs an upgrade. I for one cannot afford a new pair monthly. Hence why I buy staples and keep them year in, year out. With the occasional treat to a new pair. Look colours and styles and work out what is best to go with what you have. There are a lot of reds, tans, blacks and even blues this year. Which all will look amazing. Add a little of you to your wardrobe as well and go get a funky pair. I’ve seen a gorgeous pair of floral dms but I think I want Chelsea boots more. 

What is your go to ankle boot?

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