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As summer is finally here, or for the UK was last week. I thought it would be the perfect time to share my top 10 summer essentials with you all. Things that keep me good for the summer. For me summer isn’t massively hot, as I just mentioned 33c for a couple days last week, was probably our summer but we can still hope. 

  1. A good pair of sunglasses


Now you don’t have to fork out a fortune on glasses like I have. But to be honest with you I brought these a good 5 years ago and they are still going strong. I always buy my designer sunglasses at the airport and I go for glasses that will be stylish for a long while. Means I get the moneys worth out of them. These Ray Ban sunglasses are tortoise shell and go with pretty much everything. At first I didn’t wear these around the pool or beach but wear them all the time, it doesn’t matter as long as you look after them. 

2. Birkenstock style sandals



Effort is something I don’t do much of in summer. So having sandals you can just slide on and go is my things. Again you don’t have to buy expensive but something like Birkenstocks are sandals you can wear year in year out. These aren’t actually Birkenstocks though, they are Office’s own dupes. Half the price, decent quality and worth every penny. I can wear these to the shops, round the pool on holiday or beach and for a very casual weekend look. Most have a pair of shoes that you just slide on to go hang the washing out or pop to the shop, these are my ones of them for the summer. 

3. T-shirt dresses

t-shirt dress

As a I just mentioned I don’t want to put a lot of effort in when its hot. My go to is a t-shirt dress mostly. They are just stylish, cool and suit everyone. You can also get them oversized a little or to fit. But they hang beautifully to hide all the lumps and bumps. They’re the perfect fabric as well to keep you cool and it doesn’t take too much effort to chuck one on and go. 

4. A good pair of denim shorts

jean shorts

Some days you just feel like wearing a pair of shorts! Get yourself a good pair of denim shorts, ones that are comfortable and a good quality. I think mine are Levis but again many do them. These are a summer must have because they don’t go out of fashion. You can wear these year in, year out. They are the perfect length as well, not too short or long. Long shorts just don’t look right on anyway really. 

5. A decent water bottle

water bottle

I tend to drink around 3 litres a day of water. Especially if I am going out for the day or a long while it is good to carry a bottle of water around with you. Or squash whatever you drink. If you use a insulated bottle like this, the drink will stay cool or hot depending on the drink. These are really handy to take on holiday as well and to keep your drink cold round the pool. Never go out without a drink, especially if its hot and you are like me and drink a lot. 

6. A denim jacket. 

denim jacket

In England you definitely need a cover up for the cool days or if you are going to an evening thing. You can never trust the weather. Denim jackets are a good jacket to just chuck in the car, just incase. They go with everything pretty much and if the weather does get a little nippy, they are the perfect extra layer. Not too thick in fabric and take that slight chill away. 

7. A good suncream


Even on the cloudier days we should take suncream with us, just incase. Depending on how you react to the sun and your skin does, take the factor relating to it. But for me I would put a 15 or 20 in the bag just incase. If you want a tan you’d be better getting one with cream on, than burning and getting a dodgy tan mark that lasts all summer, but peels as well. I have been there and I wouldn’t want it back. Suncream doesn’t take up too much room and worth it to protect you. It can also help the tan. 

8. Knot wraps

knot wrap

For the windier days or just to be stylish. There is nothing more annoying than the wind blowing your hair in your face whilst you drive or walk along. I have frizzy natural curly hair and mine goes all over the place. When I went to the crematorium the other week, my dad decided it was good to drive the whole way with the windows down. My mum and I were in the back and he did ask if we were ok and the breeze wasn’t too bad. Mum being mum said fine and there was me sitting the whole way holding my hair out of my face. So get a knot wrap, they are cute and fun, perfect for everyday, round the pool or the beach. 

9. Light weight trainers


Always good to have a light weight pair of trainers at hand. For the days you walk around the park, need closed toed shoes or the zoo. An adventure even! When I am traveling, I always wear trainers, ones you can slip off through security, are comfortable and you are ok come rain or shine. Pre and post flight. It is never a good thing to get dirt and sand in your sandals, so trainers do the trick. 

10. A pair of heeled sandals


For those times when you want to dress up and outfit. Whether that is for drinks with friends or a bbq. Whatever it may be. A pair of sandals with a chunky heel makes any outfit more dressy and impressive. I have to be honest these strappy sandals are my go toos when I dress up. Even with jeans, I love them. If you are going for a dressed up look you need a pair of heels like these. They are comfortable and they are stylish, not too high, easy to walk in. What more could you want from a pair of heels. 

These are my top 10 essentials for Summer. What is one of yours?

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