summer bucket list

Summer bucket lists seem to really be a thing right now. I guess a trend. I thought I would join in with creating my own, because I want this summer to be fun! There are activities and random things I really want to do or try at least to do. For me having a list or a reminder of something, makes me more likely to do it. Who knows if this will work, will it be a fab or a fail? Guess we will see the end of summer when I share all I have achieved. Summer this year is about trying new, having fun and doing what I love. It has to be a positive one.

I have made my summer bucket list more realistic, because I want to make it achievable and I know there is no chance I will go jump off a plane or travel the world. You would barely get me to the top of the Eiffel Tower, so I know my limits. I am challenging myself to do some and I am also asking friends and my mum and/or dad to take along on some of these. 

summer bucket list

Mine is going in my bullet journal, so I have used my squared A5 note paper, my pastel sharpies and a biro. If you want to mark out first I would suggest a pencil. Be mindful when you rub it out though. No one wants a smudged summer bucket list. I wrote the title. Then drew the outline of a palm tree. Simple but effective. I plan to write 2 columns of points.

summer bucket list

Number 1. Go to the street food Market. Food is everything, as much as I try to be a clean healthy eater. If I see something amazing I have to have it. The street food market is on once a month throughout summer. Its local and I really think my dad would enjoy it too. My goal is to go there with him and try some yummy food. They all rave about it at work and that’s why it makes me think of good food and a variety of cuisines to try. Something my dad will also like. In fact that reminds me, he told the Japanese restaurant in London we would go one evening in June. 

Number 2. Get a tan. I live in the UK, so sun for me is rare and too a hot sun bathing weather kind of sun. Though saying that I burnt a little and tanned a fraction in my friend’s garden last weekend but that was a rare day of 30c. I want the weather to be nice enough to get some colour. I don’t want to look like Casper the ghost. Everyone looks better with a little tan. If I get away on holiday then my tan will be really good. Thats going abroad I mean. Some how I need to have the roof down more, sit out in the sun more, go spend more time in the sun and definitely book a holiday. 

Number 3. Go to the theatre in London. This is easy for me. I actually thought of it before we booked the tickets. But I love going to the theatre only if I know the storyline. I also get a little anxious at the theatre, so I want to push myself in some of these I have picked. Though this should be easy for me to achieve. Well of course it will. I can’t wait to go up and watch with the girls in my family. 

Number 4. Go to a festival. To be fair I have one lined up already which is really down to earth and really me. I cannot wait to go to this festival with Bex. But for me a festival doesn’t have to be the music kind. Though I would love to go to V festival because its about 40 minutes away. So I am all for a music, food, any kind. I just want to have fun and this summer bucket list is all about having fun. 

Number 5. Make a time capsule. This is really on trend at the minute. I have seen a few influencers do this. But I think again this is fun. I don’t even mind if its not me that digs it up in 20 odd years. But I want to people to be able to see what it was like to live 1990-2019 so far of my life. Imagine my great great grandchild finding this in many years. That just sounds amazing to me. Its fun as well. I am not 100% sure what I am going to put in the box but I really want to make this happen, this summer. 

Number 6. Walk along the beach. This one for me is purely summer. Being away on holiday, having fun, that chilled atmosphere and the sun kissed feet splashing against the waves. It’s just something you have to do in summer right? I am not sure if it will be abroad, here in the UK or both. But I am aiming more for abroad because at least the water will be warmer. 

Number 7. Go to the lavender fields. I have wanted to go to our local lavender fields for a few years now. I love lavender, the colour, the scent and the flower. The lavender fields are great photo opportunities as well. We were meant to go last year but the lavender wasn’t good because of our long heatwave summer. The lavender is meant to be better this year so I can’t wait to go. 

Number 8. Stargaze. Again stargaze is something I have seen on a few influencers summer bucket lists. But because I have just lost my Grandad and we tell the children that he has become a star. Don’t hold me to this Abigail and Alfie but I think this is one I want to do with you both. I want to take some blankets and go hang out on the third or eighth floor of my flats. Just so we can see the stars better. I know this will be a late night for us, but if not I will do with friends or family. I just love stars anyway and also look for them if I am out when its dark enough. 

Number 9. Volunteer at a florist. So I am nearly finished a term of floristry school. I am loving it so much and I want to gain experience and knowledge from a florist. I want to also put more of a portfolio together and learn more techniques ready for next term starting end of September. 

summer bucket list

Number 10. Try something new. Now this one I really want to accomplish, the only thing is that I actually don’t know what to pick. I am very creative and the two things I can come up with so far are learn to play an instrument or pottery. Now I know how to paint pottery but to make my own pots and that I think would be cool. I am not sure though and who knows what else might appeal to me over the next week or so. I am not of the musical kind so it would be a challenge to learn something like that. I would learn through YouTube and apps if I did as well. But I am not sure. Would be a challenge but I am up for it. 

Number 11. Bake. Now I am massively into clean healthy eating and its not to loose weight really. I just find it better to eat this way. I want to bake more healthy snacks this summer. I want to try new recipes and some even no bake bake recipes. But all to be on the healthy kind. Maybe a few treats but not too many. 

Number 12. Host a crafternoon tea. This is an easy one for me. I hosted my niece’s birthday party in March and ever since I have wanted to host more. I have one booked ready to go in July and I can’t wait. When I talk to Nellie about this I don’t know who is more excited, her aged (will be) 4 or me aged 29. I love crafts, making, showing and sharing them and I can’t wait to host her party. It has some different crafts and cakes to Abigail’s so I can’t wait to try these out and fingers crossed make her the best party she has ever had. 

Number 13. Write a message in a bottle. This is really random and another on trend. But I am all for the random acts of kindness these days and so I really just simply want to do this to make someone smile, whoever and wherever the bottle ends up. I want to do a simple note but one that is kind and just makes them smile. 

Number 14. Go abroad. I love being away, I love being abroad on holiday.  It’s my opportunity to get a good tan, have fun and relax. Though this isn’t set in stone yet because we want a last minute deal, we are looking to go in September. Thank you to my work I have TUI vouchers which will be paying for this holiday. Why thank you. What is better than a week away, guaranteed sun and it’s free. I can’t wait to book this. 

Number 15. Goat yoga or Goga. This one makes me laugh. Its a trend yet again but yoga/pilates etc is my thing. The goat thing maybe take some getting use to because I am scared of them. But I really want to try this. It looks so much fun. I have been researching this because the lovely Bex has agreed to come with me. We will be going on a little road trip to Goga. Some of the moves will be impossible to do, for me anyway and that with balancing a goat on you. Good luck to us. But it will be fun never the less. 

Number 16. Go strawberry picking. This is something that reminds me of my childhood. Well berry picking anyway. My grandma use to grow a lot of raspberries and I was forever in the raspberry gage because raspberries are my favourite fruit. But we also had our yearly bbq and we always used to strawberry pick before the party. I want to go strawberry pick again, or any kind of berry to be honest but just for fun. For me to re enact to my childhood memories and to eat some delicious freshly picked fruit. 

Number 17. Go to the outdoor cinema. This is something really popular to the area I live in. There are quite a few places that do the outdoor cinema dates. I want to go with a girlfriend or all of my besties. Just to have a girls night, sit on a picnic rug, hanging out and watching something like dirty dancing. Its a summer night that sounds amazing to me. Lets hope that it doesn’t rain the night I decide to go. They do them at the lavender fields as well I think. 

Number 18. Let go of a floating lantern. This one maybe the hardest to achieve. I just have this feeling they have been banned in the UK. I don’t even think you can buy them anymore so this will need a lot of research. As I have recently lost my grandad I just want to let one go for him. Like a I love you Grandad and maybe it will turn into a tradition I could do every year to remember him. 

Number 19. Go to the wholesalers. Like volunteering, I want to go to the wholesalers because they have the ranges of flowers, they have the vases and cellophanes. They just give me the opportunity to gain experience working with the different flowers and not leave my green fingers bare this summer holidays. I want to make a portfolio to help share my floristry but also to sell some. 

Number 20. My final one. Spend lots of time with friends and family. This is all I want to be honest. This summer I purely just want to have fun. I want to spend time with the ones who love me for being me, the ones that I love and want to be around. I don’t really mind what we do, as long as I am with them and having fun. 

summer bucket list

That is my summer bucket list for 2019. As I just mentioned I want to have a summer full of fun. I have some challenges ahead if I want to complete 20 activities but I am up for the challenge. Again some are more challenging because I am going against my fears by letting a goat balance on me or to push myself to go volunteer. But I will try my best to achieve half if not all of the 20. 

What is one thing you would like to achieve this summer? Do you have a bucket list? Or after reading this, do you want to create one? I will try capture as much as possible of me achieving these 20 things so that you can see what I managed by the end of summer. 

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