Piercings and jewellery seem really on trend at the minute. Well where I am from anyway. Across the age range and area as well. Do you have any piercings?

I, from a young age wanted my ears pierced. Had them pierced, first holes aged 6. My second when I was 11 and my helix when I was 16. Then I have left it like that for a while. Went through stages of wearing none, wearing all and only wearing my first hole.


I am and have always been a stud wearer and I hardly wear dangly earrings or hoops.  It’s just personal taste really but I just don’t do big oversized earrings. Surprising when my fashion sense is very oversized. Then again, I talk a lot about comfort is key with fashion and that is why I go oversized. I guess you could say I find big oversized earrings uncomfortable. They get in the way too much and just don’t look right on me. I also find them annoying with some that are impossible to change on my own. That will make you laugh later when you read further down.

 I go through phases where I won’t change them for weeks, change them daily or take a break from wearing any. I only have my ears pierced by the way. I personally don’t like piercings anywhere other than my ears. I had to take my helix out when I was going swimming with dolphins and my helix earring then was the worst to change. It was the choice of getting it changed at the piercing shop or leaving it out. I can’t remember properly but I left it without for the holiday and changed it to a hoop when I got home. I gave up on all piercings about 6 years ago and occasionally wore my first hole only.


Nowadays, I am all for jewellery. Always looking up ideas, piercings, styles you name it. I had my rook pierced a good 7 weeks ago and my third holes done 4 weeks ago. I still want more but I am trying to let some heal first before I get more. I have a lovely list and Pinterest board piling up of forward helixes, tragus and many more. I think Pinterest may have something to do with me wanting more and more pierced.

To be fair it’s not even just ear piercings, it is jewellery in general. Rings and earrings are my go to. I have bracelets, watches and necklaces that I wear occasionally. But my everyday wears are my two Pandora stacker rings, my tiffany ring, a stud in my helix, rook, hoop and studs in my main ear piercings. If you watch my YouTube, you will always see I have a hairband round one wrist and crystal bracelet on the other. These are for a spiritual healing basis, but I can always add some Pandora tied bracelets and friendship sorts of bracelets as well.

crystal bracelet

Thinking about it, there are some cute necklaces out and double ones too. This doesn’t help my addiction to fashion.  I would say jewellery and piercings are part of fashion. They are accessories so yes there are fashionable and trendy. I just love the trendy jewellery that is out now. I always must stop off in shops, even if I am not buying anything to look at the jewellery. The small hoops and sleepers. The variety of studs and the earrings you see in most of the jewellery pictures on Pinterest.

ear piercings

Etsy have some really nice unique earrings at the minute as well and for a reasonable price. This is where I got my spiral earring. This can always fool people to thinking that I have two earrings in when I actually have one through two holes. I find it good to support local smaller brands as well. You are less likely to walk into a room of people and have the same earrings in that way. My stud in my helix is from Etsy too. I have a pair of them as well for when I swap out the spirals.

I would say if you are looking and wanting more jewellery, make sure you have a hunt around first. I know that I have some from Claire’s that are still in the cardboard, but I then walked into Accessorize the week later and found cuter and more of what I was looking for in style. So, research is key to getting the right style and don’t just rush into things. I even left the Accessorize ones and went back a week later for them, knowing I actually wanted them.


For me right now, I really would like my tragus pierced in my left ear and my forward helix done on my right I think. But I am debating that one. It all depends on if my rook is too close. Then I am not sure, maybe my fourth hole or somewhere else on my right ear to weigh it out a bit.


Jewellery wise, I think I am good for earrings, though I do want to change my helix out. I would love some more rings. Rings for me though have to be of a high-quality brand.  To be fair all my jewellery has to be silver or gold because I am allergic to any other. I am not sure if I would like some more stacker rings or individual ones. I will be needing to do some more research on them first. Necklaces I am still not 100% sure on any. I would like a chain necklace choker style. I need to find one I like enough to wear daily and be affordable.

stacker rings

What is your go to jewellery to wear? Are you all for following the trends or being unique? If you were to have a new piercing what would it be and why?

Melanie Kate

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Hey! I am Mel, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from the UK.

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