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I thought it was time to do a little more of a get to know me kinda post. When I saw this tag on Brechtje Polman’s blog. It looks cool and slightly different to tags I have done before, so here I am phone with questions at the ready, fresh out the bath and laptop on pillow ready to type. 

  1. Favourite colour? Easy question, but I have three top favourites. Grey, navy blue and raspberry pink. If you have seen my home, you’d of already guessed them three but they are all so pretty and actually work very well together! 
  2. Lucky number? 7 of course. It is the date I was born on. Who doesn’t have their favourite number as their birth date? 
  3. Dream job? Anything fashion related really but within that as a well-known social influencer. Most of my posts are fashion and lifestyle based. Basically when I left college 13 years ago I should of continued to university. But of course I was young, money was flowing in from my job and so that was the easy option. Melanie Kate
  4. Where do you see yourself living on your own? Born and bred in Hertfordshire and I think that is where my home will ever be. I think I am getting use to the country life and I’d rather more square footage than a busy city, central life. Maybe if I had to, I would say Greece because of all the beautiful whites and blues and the flowers. 
  5. Favourite way to travel? By airplane of course. It isn’t a holiday to me, if we don’t go abroad. On a plane, it has to be! Driving or going by train just doesn’t make it feel like I holiday. Even If I end up in Paris or Disneyland. Airplane is the only way.creative
  6. What do you like to do in your free time? Blogging and vlogging for now. But hobby wise I love to be creative. A little bit of floristry or sewing. Love to watch YouTube and catch up with friends. 
  7. Favourite clothing store? Really hard one. There are a few top stores I go to. Or find the most. Topshop, Levis and ASOS for all the other brands. I do like a little bit of Tommy Hilfiger but that’s a little on the expensive side for me!
  8. From what band would you like to attend a concert? You know I am not overly a music girl. Right now I listen to the radio or something or a song comes to my head, it really feels like my Grandad is with me. For he was always singing. I can’t sing so never normally do. Hence why it feels he is with me when I sing! Anyway concerts, Spice Girls, because I grew up with them as my favourites and maybe Little Mix now. Melanie Kate
  9. Favourite tea? Yuck. No thank you. Tea is vile, any hot drink is. I will stick with Robinson’s blackcurrant and apple, no added sugar. 
  10. Do you collect something? This has got me thinking. Do I collect anything? I don’t think I do. Love a good crystal but I wouldn’t say I collect them. 
  11. I can’t sleep without… hahah I can sleep anywhere. For years and years I slept a lot. Naps were happening all the time, whether it be 1pm, 3pm or even 7pm you’d catch me asleep on the sofa. I use to go to physio a good hour and a half away. Once or twice maybe more I slept the whole car journey home. Now I am just happy with my bed and a good 12 hours or so. 
  12. If you would get 1 million all for yourself, what would you do with it? One dream I have always had is to build a house. Doesn’t have to be big and it is something I really did think about doing this time round in the whole selling, buying process. I would save some for the future and maybe some new clothes and a holiday. When I am allowed a holiday abroad, no face mask on and no quarantine whilst and after the holiday. 
  13. Favourite makeup brand? Easy for me, vegan, cruelty free Bareminerals. 
  14. Favourite snack? I have 2 right now, a medium Mr Whippy ice cream with a flake or a room temperature toffee crisp. spring
  15. Favourite season? Tricky one! Love the colours of Autumn, the layers of Winter and the heat of summer. But I think I would have to say Spring because the weather is getting warmer, it doesn’t get too hot, its unbearable to work all day and lots of pretty flowers. 
  16. Do you sleep with your doors closed or open? Closed always. The only time I keep the door open is after an operation and I stay at my parents. Only for I can’t get out of bed without their help, easier to shout for help in the night and for them to check on me without disturbing my sleep. 
  17. Why did you start blogging? Blogging only based, as in my website is because as random as this sounds, I was gifted a course in fashion blogging. I did the online course whilst I was recovering from an operation. To be fair actually the whole social influencer thing has come from my endometriosis and has been my distraction and I have gained so much confidence from it. Now it’s just all part of my weekly routine. 
  18. Do you have a subscription to a magazine? No, I rarely get a magazine. On the rarest of occasions when I go shopping with my mum. I ask for one as a treat. The only one I really get is Breathe. 
  19. What did you do last night at 00:00? Erm sleep. Lol Roll over maybe but I am pretty sure I was sparko by midnight. As I am every night. 
  20. Favourite perfume? Vera Wang Princess perfume. The only perfume I own and use. Have done since I was 16/17 and love it. I would be lost without it. Nothing ever gets to that beautiful scent. 

And there we are 20 questions. I hope these have helped you to get to know me a little better. They were really random and some very unique. What would your answers be? 

Melanie Kate

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