Honestly as much as I love warmth and hot weather, its equally as nice to be wrapped up warm and a million and one layers. Staying snug as a bug but still in style. The weather has got colder now here and I am still waiting for snow because my friend has promised me a snowball fight. My aim for winter fashion or must haves are to be stylish mostly but also warm. There is nothing worse for me than being freezing. You don’t have to love everything either and someone like me on a budget, really I have to pick carefully at what I choose. 

winter coat

First up, a decent winter coat. You don’t have to even pay a lot of money for a coat and I have learnt that other the years. Though its not to say I wouldn’t buy a cheaper coat over an expensive one again. But my coat was under £50 and it does its job. It is a colour that goes with everything and I can wear this out as well as on a daily basis. Just a basic parka really but it does its job. That really is all you need in a coat. If I worked in an environment that we had to wear office wear then maybe I would get a smarter coat. Essentially you just need to buy one coat that does you year in, year out and works for everyday. 


I am a jeans and jumper kind of girl and I wait and wait for the weather to be cold. Just so I can wear knitted jumpers. Again it’s something to dress up in or down depending on the occasion. Wooly jumpers are the best. They keep you warm but don’t overly go out of fashion. This year a lot are wearing jumpers with shirts and that is something I love but is more of a smarter look to what I wear daily. 

winter fashion

For the colder, wetter and snowier days I would 100% say you need a bobble hat. Honestly when I moved out 5 years ago it was the one thing that saved me daily throughout the winter. I am a naturally cold person anyway but my ears hurt when they are cold. There are a lot to choose from these days so pick wisely but make it a versatile one and one that goes with everything. Though I do only think hats look good with your hair down, otherwise don’t bother. My bobble hat matches my gloves and you can get a lot of matching sets. Worth the investment for the days you have to scrap the car or walk somewhere far. 

winter fashion

A good quality pair of tights. The denier has to be good on tights for winter or else is there really any point in wearing any? Tights are pricey but I would rather invest in a handful of £10 tights than  wear them once and throw them away. These are good for any occasion as well and as I mentioned when you are on a budget the versatile pieces are the ones to get. Wear with dresses, skirts, dress up or down. All perfect for that one pair of tights. 

winter fashion

Finally I would invest in a good pair of boots. I use to always get a pair of knee high boots for winter. But now I just go for ankle boots from Autumn to Spring. There is no in-between really. As long as they are comfy you are good to go. Look carefully at what type would work best with your style because there are a few to choose from. Chelsea boots seem on trend at the minute and have been in style for a few year, but they are ones to fall in and out of fashion. Where as smarter ankle boots can go with anything and be worn year in, year out and not necessarily go out of fashion. 

winter fashion

If you have one of each and a couple other things to wear you will be good. Most of the time when we are out, we keep our coats on. So wear that jumper till its has holes in it. My style is very comfortable but trendy. 9 out of 10 times you will see me in jeans, a jumper and some Dr Martens. But occasionally I love to get dolled up and dress fancy. Versatile pieces are a must and though some can be pricey, you are investing in something for life. This winter maybe different to any other. Being we are locked up at home but for teams meetings and food shopping, it is good to make the effort. 

What is one thing you would suggest I have for winter?

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