christmas tree

Well its December of course and as an adult, living on my own, I am the one who decides when to put it up and what it should look like. Something rare as a child we could do because my mum would let us help but she’d want it her way. As many of you know I am very creative, so there is a lot to share about my Christmas tree. But I could also say that there aren’t things on my tree that may be on yours because of how our Christmas tree has been growing up. 

christmas tree

From the top. Are you a star or an angel kinda person? We had a star always growing up, as far as I remember anyway. That was until I was in my late teens and my mum brought an angel. Angels are hard to find pretty ones. You can get angels but they don’t pull me in to by them and that is why when I moved here, I am very grateful that John Lewis had this glass star to buy. I love it because its clear and silver and sits better than one on springs. It looks delicate and unique as well. 

homemade christmas

About 80% of my decorations are homemade, whether that’s made by myself, my grandma or my mum. I am so creative and really I think I do get that from Grandma Dawn. So I love that I can incorporate all the creativity in decoration form. Christmas tree decorations are an investment and so I do add every year. Again that is whether its homemade or shop brought. One of the earliest homemade must be from my Grandma and they are cross stitched shapes with Christmas themed embroideries on. She made a set for all her grandchild I think. Or those who have moved out. 

christmas decorations

Then I have the cute red and white cross stitch houses, which are partly made by me and partly my grandma. My grandma is the cross stitch queen and helps. I have 3 out of the 5 in the collection and I am thinking we should buy the other 2 and make them. For I need the full collection right? Though saying that when I looked earlier today I saw lovely gingerbread houses as well. So we will just stick with the Santa houses for now. 

homemade Christmas

A lot of my ornaments are glass and even some of my homemade ones are. Which are cute and being that was my second time to create some, I love what I actually made. They are obviously homemade and you can tell that but they are cute and fun. Portraits of Rudolph and a snowman. To icicles and Christmas trees. Cute stars and hearts. I always put my own fused glassed ornaments at the top of the tree just incase some little hands come near and break them. 

homemade christmas

For years now and I am talking 3 + years I have been waiting for this felt rocking horse. My mum decided to get a kit from the knitting show way back and planned to make us all one. Well even though she states I already have one, mine arrived in 2020 after me reminding her to make me one. Horses are one of or if not my favourite animal and rocking horses are beautiful. He just added to the homemade Christmas perfectly. 

christmas tree

The colours are mostly clear, holographic and silver. But I do add the colours when I place my homemade ones or the ones that just were me when I brought them. Again don’t rush and buy all at once, take time and collect over the years. I know that some of mine haven’t been placed on the tree this year and I will just add more and more as the years go on. 

christmas tree

Most baubles are clear, holographic and silver really and I love the effects on some of them. Again these are glass so I do place carefully. But they look good with the lights shining through. They are really simple but effective. Which is something I like and I guess you could say modern, which most definitely is a touch of me! I have a small sized set ranging to large and some are unique where others have a pair. The detailing of the rough glass and the frosting is so pretty. 

christmas tree

When I was a little girl growing up, I had my own tree in my bedroom and it was tiny but I was allowed to decorate it as I wanted and back in the days of Felicity Wishes, I got these 3 fairy wind chime Christmas ornaments. They still take place on my tree today because you are never too young to start your Christmas decoration collection. A touch of childhood and memories are always a good thing and create a smile pulling them out of their box and on to the tree. 

Shop brought ornaments that aren’t necessarily glass also look homemade. There is a lot of felt animals on my tree and also delicate sparkly words, letter and shapes. The White Company have the most beautiful decorations and ones to keep forever. Again add to your collection each year but its definitely quality over quantity on this one. Glittery, sparkly, wired ornaments are so pretty. Even more so with the fairy lights shining through. Shape wise I have 2 stars and 2 hearts, the letter M of course and the word Love. I have just ordered 2 moon shapes though and the word wish because they are just so pretty and probably my favourites. 

christmas tree

Some I love and have quite a few in various colours are the clear baubles with the glitter confetti in. My living is mainly white, grey and navy blue and so there is a variety all dotted over the tree. Really simple again but pretty. So easy to make as well though I am sure half of mine are shop brought! 

Christmas tree

For lights, I finally 5 years in to living on my own brought enough lights to cover the tree and a little bit more! Hooray. I am always saying I must buy, I must buy and never do. So when black Friday arrived I was on lights4fun and ordering some. A 6ft tree and it has about 30m of lights on now. The bonus is that they all go into one plug as well, so it’s all happy days on that front. No more half a clustered light tree and half normal. Just pure 30m of yellow white fairy lights. Maybe a little too many but it’s perfect. You can never have too many lights on a Christmas tree can you? 

What is your theme for your Christmas tree? Do you add to your collection yearly?

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