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I am one of many that are addicted to watching 24hours of a certain food and ordering what the people eat in front videos. To be fair I am a foodie at heart and so I thought I would give it ago and film that “Eating Only M&S Festive Food For 24 hours”. Whilst I stuffed my face all day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get back into writing and review all I tried. So here it is. Be mindful I am a fussy eater though. But happy December and hope you are all ok. 


Let’s start with breakfast. Now M&S didn’t have too much breakfast foods that were Christmas themed. So I went with Christmas tree shaped crumpets. Crumpets are the best and if you haven’t tried a crumpet you need to get yourself some. The easiest breakfast going, whack one in the toaster and add a bit of flora to the top. Not all crumpets are nice though so pick wisely and I have to say these are so good. I only had 1 because the amount of food I got was insane but they are a perfect way to start the day throughout December. 8/10. 


brownieAs I just mentioned I had a lot of food to get through. So my midmorning snack was this hazelnut chocolate brownie. Hands down this is the best thing I ate all day. I found it by the festive sandwiches and honestly its so good. Not sickly with the chocolate because the hazelnuts on the top balance that chocolate overload out. This is something I could eat over and over again and not get sick of. The flavours were amazing and so beautiful. 10/10.

pigs in blankets



I am not a fan of turkey so I would opt for picky bits any day over a Christmas dinner. Most of M&S’s range is party based, cocktail party food, small bites and canapé sized foods. So for lunch I went for a few from their selection. Some I haven’t tried before and of course the thing most people have on their Christmas dinner, pigs in blankets! So for lunch I had brie and cranberry tartlets, camembert wedges, with pigs in blankets. Out of the 3 I would say that the pigs in blankets were the best, followed by the brie, then the camembert. Though the pigs in blankets were greasy, so maybe not fit for canapés, and I should of cooked the Camembert for longer to make it more gooey. Pigs in blankets I would give a 7/10, the brie a 6.5/10 and the camembert a 5/10. 



Afternoon snack, yes I tried a lot!! This has to be up there with the brownie. A sticky toffee muffin. Basically a sticky toffee pudding, cold and without ice cream or custard! Every flavour of a sticky toffee pudding was in this muffin. Gooey centre like all of M&S muffins do. The Santas hat on the top was a little hard but the rest was amazing. 9.5/10 purely because I would go for the brownie over this. 

chocolate lolly

Four pm chocolate lolly. These are cute for stocking fillers or a treat for kids! The only thing Christmas about them is the wrapper. They are basically a milk chocolate circle on a stick. But milk chocolate is the best and M&S isn’t far off Cadburys. So its an easy win and enjoyable to eat. Even when I was stuffed by this point. 8/10. 


Honestly didn’t want tea, but I went with it anyway and I was surprised how light this sandwich was. M&S Brie and Cranberry Sandwich was really nice. Would say its good if you don’t love cranberry as I could hardly taste it but to fix a little hole in the tummy its worth it. Don’t be put off by the words cranberry! This kind of felt like a cheese and lettuce sandwich though. I had recently tried their chicken and Christmas slaw sandwich and out of the 2, I would go for the brie one again over the chicken. 8/10.

cheese and crackers

cheese and crackers

Then it was time for cheese and crackers. A typical after lunch dessert or afternoon snack. These stars were cranberry and apricot with cheddar and Lancashire cheese. I found them both hard to get out the packaging, they are too thick really to eat but if you don’t have the full star you don’t get the fruit with it. So its too much cheese or no fruit. Basically the fruit has stayed at the top and not mixed within the cheese.  Out of the 2 if I had to eat again I would go for the cranberry as the apricot one wasn’t that nice. I would give these a 5/10. 


Finally we are on to the final food of the night and that is gingerbread pretzels. I have to say these are going to be like marmite. You love them or you hate them and for me they are disgusting!! The 2 don’t go together and makes the whole thing weird. Tasting the gingerbread but having a crumply biscuit doesn’t go. It threw me a bite and made it all taste weird. Honestly think these are awful and wouldn’t even think to look at them in the isle let alone buy them. 2/10.

That is a lot of food and maybe is the reason why my mood has been weird for the last few days. Plus the dreams have been crazy. Too much cheese!! But if you want to get some festive food this year, I would highly recommend the hazelnut chocolate brownie, the sticky toffee muffin from the bakery and the brie and cranberry sandwich. I did also try the brie and mushroom tart the other week and that was good for a vegetarian dinner option, as I said I don’t eat turkey, so I am likely to be having the brie and mushroom tart (pie) with my Christmas dinner. 

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