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Friday is here again and its the perfect time for another face mask! Skincare is really important. If you think about it, it’s one of the only things that is always on show. Why not look after it as you would your teeth and eyes? This is why I love to try out and review a different face mask for you all every Friday. Most masks are to my skin type, which is normal to dry. But sometimes other masks take my fancy and end up in the basket as well. 


This week’s mask is by a brand I have never heard of before, Merry Youth. I was actually gifted this with several others within a face mask subscription box. Today I am reviewing on of their natural ampoule sheet masks, this being their collagen one. A moisturising sheet mask, made with skin friendly natural components. Using collagen, green tea and polygonum cuspidatum root extracts to help tired skin vitalise. 

merry youth

The packaging is cute. Pink with a pipette style skincare bottles of collagen. When I think of collagen, I automatically think of pink, which makes this packaging suit the name. In a darker pink, there is an image of a sheet mask. Which makes this clear you are purchasing a sheet mask. What more do you need from the front of the packet really? 

face mask

I don’t pay much attention to most of the back. The only thing really important is the directions. How to, time to leave on and what to do after. One thing like many skincare brands, this is a Korean based company. So most of the writing is not readable to me. They have put the directions in picture form and written. Personally I like both because sometimes one is easier to follow than the other. But that doesn’t work for every step, making it really handy to have both. 


On to the mask, if you didn’t know this sheet masks to me are like marmite. They just don’t fit my face right and that’s annoying but anyway. I took the mask out of the packet as per the directions. There was a lot of liquid in packet which I guess is to boost the mask whilst it’s in the packet. So be careful where you open this! 


Applying to my face as any other sheet mask was where I have problems. My face must be smaller than most of something. I can only apply as I can and that causes a lot of layered, folded sheet mask around my chin and sides of cheeks. Which annoyingly is probably where I need the most attention. Anyway after playing around to get the fit ok, it was time to leave on for a while. 


This is a 10-30 minute leave on sheet mask. 15 minutes is average so the leave on range of this is long and a big difference of 20 minutes within the recommendation times. I like to leave mine on for the longest time because I want the full potential out of all these masks. It is ok to leave sheet masks on for longer if you want, it won’t matter and if the mask has some stickiness to it. Then you have some more to absorb. Mine I would say a good 30 – 40 minutes I left on. Not necessarily because I had some left to absorb but because I was in the middle of doing something and time flew by. 


As I just mentioned time does go fast and you can do pretty much anything with the mask on. So there is no excuses! I was either writing a blog post or watching something on YouTube. Either way I left it on for the longest time. 


Sheet masks are the easiest to take off. Simply roll a corner and pull off. Most do leave with a light glow and layer of product left on. As you maybe able to tell I have a glow layer left on my face. Or you can just trust me that I did. With that I just simply massaged in a little and on with my evening I went. 


Today, 2 days after I have used this mask my face is soft and definitely moisturised. Which means this mask works. Which is really good. I feel good and the mask hasn’t pushed me on to too much product. So this was definitely the perfect blend for my skin. 


This sheet mask is a bargain $0.85 and that is very cheap for sheet mask. Most range around £5. So this is definitely a bargain that you need to get. They do have others within this, if you don’t need the anti-aging collagen one. But does have the moisturising boost everyone needs every now and again. 


There isn’t a patch on my face or dryness and rough skin which is what we all want. Neither is there an oily patch. Which honestly does make this perfect on every level. 

What is your go to mask at the minute?

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