MeditationMeditation is a key to success with Self Care. If you can, meditate for 5/10 minutes at least 3 times a day,  Its easy to find the time once you know what you are doing.  I was unsure of meditation when I first learnt about it and how would it work for me. It helps clear your mind and have that time to calm down when you are upset or distressed over anything. This can relate to anxiety and depression but also pain. Ok it won’t get rid of your pain but with a positive mind it helps you stay strong and shows your strength through your flare up. It also works to help you think of your pain and how you allow it in your life.

When I started meditating I was told to download the app ‘headspace’ which I did and it helped me get into the meditation and gave guidance as of what to do. I also find the magazine ‘breathe’ helpful and this has ideas in it for meditation along with everything else. I took the 7 day trial and then didn’t want to pay for the app. But I found that you learn a lot in the 7 days and it really helps. Do download and try the 7 days free because this really does set you up and teaches you techniques you can practice in the future.

Find yourself a quiet calm place in every place you visit regularly. For me although I find my home quite and calm, i tend to use my bedroom and sit/lay on the bed. When I am at work I go to the toilet and whilst using the ladies I meditate if needed. This is also good if you don’t want anyone seeing you sit there and close your eyes and calm down. This also helps if you walk away from a situation and meditate for a few minutes to calm down, clear your mind and go back fresh. I still mediate when I can but I also use calm balm. I just rub a bit of on wrists, it’s not noticeable and somehow helps you stay calm for the day. I apply a little when I get in and sit down at my desk or before I get out the car and this will last me until I get home 9 hours later. At this moment in time 9 weeks post operation I am not using the balm but I am pain free. I still mediate as it’s so good for you. As much as anxiety works on your brain telling you negative things, so it still helps me to mediate. Imagine you are away laying on a beach somewhere tropical or think of the good things you have achieved over this bad period. It does help.

Comfort Zone

For pain its hard but the time you take to meditate allows you to be the stronger person everyone and yourself know you are. To be an endo warrior and as we say fight like a girl we have that power to show the world how strong we are and how we can achieve what we want to with a clear positive mind. Again for this mediate whilst thinking of the positive or that tropical island. Staying strong allows the gate to your pain to stay closed. Allowing the negativity through allows the gate to open and you will suffer with worse pain. Pain works with your brain as well as the endometrial tissue spread across the body. Allowing the negativity did or does increase my pain. Staying positive and upbeat which is extremely hard shows you how much of a strong independent women you are.

Calm Balm

So for me I sit or lay on my bed mostly or if in public *I use the calm balm. I sit there for 5 minutes each time deep breathing. I have mentioned this before but put one hand on your chest and one on your tummy, which moves first when you breathe? The correct way is your tummy first. This is really important to correct as this will allow meditation to work better. If your chest moves first you are shallow breathing. So I take my time, I breathe in and out for roughly a minute gradually closing my eyes whilst breathing I switch from the negative words my head is shouting at me and switch to that tropical island sunbathing. I did use to set a timer on my phone for 5, 10 minutes but now I just guess the time. It all depends on how you are feeling and if you really are shouting out for Meditation or not. If you really need it set that timer. But make sure you aren’t stuck on checking your phone. Let your mind go to that happy place and breathe through to that calm strong person you really are.

If you are unsure on meditation both for chronic pain but also for mental health. Download the headspace app and do the seven sessions once a day and you will see a difference. You have to want this to help you though and be dedicated to allow you mind to shut off. Do you meditate? Does it help you? Or if this is something you want to do please do come back and let me know how you get on.

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