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Taking time and putting yourself first is really important and will help you succeed in self care. Self care is really just about you and what you need to deal with problems you have no control over. For me I have endometriosis for life even though I may not have pain at the moment it is still part of me. Something I have to think about before I do most things.

It’s really important to have this ‘me time’ and you’ll find it helpful and you will enjoy it, it’s a time to switch off from the world and do what you love. Take an hour each day and do whatever you fancy. Take the hour at whatever time you can. It doesn’t even have to be an hour it could be more depending on your schedule. Weekdays tends to be an hour for me but weekends I can do more.


As I have mentioned before I like to read and reading really helps me especially to read an hour before bed. * I have to have a book that makes you want to read more the second you pick it up though otherwise I will not read it. I find reading hard so a book really has to capture my imagination from the beginning.  Having this wind down time before bed relaxes you and takes away the thoughts and feelings you have running through your mind.

Sometimes I will split the hour up doing things I like to do. So maybe a sudoko puzzle and a half hour read. Something to keep your mind busy but keeping that time for you.

DIY Patchwork Blanket

I am really creative and love to craft. At weekends more than weekdays I tend to craft and I love it. Getting your creative flare out and creating something nice. Mind you saying that I am a perfectionist so if it goes wrong it annoys me. I sell my crafts mainly baby blankets but I love to make them. This can take away my thoughts and entertain me for ages.

Gel Nails

‘Me time’ is also nice to take an hour to go and get your nails done or do them yourself.  A facial or massage. I love spa days and would love to do more. But really just by you painting your own nails is you putting effort in to yourself. Making your appearance nicer possibly. I am fortunate enough to have *my own shellac kit and *lamp. I really should put more time into doing my own nails and I love trying the new colours. Having colourful, bright and pretty nails always puts a smile on my face and that me time is exactly what I need.

Gel Nails


Another thing I really enjoy for me time is Pilates. Pilates really helps with endometriosis. It’s also calm and relaxing. I had to stop Pilates due to being so unwell but I am finally back into it and love it. It’s so nice and it’s also nice to spend time with my mum. We do personal training Pilates which seems better than classes for me but something I enjoy and really gives me the ‘me time’ I need. It also helps with keeping flexible which is a bonus.

Spending time with yourself and putting you first is key to success. What would you do for that hour or so a day? What do you love to do?

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