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How are we about to head into June? Isn’t that crazy we are nearly half way through 2020! Every month I love to share my favourites for that month. So this will be May’s favourites of course. A favourite to me can be anything, so I love to share a variety. In hope you can all try something new or revisit and fall back in love with something. Though my life is very fashion and lifestyle orientated, a favourite to me can be a day, a dinner or something really random. Hence the variety. 

In no particular order first on the list for May is The Great British Sewing Bee. I am one of those people who own a tv but doesn’t watch it. Hardly know what is on and if I would even like to watch it. Naturally I am really creative and I went to college to study Fashion and Clothing. So from the title of this programme you can tell its right up my street! Like The Great British Bake Off, it is a competition weekly, aired on BBC 1 at 9pm on a Wednesday. The quarter finals are next week but I am sure this will be on catch up. Instead of baking of course this is sewing and they are all challenged to 3 tasks, a pattern, an alteration and made to measure challenge, every week. Each week’s theme is different, this week being recycle and reuse week. 

Braided curls

Quarantine life is getting to us all now. I literally get up 30 minutes before I have to be at the computer working. As lazy as that sounds its amazing. The other week I washed my hair and it was too hot to even attempt to semi dry it. So I decided to do an experiment. Which is wash your hair, put it in 2 lace plaits whilst wet, sleep on it, wear it the next day, sleep on it, then take them out. It looks amazing in such a crimped curl kind of way. Really brings out the lightness in the ends of my hair. Basically live the crimped curl life these days. 


If no one admits to this, then I have to say you are all lying. Food. You eat it when you need it, when you’re bored, when you don’t know what to do. Anytime basically. Me included its the quarantine life we have to eat to get through each day! Where its been hot in the UK I have been loving ice cream. My favourite this month has to be Solero’s, something I haven’t eaten in years, probably since the year they were invented. But they are so good. Calories wise they are ok 99kl. Really isn’t that bad, super refreshing and yummy. Both flavours are equally as nice.

cheese  Another food I am loving is weird. But mid morning I get peckish. We had an email from our dentist at the beginning of May saying they were closed but snack on cheese and plain greek yogurt. Around 10am most days I sit by the computer working, with 2 squares of mozzarella cheese. It is stringy and delicious. Fills the hole and keeps me happy till lunch time. 

From the inner book worm in me. It took a while to read actually and one that took some time to get into the story. But a new favourite author and book I’ve read is The Break by Marian Keyes. All about a marriage and family life. When the dad decides he needs a six month break. A break to be a single man for a while, traveling and sleeping with who ever. The book is more about the wives story and how she deals with the break. What would you think if your partner wanted a 6 month break to be single then go back to normal straight after the time was up?


The days that are a struggle to focus, I have been loving to sit on the sofa, pillows around me and draw. Not any old drawing though. But zentangle. Zentangle is basically an adults colouring in book but you are creating the pictures to colour. It needs a lot of effort and time to make one, but if you need a little wind down time and distraction. Then like me you this will be able to help you. 

midi dress

Not that I get dressed daily. To be fair I haven’t worn knickers in the 10 weeks apart from 3 days. But when I have to go out and think I have a higher chance of people knowing me then I am loving midi dresses. The weather is hot here and so I am not wanting to be bundled up in jeans and hoodies. Chucking a dress on and going is so much nicer and comfy. Its like I have made an effort more so than chucking jeans and a tee on like I do most normal days. 

prayer plant

A real grownup one now. Well I think so anyway. But my prayer plant. Weirdly I feel really grownup that I have managed to 1 keep it alive but 2 to actually have flowers growing on it!! Proper grownup right? It puts a smile on my face every day a new flower grows in. Or a new leaf or 10. Prayer plants to me are happy positive plants and it certainly makes me feel good. 

I have a weird obsession going on. One that if you know me you would think I wouldn’t be able to watch. But actually I love Dr Pimple Popper and her spot popping skills. It just fascinates me to see how much stuff is in a spot. Or how much weight that huge thing must of lucked you down. The ones that squirt one are the best. But any of them will do. As long as they are good I watch them. Even showed my grandma one. 

face cream

Finally I have been loving L’Oréal’s Hyaluronic Acid & Aloe Liquid Moisturiser. I ran out of day cream at the beginning of May and thought I would try this. My skincare routine is pretty good and so my skin is in good condition 98% of the time. This moisturiser is more like water in texture and consistency but thick enough to absorb and keep your face in that good condition you want. Basically I just really like this and you don’t need a lot to cover your face daily. Bonus that you can use it as day and night cream. 

So these are all my favourites for May. I can tell you it is getting harder and harder to come up with them. Considering we are all staying home day in, day out. What was one favourite of yours for May? 

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