It’s that time of the month again, where I share my favourites. I will share May favourites today. As always, I love to share a complete variety because this should allow everyone hopefully to take something away from this post and try something new. I mean who can sit here and list off 10 favourites for may that are purely beauty products? There is no way that even with 10 beauty products, you didn’t love a certain food, or activity. A favourite can definitely be anything.

May has been a real struggle to be honest, of course if you are a regular you will know my Grandad died in May. So, I really found it hard to think of a lot I have enjoyed. Of course, I have had some things I have enjoyed though, so I am going to share these with you.

self care

I am loving self care. It is so important to me, that positive life, me time and everything about self care to be fair. As much as I practice self care daily, I really took it on board for May. I needed to add the extra love to my self and needs. It really does take toll on me when negativity is around me, whether that is a thing or a situation. Hence why I need and love a positive lifestyle. I really have loved my me time, time to meditate, avoiding negativity when I could, bubble baths for my pain, spending time in creativity, with family and with friends for example. I really learnt a lot, from how I was and am now still coping with my Grandad’s death but also my health.


Food wise for May, I really tried to keep healthy and balanced though it did slip a fair few times, but if my body screams for chocolate then I obviously need it. As I mentioned I am trying to eat healthy and clean. I am loving dates. I have 2 dates every morning with fruit and yoghurt and I really find them delicious. I am not sure if I would eat and like them on their own, but I do like them with yoghurt.


For lunch I am loving salads. I am a big fan of avocado, though having done weight watchers I work on points rather than calories. Avocado though its good, its still high in points. 5 to be truthful or 5 from the weight watchers I did. Avocado is normally a treat for me based off the points, however I found these packs of frozen avocado and I can put a handful in my salads, as little or as much as I want. This way I can get the taste of them but not use the same amount of points some toast would be. I literally get a handful of avocados (about 8 squares) and chuck them in my salad in the morning. By lunch they are defrosted and super yummy.

rook piercing

If you hadn’t guessed already I am loving ear piercings. If that isn’t obvious enough after getting my rook and 3rdholes done in May. I am addicted to ear piercings. I am always searching on Pinterest for ideas and styles I love. I really want more to be honest but maybe these should heal first.

ear piercings

From my addiction to piercings, I am loving jewellery. From looking for earrings and finding ideas from others. I am constantly looking on Esty for unique and different earrings. I am normally just a stud girl, but I am loving hoops if they are small and dangly ones. I also found my tiffany ring I got for my 18th birthday. Which tends to be worn everyday now with my pandora rings on the other hand. I just brought a pair that I can’t wait to receive and wear.


Again, if this isn’t obvious enough, I am loving floristry classes and practicing at home. I do have a natural talent in creativity, but 6 weeks ago I hadn’t got a clue what flower is what, how to create different arrangements and techniques. I am loving everything about it to be honest. I am doing the course with my mum, though we have the same flowers for the classes. But especially our practicing time, we have different tastes and ideas. Which really helps us get tips and tricks from each other. I even sold my first bouquet in May.



In May, maybe because I was more anxious, or just because but I am loving being home. My self care is all at home in the evenings. Its my time to unwind, destress, chill in my pyjamas and be in my comfort zone. I guess that is why I am loving being at home because its my comfort zone. That is bad because really, I shouldn’t be loving my comfort zone as much as I do, but from the month I had then its to be expected.

I brought an Alexa in May. I really am finding it useful, to meditate, play music, remind me of things I need to do. Help me write posts and ideas of videos. I also have played a few games with her too. My dad was getting really annoyed with it when I first got it, so my shopping list I now have 2 pork pies and 56 king Edward potatoes.


The last of my favourites for May, is looking through memories we had with my Grandad. Looking at all the old photos and ones from when he was a child. I guess it was where Emma and I were looking through the 20 odd photo albums of our childhood, then to the suitcases my Grandma had. It’s amazing what you can find and learn from an old suitcase.

So, these are my favourites for May. What is one of your favourites for May? Which of your favourites would you suggest I try?

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