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It is face mask Friday and I am finally back reviewing skincare products! Sorry it has been a while but skincare is still important to me still and as I have found out from photographing the experience today, I have grown a lot of freckles whilst I have been away. Every week I review a skincare product for you all purely because its good to know more about a product before you buy but also because I enjoy using them and trying them out. Most masks I try out are for my skin type, which is normal to dry but others just take my fancy and end up in the basket as well. 

This week’s mask is from a brand called MasqueBAR, which is a brand I have used several times. MasqueBAR are a Korean skincare brand and most of their products are sheet based. Today’s mask is their Hallyu watermelon refreshing and hydrating jelly mask. 

Most of you will know I have a love hate relationship with sheet masks so I was super happy that today’s mask was jelly formed and in two parts. They have used  hydrogel sheets and infused them with watermelon extracts. The mask is designed to refresh, hydrate and moisturise your skin. 

face mask friday

Of course what do you see from the packaging? A watermelon because why not when it’s a watermelon mask. The vibrant watermelon colours and the circular shape is all you need really for a watermelon jelly mask. Their watermelon jelly mask, refreshes, hydrates and moisturises. Which is all I need to read for this mask to be for me. On the back I read the first 3 lines only purely because its all I could be bothered to read but also the only thing I English (I think).

The directions are easy to follow. Start with a clean, cleansed face. Apply the bottom half first and then the top half. Leave for 30 minutes. Take off and massage the remaining in. Easy as really don’t you think? 


So there we have it, I did as the directions stated. The best part was that the mask fit my face and I didn’t have to fold and overlap anywhere apart from my nose. But that could of been because I have really bad hay fever and my nose streams 15 hours a day pretty much! Ok it was a little to long but a simple fold over did the job. 


My only advise would be to make sure you get the mask on correctly in the first attempt. I messed the second layer up a little and when I tried to take the top layer off, the bottom half fell off as well. So I had to start again. But it worked the second time. 


No body can say they don’t have time for skincare. If you think about it, you have your face on show all the time and why not look it after your skin as you do your teeth and eyes? I normally just chill when I use a face mask but today actually I cleaned the whole bathroom. So you can do whatever you want with a face mask on. There is a lot you can do in 30 minutes if you think about it. Hoover, house work, read, watch the television, cook the dinner, anything. A mask will do the same job whether you sit around and chill or do the housework. 

Timing is key for masks. I will say I will always wear a mask for the timing they state if not longer. There is no point in less time unless you have a reaction to it. This is a 30 minute mask and I have to say I did have it on for the exact time. I did think there would be more left on my face after waiting to be absorbed. But the jelly mask was dry and my face at the slightest glow and nothing awaiting to absorb. 


My skin though feels so good from this and it has worked. It has really help sooth and hydrate my skin. There isn’t a dry patch inside and it feels so soft and smooth. So the mask has definitely does as it says on the packet. Nothing really to fault at all about this mask. 


I haven’t used a jelly mask before or if I have its been a long while. But these are amazing, I will be investing in more to try. This is £4.99 and I would say that is the average price for any face mask. Which is really affordable and worth the money. 

For dry skin and those that just need the boost to keep their skin hydrated then this mask is definitely for you. I would 100% recommend this mask because it works and does all it states. 

What is your go to skincare product at the minute?

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