March Favourites

How is it April already?! It is that time of the month that I share my favourites with you. I like to share a variety because you could in theory have a new favourite every single day. For me I don’t have just beauty favourites or fashion. Because there is so much in my life that becomes a favourite. Sharing a variety also, I hope, allows you to find something new or revisit something to fall in love with. 

First thing I have been loving in March is Deliciously Ella’s cacao and almond oat bars. I have been eating these daily for breakfast. They aren’t overly chocolatey or almond in flavour but they are so nice. Really filling and I don’t need a mid morning snack. Which is really handy and helpful. Ella has other flavours too but these have to be my favourite of the three I have tried. Vegan and gluten free as well. 

vegan oat bars

Next up is something completely new and never been allowed before. But most of the world are now in the same boat as me. I am loving working from home. We are all on lockdown and actually I thought working from home would be really different to what it actually is. Thought we would be quiet and nothing would be done. When actually I am so busy that days fly by and I am not evening thinking about anything else. Seems that I just get so much more of my own work done and am so much more productive. 


The weather is becoming more spring like and warmer. Probably because we aren’t allowed out for too long either. But I am loving wearing my fleece out instead of an actual winter coat. Even if I am just going for a drive its handy to have that layer warmer than a sweatshirt but thinner than a coat. It’s just the layer you need when its too hot for a coat but too cold for nothing. So warm and snuggly as well so its so good. 

Pinterest is the next I am loving. Any ideas I get, I am scrolling through to inspire me to make the best of my idea. So good for anything as well because they literally have whatever on there for any project, idea or even tips. I am using Pinterest daily but I am also getting following daily on my own account and pins. 

covid_19 jokes

Covid-19 is serious, sad and depressing. I am on my own in lockdown and it can get lonely. What I am finding is that keeping fun in the situation is really helping me. Loving the jokes, quotes and funny stories. Having the amusement in a bad situation is just helping me get through this hard period. Always sharing them to make others laugh as well. They are just allowing people to smile and laugh. When it’s all gloom. 

covid_19 jokes

Spring warmer UK weather is beautiful and I can tell you know. Being allowed out for that 20 minute stroll is making life so much easier with the weather warmer. Imagine being stuck in your home and its cold, rainy and snowing. All a little more depressing right. It is just nice to look out the window, see the baby bunnies on the hills. The children playing with their parents and its all just so much better. Just being able to chuck on a fleece and go is super handy when you are on a time limit! 

FaceTime is the thing we have to be thankful for. Because otherwise I would only be seeing myself for 12 weeks. Having the technology to be able to talk to people face to face. It all helps and lets us all keep in touch and happy. 

If you didn’t know, I am looking to move house. So I am loving interior design. I went to see a show home and its given me so many ideas to put in my new home. Love designing and home decor as well as clothes. People say I have good style and I just love renovation and interior design. With covid-19 around everything is up in the air but I am so excited to move now and design my next home. 

Comfort Zone

Sleep is my all time favourite. Love sleep in any shape and form. Its so amazing and so good for me. People could think I was lazy but it really helps with my pain and endometriosis. Weekends I sleep whatever I want and do. The other weekend I slept for 13 hours solid. Which was amazing. A good nights sleep or any sleep just helps me feel good. 

Because I am literally waking up and rolling next door to the living room. I am loving bralettes and oversized tees. They are just comfy, handy and good when you aren’t going to see anyone but look presentable from the waist up anyway! You have no wire or anything to make your bra uncomfortable but have the support you need. Just soft lace and just put over your head to take on and off. Wear with the oversized tees because oversized is my thing. 


Finally I finally finished JoJo Moyes series of Me before you, me after you and Still me. Just me being the last one to read and my favourite for March. You would have to read them all I think to get the whole story line but they are just books that you want to pick up and continuously read. They make you laugh and smile and have the bug in them forcing you to read and read and read. This last book is about Louisa’s time in New York and it’s so cool. Really made me want to go to New York actually. Has elements of fashion, romance and work lifestyle. Recommend this series to anyone who wants to get back into reading or if you are just about to start another book. 

So these are my favourites for March. What was one of your favourites? 

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