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How is it April already? Is this year going quick or what? March has been a busy, strange kind of month. One filled with parties, crafts, appointments, gluten free food and a cold. How was March for you? It was also the awareness month for Endometriosis and of course I had to share. As always, a favourite, I believe can be anything, so that is why I include a variety. Who really enjoyed one thing in March? If you think about it, you can think of something from each category in your life. As I like to share a variety of favourites I hope I can share with you all at least one product or event that’s new to you, that you could try out.

shampoo bar

Starting with self care and beauty, my first favourite would have to be Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar from Lush. I was really having problems with keeping my hair clean. It just didn’t want to stay clean no matter what I did. I was about to have to wash my hair daily which is something I would have hated. Therefore, I tried the shampoo bar. It’s made up of healthier ingredients and though the thought of washing your hair with what looks to be a bar of soap, it’s actually the best thing for my hair. I have said goodbye to dry shampoo and just washing the top of my hair the second day to being able to straight, chuck up, leave curly anything and it still looks good on day 3. I mean I do try to wash my hair 3 times a month purely because I want to and sometimes if I have Pilates or I have been to the hospital I would rather clean hair than not.  I would recommend this bar to anyone. Even walking into the bathroom smells amazing and honey like. It lasts a good while too, which is good, and you don’t need a lot to wash your hair. Lush has other shampoo bars, with different scents and for different needs but I would say this one can help anyone.


Next up I have been looking my Scrubee Bee scrub, again this is from Lush. I was just wanting to experiment a bit for March. I wanted to try all sorts. When I opened the Bee, it smelt like white chocolate mice out of the pick and mix and now after several times of using it it’s beginning to shrink, the grainy parts smell more coffee like. It’s doing a good at exfoliating my body and I would recommend this to anyone. Its scent is beautiful, and it does what it’s meant to do. Why wouldn’t you be pleased with it?

bare minerals

I have been *loving my Bare Minerals Mascara for March. It’s easy to apply and adds volume and length to my lashes. Not that I need to add the length, mine are quite long already. I use this daily and would recommend this to anyone. It just goes on well. It’s not clumpy and lashes just look good. The brush itself has the bristles in a spiral kind of shape twist round the brush, being I can move the brush whilst applying and allowing the full brush of mascara to be used.

ear piercings

I don’t know why but about a year ago, maybe more for some piercings, but I am loving having all my ear piercings in. I had my first pierced when I was 6, second when I was 11 and my helix when I was 16. I haven’t worn my second and my helix for a long while. Purely for the fact I am lazy, I lost the earrings and that I had several operations or times I needing to not wear them. But I finally brought new earrings for my second and my helix, so I can wear my full set again. I am loving them. These small silver studs just look cute and cool with normal earrings in my first. When I know I have the all clear for 6 months I really want my Rook and my Tragus pierced. I think piercings in general but ear piercings trendy and cool. I love them.


I am massively still into reading and that quiet calm down time the hour before bed. This is the time I love to read. Though I am struggling with the book a week, I am still reading as many books as I can. My favourite this month is *The Silent Companions. I am part of Louise Pentland’s book page on facebook and I was recommended this book to read. Now I have to say it took me a little while to get into this book. It does jump around from the hospital, the story and the past which can get a little confusing to start with. But the story was really good. The end was not what I expected to happen either. It’s about a manor house a bit like ones in national trust parks but based back in the olden days. The lady and her sister in law went to live at the manor house and it was a story of their time in the house. It’s a bit spooky and make believe but it’s really gripping and you want to read more every time you turn the page. What book would you recommend for me to read?


As we have gone through March the weather has been getting warmer. Its lovely today as I write this its 19c and that’s amazing for the UK. Being able to not wear a coat, layers and drive home in the light really does help your mood. That smile doesn’t need much encouraging to appear. I had a photoshoot last weekend and its was so nice to be able to have proper photos taken again and not have to dodge the rain or mud. The spring flowers and blossom out too which makes everywhere look beautiful. What is the weather like where you live?

I hosted my niece’s 7th birthday party in March. I did her a Crafternoon Tea which is some amazing idea I came up with and want to do more often. Abigail is very much like me, she likes to do crafts but loves to jewellery make. I hosted her crafternoon tea for 8 7 year olds. It went so well. We made necklaces, bracelets and decopatch letters for the initials of their names.  Just for 2 hours and we also had a craft themed afternoon tea. It was such a fun experience to do and I have filmed all about it over on my youtube channel and this series will continue to run until the end of April. I am also looking to host some more and craft course across Hertfordshire in the near future.


Moving onto fashion, something that is my absolute favourite thing to do is shop and be fashionable. Fashion really is my thing. My first fashion favourite would have to be my *converse I have been wearing them daily for a few weeks, as the weather is getting warmer and too hot for Dr Martens. It’s all about the t-shirts, jeans and converse. Converse can go with anything really, dresses, skirts, trousers and pinafores. Anything really, dress up or down. I find them comfy and I am lucky that I can wear them to work as well as out and about. I used to have converse in several colours whilst I was in college and I really wish I had kept them now. My feet haven’t changed size and really these don’t overly go out of fashion. They are expensive to buy but ones you can wear all the time and they come in and out of fashion all the time.

striped tee

I really want to be able to wear what I want and buy that I mean I would love to be able to wear jeans with the top tucked in and a belt. You know I want to following all the trends, but my stomach just doesn’t play game with me hence why my joni jeans are just my go to, to wear. Again because of the weather I have been chucking on long sleeve or short sleeve even with jeans converse and go. I am one or playing with colours and patterns at the minute and I am making them work. About a 3rd of my wardrobe is full of stripes. I love a stripe I do. I’ve been wearing stripes a lot and my favourite is an old one but a good one. To be fair if it looks nice, has cool colours and stripes I pretty much buy it.

knot wrap

That brings me onto my final fashion favourite and that is knot wraps. If your outfit is plain you can add one for a pop of colour, if you want to mix a pattern and a pattern together this is an easy way to do so. At first you may look and think no this doesn’t go together but it’s the way to pull it off. As long as the colourings match you are good to go. It’s also helpful as they aren’t next to each other, so it could clash but it also could trend. I love them and try to wear them as much as possible. They are all good for keeping your hair out your face even with a top knot bun works really well. You can buy these in most places, the majority of mine are from Lush.

Finally, I come on to food. I am still gluten free and really am finding this beneficial to my health. Its super hard to find nice gluten free foods. But I have found that Marks and Spencer’s gluten free pizza base mix makes the best homemade pizzas. Omg I could eat it every day it was that good. Really reminded me of my mum’s homemade ones she uses to make. Gluten free as well ticks all the boxes. I could eat another slice now if I had one. It’s something that is different but tastes the same. In fact, it could be better than a gluten base. Definitely worth a buy.

Lunch is something I am struggling with. Gluten free bread is revolting, dry and cardboard like. Just not my thing. That’s why I find lunch a struggle. I have been walking round marks and spencer’s thinking what can I have. I have had a month of picnic lunches. 6 cocktail sausages, 6 cherry tomatoes, 3 gluten free chicken goujons, a pear and an apple. It feels me up, doesn’t cause me to bloat or be in pain and its simply just works for me. I have been having the cheeky lemon cheesecake from the gluten free range but that is occasionally. Are you gluten free? What do you have for lunch?

So, these are what I have been loving for March? What is one of your favourites you would recommend for me to try? What are your plans for April?

Melanie Kate

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