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As you may or may not know I have recently spent a week in Kos, Greece. I love fashion and today I want to share with you all of my evening outfits I wore during that week. If you haven’t been to Kos before the temperature for September is around 27-35 degrees. They had a lot of wind when we first arrived, but these are my outfits. By sharing them you get to see the fashion or style I am into this summer but also gives you ideas of what to wear for the evening if you are going away. You could buy and wear these in general too if you would like.

We were there for 8 nights, the first and last being on the aeroplane so I am not including my travel wear in this look book. So, you have 6 outfits. For holiday I like to dress up in the evening and hang out in a bikini during the day. It’s a chance to feel nice, dress up and make an effort! Somehow, I make more effort in my appearance on holiday than I do at home.

oasis skirt

First outfit is a rare one for me. A skirt, I never wear skirts. They are really in style at the minute and I have kind of liked them on me or others this summer. I kept picking this skirt up in Oasis but always putting it back. My favourite colours are navy blue and pink. Hence why I like this skirt. The skirt is actually quite slimming on me. I am wearing a medium and I am a UK size 10/12 normally. To go with this skirt, I am wearing a simple vest top in navy to match the blue in the skirt. Simple pink sandals that kind of go, kind of don’t sit on my feet.

kos lookbookLove how the skirt sits and actually fits me. Its elasticated which is good for me and is definitely roomy which really helps when you have so much food to choose from! Like how it looks like a wrap round and the flowing front split. The top is a simple statement, must have for the wardrobe. Goes with most things, jeans, shorts and skirts. One to dress up or down and can be worn anywhere. I don’t wear heels on holiday, to be fair I hardly ever wear heels. With luggage limits its handy to have shoes that go with several outfits. These sandals are bargains in the sale and are so comfortable.

linen dress

Linen is a fabric that has been used a lot this summer and not just for the usual dresses, but you name it else. Again, a must have staple item for the wardrobe. A simple linen dress. It’s plain with the details of the white buttons down the back and pockets at the front to blend in with rest of the dress.

kos lookbook

My mum told me to take some dress jewellery to wear with this. Me being me this didn’t happen. It still works though I have added my rose gold shoes which are the comfortablist shoes around. To be fair you can hardly feel them on your feet. The stitching and seams are all on the outside and they have the smallest peep toe at the front with the fabric crossed over each other. I think this still looks good with my tiffany necklace. It’s definitely a dress up or down dress. Linen dresses are one to keep as well. I am wearing a UK size 10.


Next is one you may all know actually. I brought this for my Grandad’s funeral but swapped the top to one more respectful. This is how the model wore it and actually it’s a top and skirt which it really doesn’t look like. Normally don’t go for matching with a two piece but because I loved it when I saw it on the model I was like YES! It was nice to actually wear it as how I brought it to wear. I’m wearing a size 12 in both pieces.

Ok you can see how windy it is in Kos by the photo. The ruffles on the skirt and cami are not in place but I love the ruffles to the skirt. It’s actually shorter at the front than the back which is cool and adds something to the outfit. Adding the buttons to the cami is something I love too. Decorative and not of use but just adds something extra to tie it all together. Because I love bows, I am wearing my old bow sandals from H&M.

midi dress

This dress was really handy because I was spending the evening in Kardamena, the local village to my hotel. As much as Shein is hit and miss, this dress is one I love. It’s one to chuck on and go but it looks like you’ve made an effort. Midi dresses suit me because I am a short 5”4 and they sit well in length for me.

midi dress

Love how it’s simple with just the 3 colours but those three colours make the outfit. It’s a fun looking dress. Bright and bold. The white is slightly too see-through but nude underwear works well. Wearing a medium in this. Again, love how the pink is shorter in length at the front than the back. I am wearing my pink furry sandals with this too and in the photo, you will see my evening bag which matches the pink perfectly.

summer fashion

My rainbow skirt is really pretty. I love that all the pleats are different colours and rainbow, ombre effect. The skirt is the outfit really, you don’t need anything powerful or statement like other than the skirt. It’s too much if you wear a bold colour or something jazzy. I paired mine with my simple white cropped top with the knot in the middle.

summer fashion

I am not one that loves my tummy so I like the fact that I can wear this and literally show the smallest fraction of tummy. Its normally me who styles my friend Jade, but this is completely different, but I styled this from her outfit for her daughter’s birthday party. Love that the sparkly silver elastic waistband goes well with my rose gold/silver shoes. Wearing medium in both the skirt and the cropped top. Again, the top I could wear with other clothes as well.


Final outfit is one I found in Topshop, liked but wasn’t sure if it would suit me. Well I can say I love that this suits me. Jumpsuits are something I love to wear. Can be smart enough to wear formally or casually. This is in a silky fabric and is a miss match of the colours, print switched. Its midi length and sits just right for me.


The back is open, so I just wore a nude t-shirt bra and the left shoulder ties into a bow which is cute.  Again, just adds something to the outfit. Love the print which is reminds me of cow print.  But its nicer. Polka dots are cute though. I am wearing a 12 which actually fits me ok, but some parts were a little too big not that you can notice from the picture.


Just to add some colour to this outfit I am wearing my pink Topshop sandals. Though I think this would look better with heels. Sometimes the length of the outfit or style just go better with heels. Sandals I still think go I just think heels would have looked better. I love that the tied bow detailing to the shoulder is bringing the jumpsuit to look better and stylish. It is also good because its an actual tie so gives more room to climb in the jumpsuit. There is a zip in the middle of the back also. Love the option of the open back, always could wear with vest underneath. I would also say this is my most dressy outfit this holiday.

What is your go to style for an evening on holiday? What is your favourite of mine? Check out my look book on YouTube as well to see how it sits and movement in them.

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