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How are we half way through the year already? Isn’t that mad! As its the first of July, June has come to an end and its that time for me to share my favourites for the month. I personally love to share a variety with you, one because a favourite can be absolutely anything and two so you get the opportunity to try something new or fall back in love with something old. Again I haven’t been able to share 12 with you because life isn’t as it was pre lockdown. Anyway here are my favourites for June 2020.


Random as ever, but first on my favourites list is Jelly. Not just any old jelly but raspberry lemonade jelly. A lot of followers have asked how I make the normal raspberry jelly, lemonade flavour. Basically the follow the instructions on the pack, but the half pint of cold water, swap for half pint of lemonade. As a child growing up we use to make this with lime jelly which I guess is the traditional way of lemonade jelly. But this is so good, its fizzy in flavouring and not too calorific for an afternoons snack. One pack of jelly lasts me 5 working days. 

bullet journal

As many of you may already know I fell out of love with my bullet journal in April/May time. Even if I marked out the pages and tried to make the effort, it was just being neglected. I have finally pushed myself to change the way I journal ever so slightly and I am now making sure to fill this in before or after work depending on what time I have. It is really important to me mentally to make note of thoughts and feelings each day but also things that have happened. The only new thing I am writing about daily would be my food because though my diet is not as strict I don’t want to be eating massively over the amounts I am use to. 

navy blue ink

To tie in with my bullet journal, another weird thing I like and that is writing in navy blue ink. I don’t know why but navy blue ink just looks prettier and neater on the paper. There isn’t any scruffy scribbles and writing that you really can’t recognise, its all beautiful. This I think must be helping me love my journal more. 

I am really glad for my next favourite and that is that after 2 years off of youtube, Anna Saccone has brought her channel back. Anna announced that come September when 3 of the 4 children went back to school she would be, but has managed to film and upload for the last few weeks. Everyday I watch their family vlogs and love them, Alessia in particular has such a character in her, and I loved her 3 year update on Anna’s channel. 

Growing up we always use to watch Peter Andre and Katie Price’s reality tv show and loved to. Since lockdown the sun have done an inclusive series on youtube called “life with the Andres.” Every Sunday evening an about 30 minute vlog comes out and it’s all about Peter, Emily, Junior, Princess, Millie and Theo and their life at home since lockdown. Though it is only 30 minutes a week rather than an hour its equally as good and I hope they continue vlogging after the Pandemic is over. 


Because I am hardly going out still I am all for comfort. Nothing new there. But if I am going out its normally to collect my veg from my sister or down to meet my parents with my supermarket shop. So my go to shoe of choice are my office Birkenstock style sandal. Back in the day I would be all for real ones, but my office ones were half the price and do the job. Actually Office’s own branded shoes are the most comfortable things going. 

t-shirt dress

Again something I don’t do very often. But when I do get fully dressed I am all for a t-shirt dress. Especially on the hot days I just want to chuck something simple on, look good but feel cool as possible. T-shirt dresses are just a 1 layer and go. These are perfect for around the pool, to at a bbq or hanging out with friends. Even though I wouldn’t class Marks & Spencers as a brand aimed for my age, they do the best t-shirt dresses and at a fairly decent price. 

I am still a massive chocolate lover this month and my go to evening snack has to be chocolate. A packet of crisps just doesn’t do it for me these days. My favourite chocolate at the minute for my evening snack is a toffee crisp. Especially at room temperature and about to melt. They just taste amazing and fill that empty hole before bed. 

bio freeze

Finally my last favourite for this month is Bio Freeze. With buying and selling properties and the pandemic going on. There is a lot to feel stressed about. I quite often get tension in my neck and shoulder and that is where Bio Freeze comes into play. Like deep heat this works the same but is cool rather than hot. If you hadn’t guessed by the name. Whenever that niggle is there I just rub a pea size amount onto the area twice a day if not three times, just depends on the amount of pain. The one thing though is if you get it near your eyes, you will be crying and your eyes will sting. So wash your hands well before and after using Bio Freeze. 

These are all my favourites for you for June. What was one of yours? 

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