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It is that time of the month, when another is over and a new one is beginning. It is that time to share my favourites for June with you. I always like to share a variety with you because who realistically has favourites that are all from the beauty department or in fashion. A variety also allows you the reader to have a better chance in trying something new. Whatever that may be. I love to include some random things I have loved in the month, whether they are something I have rediscovered or something completely new. You never know what you can learn to love in a month.

I am loving reading at the minute and the goal was to read 52 books this year. I am a little behind target but there is still plenty of time. My friend actually gifted me this book because of how I was feeling after my Grandad died. We also just booked to go to her festival in August. That book is Happy by Fearne Cotton. The book like its name is all about happiness. Being happy and thinking happy. How to put your happiness first and being around/doing what you love. At first, I thought it would be more of a book you do things in, like my self care journals but it’s not. I just want to read more and more. I actually read this book in a week. But it has helped me a lot, making me think of things differently and focusing more on my happiness.


To go with the book, is something completely new to me. That is podcasts. I am mainly listening to the Happy Place podcast where Fearne Cotton interviews someone every week about their life and happiness. I listen to these through my amazon echo or on my phone at work. Though I have a few meditation, health and self care podcasts added to my favourites too. My favourite so far would have to be when Fearne Cotton interviewed Paloma Faith. They were talking about the negativity around Paloma and what she does to remove them. I had to text my friend and laugh because she said, “she sacked people that were causing negativity.” Because in real life I don’t have the responsibility to sack people. Ok I can remove them from my friendship and life but some situations you can’t escape as easy as sacking people or moving venue. I can’t wait to listen to more and I like to listen to at least 3 a week.

fashion basics

Next up is basics. By basics I mean clothes. The clothes that are plain, chuck together easily, look like you have made an effort and ones that you need like a white t-shirt, a black dress and a cute pair of heels. The ones you can just wear with whatever and go. If I was to make more of an effort I would still be staring at my wardrobe working out what to wear. I love the mornings where I just pick the first top out, jeans and trainers and off I go.


Denim Jackets are really trendy at the minute. Mine was a bargain. The oversized the better but I don’t like them too huge that they look stupid. I love to wear mine with anything. Normally with dresses or my striped jeans. They are just an added layer if its slightly chilly, or you’re going out till late. Something to dress up or down depending on the occasion.


Plaits are my go to for my hair at the minute. Whether that is my whole head in plaits or just part as a feature. They stay really well in my hair especially if my hair is as its natural curl. I love to straighten my hair plait two pieces and wear down or up just to add some texture to a boring straighten ponytail.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not a fan of large oversized dangly or hooped earrings. They just don’t look right on me. I love sleepers though and the smaller kind of hoops. I see them around all the time. Where people are wearing hoops in all piercings or a variety. I am debating swapping my helix for a hoop. It needs changing anyway as it’s my comforter to fiddle. I am loving my spiral earrings. You would see these in my ears as two when they just simply spiral through my ear. I normally take my earrings out each night to change but these spiral hoops sit really well in my ears, I shower and wash my hair in them and I sleep in them too. They were reasonable priced as well so it’s a win win all round.

t-shirt dress

When the weather is hot, and we have had a few of them in June I am loving t-shirt dresses. You know the ones like this, when you can chuck it on, sandals and go. I love that I can wear my denim jacket with this and still looks good. I love the midi length too. Perfect for beach, work and weekends.

Food I always have a love hate relationship with. One day I can crave anything and the next I eat the bare minimal. I have my favourites and I like to stick to them. Though I do and always will try something new. My go to vegetable at the minute and has been for a while is asparagus. I can eat a whole pack in one dinner. I just put it in the oven with the meat I am eating and simple as dinner is served 15/20 minutes later. I buy two packs a week though I am thinking three would work better.

Something I have revisited and am loving is minted lamb burgers. I would say this is a summer food. BBQ food and I love minted lamb. When I saw these at the butchers the other week I had to get some. I have one burger in a bun some ketchup and spread. It’s so good. The mint isn’t overly powerful but taste the best. These are definitely worth a try.

I am always researching, sourcing, needing inspiration for myself and my projects. I am always on Pinterest. Whether that is for floristry inspiration, bullet journal ideas and general ones like recipes, travel, home inspiration and crafts. You can find anything on Pinterest and to be fair I should spend less time on it, but I find it really helpful and a way to inspire yourself to do things you love or wouldn’t naturally pick to do. I also use Pinterest to share my videos, blogs and my floristry.

summer bucket list

I made my summer bucket list in June and since then I am loving researching things, booking up activities and giving me the best chance to achieve all on my list. I pretty much know that I am going to achieve at least half of my list already. With all I have booked up and planned already. I love to be organised and I love having things to look forward to. Creating the list has really helped me to feel good about my summer and having all the things planned it is going to be a busy one.

Pillow Fight

And finally, for my June favourites, my most favourite thing is sleep. I love my sleep so much. I love laying in or having 12 hours sleep. I don’t push myself to have that many hours but if my body does that then I am pretty happy. It puts me in my best mindset for the day and really lets me get all the energy I need. I only get the chance for a lay in at the weekends or on holiday. I am not tired by 7pm to get 12 hours to fit in on weeknights. I would never get anything done if I did that anyway. Sleep is just so important to me and my health. A better night’s sleep makes a better Melanie. If I haven’t had a good night’s sleep then I sometimes nap especially if I feel rubbish. It’s the best medicine to me.

That is it, these are my June favourites? What is one you would like to try from my 12? Also, what is one you would suggest me to try?

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