autumn jumpersAs the days go past and we are getting more into the Autumn, its definitely turning colder and more jumper weather. I love layers and I love to be warm, comfortable and cosy. I brought these jumpers and cardigans recently and thought I would share these all with you.

cosy cardigan
So first up I am loving big warm comfy cardigans, I love the Burgundy colouring in this one. Its from Holister though I brought it from Next. It can go with jeans and a tee like this or with a dress to add colour to your outfit. For £32 I think this is a really good cardigan, worth the money and its cotton rather than wool so less itchy. I also think its good for dressing up or down.
jumper shirt
I love to wear jumpers and jeans to work. A lot of jumpers have a look alike shirt attached to them these days which are so good for work especially if you have to dress smart. Of course I love this because its striped. Stripes seem very on trend for Autumn.
striped fashion
I would say this jumper is a good one for work or weekends, smart or casual. The mustard yellow is very on trend and seen in most shops. I love the blue stripe in this. Its not overly thick either so its better for the days its a little warmer.
lilac stripes
I love the lilac colour of this jumper its so cute and very different compared to most autumn colours in fashion. The seams of this jumper are on the outside so at first I thought it was inside out. The stripes are white and there is detailing in silver glitter. This jumper comes up bigger which is good for me because I love the baggy jumper cosy feel.
These are the jumpers I brought in Next. Which is your favourite? Are you a comfy oversized jumper kinda girl or smart fitted kinda girl?
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